Planet Crafter: Obsidian Guide

The Planet Crafter players can find and craft useful items with obsidian by following this guide.

Obsidian is a high-end crafting material in The Planet Crafter. This lustrous ore has a shiny red and blue iridescence on its surface, with a dark, lava rock texture underneath. This material can only be harvested in the volcanic biome, just off the Meteor Field and adjacent to the Beach.

A chunk of obsidian from The Planet Crafter

How to get Obsidian in The Planet Crafter

Obsidian is found as a ground spawn throughout the Volcanic biome. This ore is scattered about the area and intermingles with ground-spawn Iridium ore. You can recognize the ore immediately since it glitters like the Iridium ore but also has a unique radiance. The obsidian ore also takes on a teardrop shape, making it look more like a rock-like pear than a crystal. This unique shape and color combination will help it stand apart from the more common ore that spawn around it.

Obsidian ore can be extracted

Players can use an Ore Extractor T3 to mine Obsidian from the ground. This machine is locked behind progression, so you’ll need to achieve at least 13.33 Pa of pressure before this method is an option for you. The Ore Extractor will dig Obsidian from the ground along with other common ores, so it’s a good idea to keep the collection inventory clear at regular intervals to increase the rate of Obsidian you can collect. 

If you have a Drone system set up, set the Supply option for the Ore Extractor to Obsidian and a few of the common ore types to automatically remove these ore from the collection inventory. This way, you will only rarely need to go check on the inventory to keep Obsidian extraction going.

A screenshot of obsidian ore next to a giant obsidian obelisk
Obsidian ore is found in the highest concentration near the huge obsidian outcrops.

Where to find it

At present, Obsidian spawns only in the Volcanic biome. You’ll find it spawning on the ground terrain, soil with a sandy-like appearance, and also on the lava rock prefabs. It can be found at the top of these rock formations and on ledges created by the rocks, so take care when collecting from these locations.

The Volcanic biome has certain terrain that has the appearance of partially cooled lava that will hurt you if you step on it, and Obsidian can spawn on this terrain. Be cautious when collecting these ores, and ensure your health is topped off before stepping onto this painful lava rock, just to be sure you don’t risk your inventory to death.

You’ll find a greater concentration of ore spawning in the Obsidian obelisk areas, where giant Obsidian shards protrude from the ground. This feature is much like the giant rock formations in the Aluminum Hills biome, where aluminum ore can be found spawning in a higher concentration around these formations. This area is also a great candidate for setting up Ore Extractor T3s if you’ve unlocked the machine.

What can you craft with it?

Obsidian is still a newer material to The Planet Crafter and, as such, has not been incorporated into many crafting recipes. The following items require Obsidian to craft:

  • Machine Optimizer T2 – Obsidian x 2
  • Fusion Cell – Obsidian x 1
  • Microchip – Map – Obsidian x 1

First things first, craft yourself a Microchip – Map at a T2 Crafting Station if you can. This addon allows you to view your map at any time just by pressing ‘M’ or whatever button/key you’ve mapped this function to, and it’s great to have a map when you need it. 

Machine Optimizers are a great next application for crafting with Obsidian since these machines can help boost a variety of stats of your machines. However, to use the Optimizers, you’ll need some rare and expensive fuses. 

These fuses are sometimes found as loot but are also available via the Space Trading system for Terra Tokens. Depending on your Terra Token account balance, it may take a significant effort to acquire the necessary Optimizer Fuses to make your optimizers work. In this case, you may, instead, decide to utilize your Obsidian for crafting Fusion Cells, which trade for a whopping 80 TT per.  Even though it takes three pulsar quartz to craft one fusion cell, you will get an additional 5TT (Terra Tokens) by going the extra step to craft it. 

Other thoughts about Obsidian

There are currently no meteor showers that drop Obsidian that we’ve seen.

Obsidian cannot be crafted at this time.

Obsidian is a valuable and highly distinctive crafting material in The Planet Crafter. While its applications are somewhat limited, for the time being, Obsidian offers unique crafting possibilities and stands out with its radiant appearance. Happy crafting in the volcanic depths of The Planet Crafter!

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