PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Review

Surviving against 100 competitors, players love the thrill of fighting for their lives.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aims to immerse players into its world with its tense gunfights, scavenging, and squad’ ing up with friends in this exciting multiplayer experience.

Story and concept

Before its early access release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was devoid of a story, but recently a cinematic trailer gave some proper context to what players are partaking in.

In 1965 we see a young boy in a war-torn version of Erangel, the first map released in PUBG, taking shelter against the bombing and soldiers fighting.

We later find out that he is the lone survivor of his people. Fast forward years later, and we find this boy grown up and overlooking several monitors depicting Erangel.

These same monitors show players fighting each other on the island, with the man establishing his very own battlegrounds on the same island.

PUBG’s concept is relatively streamlined as far as battle royale games go, and with the new cinematic treatment each season has, it further expands upon the world.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offer a true-to-like experience when it comes to how detailed textures and graphics are with maxed-out settings.

Guns and armor have a glossy sheen to them under certain lighting conditions. Weapon scopes and attachments are visibly noticeable on guns and help add to the aesthetics. Muzzle flare and blood effects capture the game’s grittiness well, and inclement weather also adds to the experience.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Gunplay

Explosions from vehicles and grenades have a distinct visual flair, and smoke effects can obscure vision in heated moments. Vehicles’ conditions have visible wear and tear, depending on how much damage they’ve taken.

Lighting within buildings is incredibly well done with its varying amount of darkness and lamps illuminating each corner. With immersive graphics, you’ll be hard-pressed to pull yourself away from the various environments.

Sound and atmosphere

Proper sound design is crucial to survival in battle royale style games, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is no exception. Silence is the loudest sound of all, and without any music, you’ll have plenty of room to concentrate on the dangers around you.

PUBG Player Match Waiting Zone

Footsteps and gunfire are some of the more prominent sounds you’ll be hearing as they dictate other locations. Vehicle engines have a distinct hum, which is both a blessing and hindrance, depending on who’s driving.

The atmosphere in PUBG can feel wildly different depending on much of the gear you have on you. With minimal equipment, the fear of death is real and can make players think quite helpless against foes.

When the tides do change, and you inevitably get an 8x scope and a good vantage point, you’ll be taking down opponents before they even see you. The drastic shift from desperate survival to a seasoned hunter is palpable and can change at a moment’s notice, one of the best aspects of PUBG’s atmosphere.


The defining aspect of battle royale games is easily the gameplay, and the core mechanics of PUBG are stellar. Players start in a plane flying over one of the various maps and have multiple drop zones available.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Airdrop

Certain areas have much better loot but come at the cost of having more players going there, which can spell certain death if not prepared.

Other zones can offer less loot but have a better safety net, giving proper preparation time. Once you land, you’ll have a limited amount of time to enter buildings and scavenge for guns, ammo, attachments, armor, and a means to heal yourself.

Players will have to fight each other to steal their gear or find a vehicle to make it closer to the circle. The circle limits the map to a particular area and forces players to make their way over there before taking damage by being outside of it.

Gunfights can be up close brawls with a wide variety of shotguns, pistols, or submachine guns. There are also assault rifles and sniper rifles to give players even more range to deal with one another.

A Player Dropping into the Battlegrounds

Throwables like grenades or molotovs litter the area and can cut off key chokepoints within buildings. When the circle inevitably shrinks down to its smallest size, players will be mere feet away from each other as only one shall survive.

Having a timer looming over you while having so many different players attempt to slay one another leads to some heart-pounding moments within PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Replay value

With updates that add new maps, new weapons, and skins, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a deceptively chasmic amount of content. The real reward in battle royale style games is the appeal of continually improving as players find better rewards the better they play.

In particular, performance dictates how much gold you’ll find, and being able to access the new loot requires that players learn to adapt and survive efficiently. The real replay value comes from making a squad with different friends as everyone has their playstyle.

Some players are naturally more tactical and check every corner before advancing, while others may go in guns blazing. The dynamic amount of potential locations to fight in when the circle inevitably closes ensures that you will experience every part of the map as a battlefield, which is the best part about PUBG.

The final verdict on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has provided my friends and me with some of the most wildly entertaining moments in a battle royale style game in a long time. From the tense firefights to the Mad Max vehicle shootouts, it’s hard not to love the moment-to-moment gameplay.

I’ll never forget my introduction to the game where I dropped into the ocean only to see my friend at the top of a cliff overlooking me and saying, “Welcome to PUBG.”

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