Planet Crafter: Procedural Wrecks Update

What’s new in the Procedural Wrecks update for The Planet Crafter

The seventh major update for Miju Games’ open-world survival crafter, The Planet Crafter, is available now! In this last major content update before the full release, terraformers will venture past the known map into the chilly unknown in search of forgotten space wreckage. What treasures await you within the forgotten corpses of doomed spacecraft?

Traveling through a Planet Crafter portal

Article Summary

  • Many new and unique items have been added for crafting and discovering
  • Crafting a portal generator allows players to access procedurally generated wrecks
  • Procedural wrecks come in varying rarities and difficulties and yield different kinds of loot
  • Dozens of optimizations have been made to improve performance and game balance

New items to find and craft

Every Planet Crafter update brings new and exciting machines that change the way we’ve been playing the game. High-end machinery helps players do something new or do mundane tasks better and faster. The following items are brand new to the Procedural Wrecks update:

  • Portal Generator
  • Flare
  • Quasar Quartz
  • Magnetar Quartz
  • Balzar Quartz
  • Solar Quartz
  • Light Box
  • Tree Planter
  • Fountain
  • Hologram Generator
  • Fireplace
  • Speed Trade Platform Fuse
  • 2 new frog eggs
  • 2 new tree seeds
  • New golden effigy to find

The Portal Generator

The key component to scanning for the new procedural wrecks is the Portal Generator. This late-game machine is crafted from several high-end crafting components and requires various quartz crystals to open portals.

The Portal Generator comes equipped with a computer station control panel. Interact with the control panel to bring up the long-range wrecks detection screen. This screen allows you to scan for procedurally-generated wreckages with various rarities and difficulties. You can rescan for wreckages over and over until you find a wreckage that you have the materials to open, or, until you see one that you like.

Note that you can only open portals if you have all of the necessary quartz required. At first, you’ll only be able to open portals using Pulsar Quartz, but after enough expeditions into the wreckages, you’ll amass enough of the other quartz types to open bigger and better wreckages.

Portal Generator blueprint

Craft a Portal Generator with the following materials:

  • Fusion Energy Cell x 2
  • Super Alloy Rod x 2
  • Circuit Board x 2
  • Energy Multiplier Fuse x 2
  • Microchip – Compass
a screenshot of the portal generator scanning screen
Locate wrecks using the Portal Generator’s scanner

Procedural Wrecks

Procedural Wrecks are areas that are randomly generated. The higher difficulty and rarity a wreckage is rated (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult or most rare), the more complex the procgen wreckage is and the better the loot will be. Some locations even have a chance of spawning multiple wreckages. Collect the new, colorful quartz crystals that are only found within the portals to access higher difficulty and rarity portals to find more and better types of loot.

At first glance, the wrecks will look just like the static space wrecks littered throughout the game world. Depending on the complexity of the wreck, you may encounter many long halls that branch into several new halls that will include many dead ends and forks to explore. The mazes can quickly increase in difficulty when they include ladders to different levels. These  mazes are definitely challenging and will require a lot of finesse to develop a system for navigating the wreckage and getting yourself out with all your loot in tact.

All of the toiling and backtracking within wreckages is made worthwhile by finding the wreckage’s main goal: the vault room. You’ll know this room when you see it, as it will contain vaults commensurate with the rarity and difficulty of the procedural portal. Inside the vaults you’ll find the wreckage’s most valuable loot.

While it may seem like too great a risk getting lost in a wreck and losing your inventory, starting out small and working up to greater difficulty can help build your confidence and your rewards.

Unique loot found in the wreckage

Several new items in this update are only found within the procedural wrecks. All four portal quartz can be found in loot crates as well as the vaults. Valuable new blueprints can be found, as well as new frog and tree seeds. Find flares to help you mark useful locations while exploring the wreckage. Fuses are littered throughout higher difficulty wrecks and a new golden effigy, too.

Other changes and optimizations

  • The world model for Pulsar Quartz has been updated to reflect the look of the other quartz crystal types. The new model is a more reddish-pink than the previous.
  • Butterfly animations have been overhauled to improve performance. You will notice that your butterfly farms no longer have huge clouds of butterflies swarming the machine, but just a few. This goes for Butterfly Domes as well.
  • The Teleporter blueprint now requires obsidian to craft.
  • The comet meteor event that dropped crates with loot has been removed. Wrecks provide endless crates of goodies and this meteor became overkill.
  • The Unity engine has been updated to a more recent version for better performance.
  • The multipliers on fuses have been reduced due to the prevalence of finding fuses inside of procedural wrecks offsetting their rarity. You may need to shuffle some optimizers around to make sure that you’ve got enough power after updating.
  • A new access path between the lake area and the waterfall will open up once a certain terraformation stage is reached.
  • Animals will appear throughout the world depending on your terraformation stage and the machines and farms that you have deployed.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next update.

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