Planet Crafter: Super Alloy Guide

What is super alloy in The Planet Crafter?

The Planet Crafter: Super Alloy iconSuper Alloy is a crafting material used to craft many high-end items, machines, and building pieces in The Planet Crafter. This material takes on an iridescent rainbow appearance when the light hits it and is considerably smaller than other minerals found on the ground. While most minerals are jagged, the super alloy is round and looks a bit like a potato. It is even smaller than most of the prefab rocks you will see strewn about the planet’s surface, so it should be easier to spot at night due to its oddly small appearance. 

How to acquire super alloy

Players can acquire super alloy in several ways. It can be collected, crafted, mined, found as loot, and even feverishly collected during meteor events. Players will often find pieces of the ore in early game explorations and loot crates as they begin exploring the planet and space wreckage.

Where to find and collect super alloy

Super alloy is found on the ground in several locations around the planet. Depending on your landing site, you may even be able to find some of the ore right away. One such location is Sand Falls. Running along the base of the falls, you can find the tiny, potato-shaped ore just beyond the sand’s particle effect. You can collect super alloy all around the perimeter of the falls.

entrance to the super alloy cave
The super alloy cave entrance

To the south of the large spaceship wreckage in the Dunes, along the cliffside, is the super alloy caves. If you are entering the area from the sulfur valley, keep left along the cliffside until you come across what looks to be stone pillars in front of a cave opening. Keep to the right if you are entering the area by descending the hillside from The Arches. Here you will find many super alloys on the ground and the giant door

The Planet Crafter Labyrinth Canyon

To the northeast of the iridium mine and north of the large lake is the Labyrinth Canyon. Make your way through the canyon to the clearing with the space wreckage. Head up to the land bridge that leads to the wreckage, and you’ll find a means to get to the canyon’s cliff walkways. All throughout these walkways, you will find super alloy spread out along the paths. 

The Planet Crafter Labyrinth Canyon super alloy ledges

With the arrival of the Insects & Waterfalls update, super alloy can also be found on the ground in The Meteor Fields. They can be tough to spot on the dark terrain, but they are there!

Crafting super alloy

Thankfully for the builders among us, super alloy can be crafted. With the unlock of the Advanced Craft Station at 175.00 kTi, the recipe to craft super alloy is also unlocked. Crafting super alloy takes several components, but these components are readily available across the planet, with the exception of aluminum, which is in limited supply in the beginning of the game.

Super alloy crafting recipe

  • Cobalt x 1
  • Magnesium x 1
  • Iron x 1
  • Silicon x 1
  • Titanium x 1
  • Aluminum x 1

The Planet Crafter Super Alloy Blueprint

Mined in the super alloy cave

It is possible to mine super alloy once you’ve progressed far enough into the game to unlock the Tier 2 ore extractor. The Tier 2 extractor blueprint unlocks when you’ve advanced the atmospheric pressure rating to 364.50 mPa. Make your way to the super alloy cave as described above. If you move back through the cave toward the giant door, you will have enough space to set up the Tier 2 ore extractor and begin mining for super alloy.

The Planet Crafter Super Alloy meteor shower

Meteor shower event

Every so often, the sky will turn purple, and the densest of all the meteor showers will rain green-tailed chunks of super alloy down upon the planet. Unlike the other mineral showers where the ores and minerals stick around on the ground for a while, super alloy from meteor showers has an extremely short decay timer. 

If you see the air/sky start to turn purple, quickly get yourself to an open space, preferably at the bottom of a hill or lake. The alloy should roll downhill to your location and give you the best chance at collecting as much as possible in the short time the alloy is around before it decays. 

If the shower is happening at night, make sure you are in a space without grass or other foliage that can obscure your ability to see the small alloy on the ground. They can be difficult to see in the dark, especially with lots of grass or flowers covering them. 

The Planet Crafter Super Alloy Meteor storm

What can you craft using super alloy?

Players will find themselves in constant need of super alloy once they’ve reached mid-to-high-tier crafting. The following list of items requires Super Allow to craft.

Items crafted with Super Alloy

  • Agility Boots T2 and T3
  • Algae Generator T1 and T2
  • Asteroids Attraction Rocket
  • Atmospheric Water Collector
  • Backpack T4 and T5
  • Beehive
  • Biodome T1, T2
  • Big Living Compartment
  • Biolab
  • Biomass Rocket
  • Butterfly Dome
  • Display Case
  • DNA Manipulator
  • Drill T4
  • Flower Spreader T1 and T2
  • Food Grower T2
  • Fusion Energy Cell
  • Gas Extractor
  • GPS Satellite T1 and T2
  • Heater T4
  • Incubator
  • Lake Water Collector
  • Launch Platform
  • Magnetic Field Protection Rocket
  • Microchip – Mining Speed T1, T2, and T3
  • Nuclear Fusion Generator
  • Nuclear Reactors T1 and T2
  • Ore Extractor T1 and T2
  • Outdoor Farm
  • Oxygen Tank T4
  • Plants Rocket
  • Recycling Machine
  • Rocket Engine
  • Seeds Spreader Rocket
  • Shredder Machine
  • Super Alloy Rod
  • Tree Spreader T1, T2, and T3

How to farm and mine Super Alloy

The super alloy ore is a key component of many recipes and sub-combinations, so ensuring you’ve got a steady supply is crucial for progression. The most reliable way to keep a supply of this ore is to farm the crafting components in the early game and mine them directly later on as you progress.

Farming methods

The first step to farming super alloys is to begin the production of aluminum. Aluminum is the rarest component of the super alloy recipe, so you’ll need to keep an aluminum ore extractor going at all times. You will need to set up a tier 1 ore extractor in the Aluminum Hills (aka Aluminum Forest) to extract aluminum. This extractor will produce a steady stream of aluminum and other minerals.

Store all the extracted minerals in a nearby operating base to easily convert the raw materials into super alloys as you harvest them from the extractor. You’ll need an Advanced Craft Station and several boxes or lockers. This is a useful technique if your home base is far from the Aluminum Hills or if you simply don’t want a bunch of junk storage taking up your comfortable living space.

Super Alloy mining location

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to craft the Tier 2 Ore Extractor, you are ready to mine super alloy directly. Set up a Tier 2 extractor near the giant door in the Super Alloy Cave. For extra efficiency, set up some lockers near the extractor and create an operating base similar to the aluminum farming operation. You can store the extra ores and further craft super alloy while harvesting the ore. With these methods in place, you should find yourself well supplied with super alloy for crafting all of the advanced machines and building pieces you could want.

The Planet Crafter Super Alloy Cave interior with ore extractor


Does super alloy respawn?

Super alloy, like all resources, does not respawn. You can, however, mine it, craft it, find it as loot in crates, and collect super alloy from meteor shower events. Don’t forget to deconstruct Golden Crates for super alloy, too.

Can you trigger a super alloy meteor shower?

As of the game’s current state, it does not appear that any particular activity triggers a super alloy meteor shower. We will update this answer if/when this changes.

Can you mine super alloy?

Super alloy can be mined! Once you unlock the Tier 2 ore extractor, you can mine for super alloy inside of the super alloy cave. Before the Tier 2 ore extractor, you can extract aluminum ore and craft super alloy this way.

Can super alloy be crafted?

Yes, super alloy is craftable when you unlock the Advanced Crafting Station. The super alloy blueprint comes default with the crafting station.

What are super alloy rods?

Super alloy rods are a newer crafting component introduced in the Caves & Crater update. These advanced components were introduced to make crafting certain machines a bit more difficult. Currently, only the Tier 2 ore extractor and the teleporter are utilizing the super alloy rods.

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