The Reverse Bunker RUST Base Design (2018)

The Reverse Bunker RUST Base Design

The Reverse Bunker base design is brought to you by xRaw.

This rust base design contains features such as a hard to raid tool cupboard, compact item placements, a bunker base format with a deceptive and practical metal floor entrance, lots of storage, and anti-raid mechanics. The base will cost more than 150 satchels to raid directly to the tool cupboard and well over 200-400 satchels if you don’t know where the tool cupboard is.

It’s quite strong for its cost and can be used for solos, duos, trios or small groups and can be expanded to include more honeycomb if desired. Its core design is a “Bunker Base” build, meaning it’s built in such a way that a section of the base is unreachable unless you spawn in the bag placed inside of it or blow through the wall at an extremely high cost.

These bases are extremely strong as the bunker section can often go un-noticed and raiders won’t even know it’s there. It’s very deceptive.

This base design is also a “starter to main” build, meaning it’s built in stages and is easily expandable. Players can live out of the starter and expand the base in stages as and when the resources are available to do so.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 8,300
  • Wood: 6,000
  • Stone: 22,750

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 2,400
  • Wood: 80
  • Stone: 4,000

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video.


In today’s video we’re going to be looking at a RUST base build called the Reverse Bunker Base.


Coming into the base we have a garage door swept from the area of a metal shop fronts that you can see outside and a drop box room with five boxes and a furnace.


Coming around the side here and up the roof we have your shooting porch which has two windows and metal bars as well as two shooting suits with a repair bench.


Jumping up here we have roof access which is optional in the build. Check the description for a time stamp of where I built this.


Coming through this single door here we have two shot gun traps and the reverse bunker method which I learned from hJune and I’ll show you how this works later.


In here is the top floor of the base. We have 9 boxes and 5 furnaces as well as plenty of traps and sleeping bags.


Jumping down here takes you to the bottom floor of the base which holds your work bench, research bench, plenty of shop gun traps, and your tool cupboard which is extremely hard to raid.


There’s five boxes and 8 furnaces.


Coming through the single door here is how the roof bunker works. Remove the twig wall here to remove the roof and you’ll be able to get in and out of your doors easily.


Place is back and put the roof back on top and upgrade to metal every time you log out and this will significantly increase the raid cost.


That’s everything for the base tour. So lets get into the build. If you do enjoy the video be sure to like and subscribe and hit the bell to subscribe to all of my content.

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