Planet Crafter: Pulsar Quartz Guide

Pulsar Quartz powers the future

Planet Crafter Pulsar QuartzPulsar quartz is The Planet Crafter’s high-end crafting material. This rare ore is used to create nuclear fusion generators for energy and to craft late-game machines like the teleporter. You’ll notice this ore in the wild by the pink glow that it casts on the ground or nearby walls and the pink sparkle that it emits similar to osmium. 

How to get pulsar quartz in the Planet Crafter

Pulsar Quartz is a rare find. After the Caves & Crater update, players can find a few pieces of the sparkling, rare pink ore within the Pulsar Quartz caves. In ultra-rare cases, pulsar quartz can also be found as loot within crates once the terraformation index has surpassed 700 MTi.

Find pulsar quartz in caves

Pulsar Quartz can be found in caves in the Planet Crafter. Unlike other caves, Pulsar Quartz caves cannot be mined using extractors at this point in time. This may change in future updates.

Planet Crafter Stargate Pulsar Quartz cave location

Stargate Pulsar Quartz cave location

One of the Pulsar Quartz caves can be found in the region where the fallen Stargate resides. Head south from the fallen Stargate until reaching a crater. Depending on your current Terraformation Index, this crater may be full of water. Head to the bottom of the crater and locate a cave entrance in the northeast wall of the crater. Inside, you will find sparkling pink crystals on walls and the floor that will be Pulsar Quartz, as well as Osmium and Sulfur.

Planet Crafter Arches Giant Crater Pulsar Quartz cave location

The Arches / Giant Crater Pulsar Quartz cave location

When visiting the Arches area, head to the southern mountain side until you locate a canyon that leads further south into the mountain side. This canyon will lead to the entrance of an Osmium cave that will give way to another Pulsar Quartz cave. This cave is twisty and can be difficult to see, but there will be several small caverns where sparkly Pulsar Quartz can be found. If you travel long enough through the cave, you may come upon the Giant Crater.

Find Pulsar Quartz on the ground

In addition to finding pulsar quartz in caves, you can also find pulsar quartz on the ground. After the Insects & Waterfalls update, pulsar quartz can be found scattered about the dark Meteor Fields. The ore will have the same glittery appearance as they do in the caves and cast a glow on the ground to help you spot them.

Craft pulsar quartz while you can

The primary method for acquiring pulsar quartz is via crafting. All recipe components are mineable via extractors, making pulsar quartz acquisition a time-consuming but sustainable practice.

At this time, the future of pulsar quartz crafting is unsure. The developers previously removed the ability with the game’s first major update. The developers restored the crafting recipe a week later after the community raised concern over the scarcity of the ore and the inability to mine the caves with extractors. 

As a compromise, the team decided to make the crafting recipe available later in the game. It will require that players reach 175GTi or 175 Giga terraformation index before the recipe unlocks. This is all subject to change with future updates if pulsar quartz crafting needs further balancing.

Craft Pulsar Quartz in the Biolab

Crafting Pulsar Quartz in the Planet Crafter

The pulsar quartz recipe will unlock for the player once the terraformation index has reached 175GTi. This milestone will enable the biolab crafting station to craft the ore. Players must first create a biolab to craft the ore, which unlocks once 835g of Biomass has been achieved.

Pulsar Quartz Recipe

What can be crafted using pulsar quartz?

Pulsar quartz crafts only a few items at this point in Planet Crafter’s development. The following is a list of the items currently available to craft:

  • Nuclear fusion generators – x5 pulsar quartz
  • Teleporters – x3 pulsar quartz
  • Fusion energy cells – x3 pulsar quartz

Pulsar quartz crafting is now sustainable

Now that a zeolite cave has been introduced with the Caves & Crater update, a renewable source of zeolite has arrived. Zeolite was previously only introduced during the Trees stage of terraformation and was available in a finite amount. 

Players can now mine zeolite within the zeolite cave via a tier 2 extractor, which means that the rarest component of Pulsar Quartz is no longer rare. 

Are there pulsar quartz meteor showers?

With the release of the Insects & Waterfalls update, there is now a chance for one solitary meteor to fall to the planet’s surface containing pulsar quartz.

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