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What’s new in the Space Trading update for The Planet Crafter

Miju Games released their 5th update for their hit open-world survival crafter, The Planet Crafter, titled the Space Trading update on the 27th of June 2023. The Space Trading update includes the new biomass component: frog breeding. Players can now breed a dozen types of frogs to add to their environments and collections once they reach the newly added amphibians stage. The space trading component was also introduced, along with six new achievements to earn and a new biome to explore. 

Let’s hop into the details!

Lots of new items added

The team worked hard to bring us many new items in this update for The Planet Crafter, some craftable and some requiring purchase with trade tokens called Terra Tokens. We’ll talk more about the Terra Tokens in a bit.

Here are some of the new items you can craft with the Space Trading update.

New crafting items:

  • Mutagen T4
  • Frog Eggs (10 varieties)
  • Spacing Trading Rocket
  • Amphibian Farm
  • Frog Displayer
Planet Crafter purple frogs
Breed several types of colorful frog species

Space Trading is here!

Once players reach the Breathable Air stage of terraformation, they’ll unlock the new Space Trading Rocket blueprint. This blueprint works similarly to the Launch Platform, but rather than crafting rockets, the trade rocket is waiting for you to fill it with goodies to trade for Terra Tokens. 

Terra Tokens are a new currency players use to trade for goods and blueprints. You can acquire Terra Tokens in The Planet Crafter by sending precious materials like minerals or textiles into space via the trade rocket. After a short period of time, the rocket will return from trading your goods, and terra tokens will automatically be credited to your “account.”

You can check on your Terra Token balance either by checking the trade terminal attached to the trade rocket’s platform or by checking the inventory screen below your character’s loadout.

Many new items, recipes, and upgrades are available to purchase with terra tokens, including the cooking station you may remember from the anniversary event. Once you’ve crafted the cooking station, several new recipes will be available to prepare, including some that provide temporary benefits!

Items you can buy with Terra Tokens

You acquire Terra Tokens by finding them or by sending items for trade in the space trading rocket. Use the trade terminal attached to the space trading rocket platform to view the list of items for purchase and the number of Terra Tokens they require for unlock.

New items for trade

  • 3×3 pod habitat
  • 3×3 pod habitat with dome
  • Locker Storage T2 upgrade with 80 slots
  • Drone T2 – 15,000 terra tokens
  • Cooking station
  • One new butterfly species
  • One new fish species
  • Smart Fabric
  • Customizable sofa
  • Customizable double bed
  • Cocoa seeds – 75 terra tokens
  • Wheat seeds – 150 terra tokens

Items you can trade for Terra Tokens

Only a handful of items are viable for trading at this time, and fewer are worth the effort to produce for trade. Here is the list of the current items that can be traded for tokens:

  • Pulsar quartz – 10 tokens
  • Circuit Board – 10 tokens
  • Rocket Engine – 5 tokens
  • Fabric – 3 tokens
  • Uranium Rod – 3 tokens
  • Iridium Rod – 2 tokens
  • Super Alloy Rod – 2 tokens
  • Osmium Rod – 2 tokens
  • Bacteria Sample – 2 tokens
  • High Quality Food – 2 tokens

The trade rocket also has a logistics interface, so it can be set up with a demand for the trade items of your choice and you can automate the process of supplying it with products to trade.

Amphibians stage is now available for unlock.

Once you’ve worked through the fish stage, you’ll be able to unlock Amphibians. At this stage, players will begin to see small frog ponds worldwide, typically around bodies of water. Collect generic frog eggs from these ponds and place them in the incubator to start breeding frogs. 

Once you’ve got some frog eggs incubated, send your frogs out into the world by placing them in Amphibian farms. These are crafted and deployed much like the butterfly farms and provide a handful of terraformation metrics, including animal biomass, once deployed. 

Planet Crafter frog pond with eggs
Gather frog eggs at frog ponds, found near water sources

New biome: Cenote

One of the best parts of a Planet Crafter update is the addition of a new biome to explore. The Cenote biome can be found in the Giant Crater region at the top of the crater’s rim. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see it: a new waterfall plunging into a giant sinkhole. 

You’ll find lush greenery and frog ponds around the edge of the sinkhole, but your adventure truly begins once you take the plunge. I advise you to bring some extra oxygen tanks on this trip; you’ll need them. Exploring this new biome will provide exceptional treasure opportunities and some more game lore. 

New Cenote biome above the Giant Crater
Explore the new Cenote biome

Other notable changes in the Space Trading update

  • Drones now harvest algae and vegetables! You only need to set a demand for these items, and the drones will handle the rest.
  • Algae are now harvestable at 50% growth.
  • Stairs and foundations now snap to the launch platform.
  • Storage capacity upgrades can be unlocked via space trading.
  • Improved the performance of autocrafters
  • Various improvements to performance
  • Beacons can now be labeled.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next update.

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