Planet Crafter: Insects & Waterfalls Update

The Planet Crafter Insects & Waterfalls Update

What’s new in the Planet Crafter’s Insects & Waterfalls update

Miju Games has released their second update for The Planet Crafter titled the Insects & Waterfalls Update on July 31st 2022. In this update, busy terraformers will begin the hefty task of introducing a variety of biomass to the planet. Five new achievements were also added to celebrate progress through the new content.

Changes to the biomass index

Previously, the biomass index was produced and incremented by adding plant matter into the atmosphere via tree spreaders, rockets, and other machines. Now, the index is comprised of plant, insect, and animal masses. The combined values of the three biomasses make up the new biomass index. This significant change to the biomass component of the Terraformation index helps pave the way for the future introduction of animal life. 

Players who have reached the Insects stage of terraformation will now be able to add to the biomass index by managing the new “insects” dimension. This will involve boosting the insect index via a new butterfly dome, butterfly farms, bee farms, and more. 

A new biomass information screen is now available to help players track their progress toward the updated biomass index. The screen shows plant, insect, and animal biomass values to help terraformers identify under-performing dimensions and improve production.

Insects and larva

Upon reaching the Insects stage of terraformation, players can find larva on the ground. These larvae will be used in important research to generate butterflies, silkworms, and bees. The larva can be challenging to spot at first, so keep your eyes on the ground as you explore, and you’ll begin to notice them!

The larvae currently come in three varieties: rare larva, common larva and uncommon larva. Combine these in the new Incubator crafting station to research your planet’s first species of insects!

You may also come across butterfly larva as you explore. These larva can go directly into butterfly farms and butterfly domes.

New crafting station: Incubator

New with the Insects & Waterfalls update is the incubator crafting station. Much like the DNA sequencer is used for generating tree seeds, the incubator allows you to generate butterfly, silkworm, and bee larvae. Depositing gathered larva along with fertilizer and mutagen starts the genetic research to craft butterfly larva, bee larva, and silkworms

New machines for boosting insect life

To start building up insect biomass levels, players now have a collection of new items and machines to craft. Place butterfly larva into butterfly domes and farms to boost the insect biomass and produce colorful wildlife for your hand-crafted world. Adding bee larvae to bee hives will increase biomass and produce honey, a new crafting component. 

New biomes to explore

Once again, the Planet Crafter devs have given us more of the planet to explore. This time, we’ll get two new biomes and a landmark so lovely that it might be time to build another main base to take advantage of the view.

The Planet Crafter Meteor Field biome

New biome: Meteor Field

Explore beyond the Wasteland to discover a newly connected area called the Meteor Field. This darkened area is littered with glittering black and white meteors and a plethora of rare minerals and ores to collect. Osmium, Aluminum, Super AlloyZeolite and Pulsar Quartz are some treasures you may find while exploring. If you’ve reached the Insects stage of terraformation, you will also be able to find larva in the Meteor Field. 

The Planet Crafter Mushroom River biome

New biome: Mushroom River

Adventuring further through the Meteor Field, you will come across a cave entrance that descends into the ground leading to the Mushroom River. This new biome is arguably the most beautiful addition to The Planet Crafter yet! Magical giant mushroom structures tower above you in this giant underground cavern for you to explore.

The Mushroom River’s location can be accessed via two different entrances; through the Meteor Field and through the giant waterfall.

Planet Crafter Mushroom River waterfall entrance
Mushroom River entrance from the giant waterfall region
Planet Crafter Mushroom River meteor field entrance
Mushroom River entrance from the Meteor Field biome

The Planet Crafter Giant Waterfalls

New biome: Giant Waterfall

As the update’s name promised, venturing through the Mushroom River will lead to the planet’s Giant Waterfall

New crafting recipes

Over a dozen new crafting recipes are now available in the Insects & Waterfalls update. 

  • Beehive
  • Biomass Screen
  • Butterflies (15x species)
  • Butterfly display case
  • Butterfly dome
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Farm
  • Fence (unlock using a microchip)
  • Honey
  • Incubator
  • Silk Generator
  • Super Food Pack

Additional changes in this Planet Crafter update

  • Machines that produced biomass output will now state that they produce plant mass output.
  • Nuclear Fusion generators now output less energy (1625 down to 1485). You may find yourself in emergency need of creating more power sources to resume terraformation.
  • Once the Trees stage has been completed, larvae will start to appear naturally around the planet.
  • Some tree seeds’ oxygen multipliers have been increased.
  • Some tree seeds will need to be unlocked now rather than attempting to research them at the DNA sequencer.
  • Increases to the plant mass generated by plant generating machines.
  • Reduction in the terraformation index required to reach the Trees and Insects stages.
  • Reduction in unlock levels for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 tree spreaders
  • Two new golden crates have been added.

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