The Predator Trio RUST Base Design

The Predator, Trio RUST Base Design

The Predator, trio RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This base was intended and designed for vanilla-based servers and supports a trio group of players and more. This base is designed around a double bunker, which harbors deep inside of itself, a well-protected tool cupboard.

Base Features

  • Bunker Entrance
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Lowered Foundation Sections
  • Roof Slits (Splash Damage Dividers)
  • Starter-to-Main Build
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • Un-lootable Loot Rooms
  • 360-Degree Roof Access

Bunker Entrance

Bunker entrances allow players to create low-resource investment bases with a high return when it comes to required raiding resources. Bunkers often take advantage of game flaws and allow players to build them into their overall designs. One major advantage of a bunker entrance is that you can build them without needing to set up conventional doorway systems and can pass loot through the walls into the bunker using unconventional methods.

Compact Item Placements

RUST base designs that feature compact item placement will always “do more with less.” This concept allows players to fit more storage and functional items into a confined space, allowing for maximum usage of the space, while potentially keeping a lower profile base footprint.

This concept also allows players to spend more resources on honeycombing and increasing their bases overall defensibility.

Door Block Airlocks

Door block airlocks allow players to open their doors without risking enemy players going deep in the event the base owner dies. These types of entryways are very strategic and should become second nature to all RUST players.

One additional advantage is that base defenders can open these doors to gain quick and sometimes unexpected peeks at enemy players.

Easy & Quick Access Loot Drop Boxes

Loot drop boxes are one of the most underrated features found in RUST base designs. Make sure your base design plans around easy access loot dropboxes, as they can save a RUST team a great deal of time maneuvering through heavily fortified bases.

When properly set up, easy access loot drop boxes allow players to quickly get back to their required resource farming. When teammates are working in the base, they can focus on taking in the bounty and properly processing it, allowing gathers to focus on their individual tasks.

Intelligent Loot Spreading

Many RUST base designs focus on a centralized loot room, while this can seem advantageous, it’s important to spread loot out across your base design. Raiders can enter your base design from any angle. Consider things like rocket splash, which can destroy 4 different walls, reducing the raider’s overall raiding cost to access segmented areas of a base.

With intelligent loot spreading, you increase the odds of having the loot to come back to in the event of an off or online raid. This can also enable you to put up a proper defense in the event your base is being raided but you cannot access a segment due to it having been compromised.

Lowered Foundation Sections

Lowered foundations sections can be used to reduce the cost of a base design while providing additional storage at no extra cost to the overall base build. When using objects such as furnaces to fill in the negative space, the furnaces will act as an uninterrupted floor that allows players to walk over them as if there were a floor placed there.

In addition, objects placed in lowered foundation sections can still serve as a blockade mechanism should the base be raided. Players can also use these sections to plant crops and hemp.

Roof Slits (Splash Damage Dividers)

Roof slits are a low cost, but high yield return to base defense. Roof slits help divide the potential splash damage that rockets and other explosive weapons will cause, forcing the raiders to spend more of their explosives to open up larger areas of a base.

Starter-to-Main Build

This base has the advantage of being easily expanded upon as it’s built. It’s designed to be a “starter to main” build, meaning it can be built-in stages, each of which serves as a functional base.

Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the design to the next step when the resources are available to do so. RUST bases being modular in nature, it’s easy to add any additions to the exterior of the base, as they won’t affect its primary footprint.

Undrainable Trap Placement

For many players, placing a trap on the floor, roof, and walls seems straight forward, but with the current game implementation these types of placements are easily “drainable.” The concept of undrainable trap placement is to hide the traps in such an area that they’re:

  1. Not visible to the raider
  2. Not susceptible to fire or splash damage

Having placed traps in such a fashion can slow down raiders or require them to spend additional resources just to gain access to your trap in a safer manner.

Un-lootable Loot Rooms

Un-lootable loot rooms were discovered in 2018 by a RUST community member by the name of Twisited. The main idea behind this concept is to place code lockboxes behind some impassible gap, such as low walls or a window blocked by a floor tile. If the boxes are destroyed, the stashes that fall out of the loot boxes would drop out of range. Now there are workarounds to this, but none the less, not all players are savvy to the concept.

360-Degree Roof Access

Many RUST base designs don’t plan for roof access on the initial build, as many players rush into setting up a starter base that they will use until they gather enough resources to expand or relocate with a new build in mind.

However, this is the ideal concept, what often happens is that the starter base turns into a more permanent base and evolves in an unplanned manner. Having set up roof access from the onset allows players to properly build and expand their initial base design to allow for a more complex and effective base.

Setting up roof access on a RUST base design also allows players to build access routes to landing pads and automated hangars for air vehicles, like the Minicopter or Hot Air Balloon. It also allows for players to set up SAM sites and provide access to easily maintain their ammo.

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 27 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and over 80+ rockets to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

Building Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 333
  • Metal Fragments: 14,980
  • Stone: 34,695
  • Wood: 11,097

Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 100
  • Metal Fragments: 7,647
  • Stone: 8,523
  • Wood: 123

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Video Transcript

“The Predator” is a medium-sized group base centered around a double bunker design. With a well-protected tool cupboard requiring a minimum of 27 rockets, and a raid proof loot rooms costing anywhere above 80 rockets. 


Similar to the predator mini, this base contains four real un-lootable loot rooms. What sets this base apart form the predator mini is that each room is separated by enough space that it is resistant to splash from rockets. This is what gives the higher rate cost. 


The build cost is around 35k stone, 15k metal, and 330 high-quality, resulting in the upkeep of 8k metal, 8k stone, and 100HQM. 


We start by going in through one of our two main entrances. Classic single door airlock, and a small balcony where we can shoot people who are approaching our base. Through some garage doors, we have our chute that leads to our top floor. 


The garage door leads to our top floor spawn point, with four bags, two lockers, and two large boxes. Through another single door airlock, we have our access to one side of the roof. I use double doors to access another airlock on the other side of the roof. 


A wooden platform gives us access to our top floor, and I decided to use Evil Wurst’s cool little trick using Christmas decorations to light up a helipad. On the other side, we have another two beds and access to the second auto turret. 


Here we have a hexagon of garage doors that leads to our second loot room. While it’s only our secondary loot room, it’s actually incredibly strong and you can put some high tier items in these boxes.


Standing on this campfire gives us access to our last auto turret. Here we face one part of our roof bunker. Once it’s destroyed, we have access to our chute. Dropping down, we’re surrounded by three garage doors. 


To our right, we have one of our first loot rooms. This is completely un-lootable, or at least the bottom two boxes are. The top two large boxes, while they aren’t un-lootable, they’re still annoying to raid. 


Through three garage doors, we have access to our second real un-lootable loot room. This is mirrored on the other side. On this side, we have a research table, a workbench, a barbecue, and whatever else you want to chuck in there. 


Finally, we have our bunker. Standard stability bunker. Underneath our bunker, we have space for storage and three sleeping bags. We also have our tool cupboard protected behind window bars. 


To set up your bunker before you log off, place a half wall facing towards the sleeping bags and upgrade it to wood. Place a triangle above it and upgrade it to armored. 


Back off into the chute, and place a roof above the triangle and upgrade to sheet metal and you’re good to log off. When you log back in the next day, simply hatchet down the half wall and both bunkers will be cleared. 


Unlike a predator mini, this base can be expanded from the starter. All it needs is a hexagon of triangles with a door frame. The build cost for the starter is very cheap. Make sure you use frames in the doorways as you’re gonna want to place garage doors later. 


Lock your tool cupboard. Place a second doorframe and another wooden double door. Then you can go ahead and place some of your deployable. This base might be cramped, especially for three or four players but don’t worry, you’ll be able to expand very quickly. 


Once you’ve collected enough metal, you can start replacing the doors with garage doors and sheet metal double doors. Now place a square foundation and three triangles. Surround the square with wall frames. Now you can upgrade to stone.


You need to be working on collecting gears because you’re gonna need to place the garage doors before you place the foundation steps. No one wants garage doors as their front doors, so, for now, we’re just gonna add a chute. A furnace can be used to access the top floor. 


If you’re playing with large enough numbers, door campers shouldn’t be an issue. But if you’re only playing with two or three I’d recommend not using garage doors as your entrances and just using the single door on the roof. 


To access the door, just place a single foundation. You can now place the double door on the inside for a garage door. Once all four garage doors are placed, place your foundation steps halfway up. It’s a good idea to upgrade this straight to armored. 


Circle your hexagon with foundations. It’s very important to leave that wall as half walls. This will be clear later. Place these boxes as far forward as you can. Also make sure they’re spread enough apart that you can place code locks, but not too far apart. 


You want to be able to access them later. We’re just gonna place a single door frame in front of this loot room. This exact pattern is gonna be repeated on the other side. On the side, we can use a garage door as we won’t be using this as our main entrance for now. 


Now it’s a good idea to upgrade that central hexagon to sheet metal. Our furnaces can be removed from the core and placed outside. As you collect gears, you can start adding garage doors and all the wall frames. 


Now to properly make your bunker. Place two half walls, and remove half walls on either side. Then upgrade the top half wall. If you have enough HQM, upgrade it straight to high qual. If you don’t, either sheet metal or stone will be fine. And that’s the bunker done. 


We’re gonna work on the next two loot rooms. It’s vital that you make that wall two half walls. Fill the loot room in the exact same way. Make sure you don’t place a wall frame in the triangle right next to the loot room. 


Go ahead and place your tier two in this corner. You can throw in whatever else you want as well. As you play the wipe, you can go ahead and upgrade everything to sheet metal. This doesn’t need to be done straight away, but it’s a good idea to make the whole core sheet metal. 


Now repeat the exact same thing we did on the other side. This will be our final un-lootable loot room. The tier three can be placed on the other side. Once again, leave the frame next to the triangle empty. Now that you got your tier three, you can place your armored doors. 


Now place a half wall in the triangle and upgrade to sheet metal. This is why we left the frame empty. This means that our loot rooms are now un-lootable. The reason why the outside walls are half walls are to prevent people from soft side picking the metal. I’ll repeat this in all four loot rooms. 


Now it’s a good idea to upgrade your core to armored. One again, this doesn’t have to happen at this exact moment, you can do this throughout the wipe. In your bunker, you can start adding boxes as you please. 


I’m sure there are plenty of ways where you can fit much more loot, but this is just how I’m doing it. If you have any suggestions for more high proficient loot rooms, make sure you put it in the comments. 


Now upgrade these two loot room ceilings to armored. Only the ceiling needs to be armored though. Upgrade your sheet to sheet metal. Start working on your honeycomb. 


If you want to increase the minimum cost of the tool cupboard you could upgrade all the honeycomb to sheet metal. This would dramatically increase the upkeep, though. 


I like to place that sheet metal wall in the middle of the honeycomb. This prevents splash from rockets. Fill in your honeycomb with triangles. Add two doorframes on either side. 


Add a window frame, and upgrade the 1×1 to sheet metal. I’m not going to show you how to design the living room, you can use whatever design you like. Make sure you leave a channel in the center so you can access your auto turret later. 


Next to the single door airlocks, you can place a little balcony as a shooter hole. On the hexagon above the bunker below, surround it with sheet metal walls. You want this full hexagon to be sheet metal, as this will stop people from raiding above. Another loot room has been placed here. 


I wanted to prevent the risk of people splashing from above, so I’ve added garage doors all the way around the hexagon. For your sheets, just add a half wall and a triangle. You can place boxes of shotgun traps beneath it. 


What you do with all this space on the second floor is completely up to you. I don’t want this video to be 40 minutes long, so I’m gonna leave it all open. 


As you play throughout the wipe, you can place more and more garage doors. This does not all need to be done all at once. Fill out the roof and place a few more garage doors. Place a bedroom on the other side, and make sure you place a window frame at the end so you can access your auto turret. 


If you have more than five people, there’s plenty of space throughout the base to add more beds. For the shooting floor, I’ve just gone with window frames all the way around. I’ve also chosen to only add window bars, but you can add whatever you like. 


I’m placing shopfronts. Make sure they’re all facing outwards as this will give you more space inside the base. Double doors can be placed facing towards the airlock. Add garage doors to the upstairs spawn point. 


Now you place two lockers, two large boxes, and four sleeping bags. Now for the final touches, you can add barricades all the way around your roof. Of course, these are optional, you could place more window frames around your roof if you wanted. Place some wooden steps to access your very top floor. 


Add some sandbag barricades. Finally a cute little trick I saw from Evil Wurst, place Christmas lights to make a helipad. They look great and they’re also really helpful for finding your base at nighttime. 


And finally, we have the optional auto-turrets. For the wiring, check out other videos. I think that’s it for the video guys. If you enjoyed the base, please leave a like and subscribe. 


If you have recommendations or anything you’d like to see in the channel in the future, let me know in the comments. 


And I will see you guys in the next one. 



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