Planet Crafter Achievement Guide

The Palent Crafter Achievement Guide

Just how much have you achieved in Planet Crafter? 

When entering early access in March 2022, The Planet Crafter launched with a collection of achievements to note the player’s progress through the terraformation stages. After just a week, The Planet Crafter boasts an Overwhelmingly Positive user rating on Steam, which goes to show that players are loving the game even in its early access state.

Much like most games on Steam, achievements are awarded once a player completes a pre-defined task or set of tasks inside the game. The Planet Crafter rewards players for hitting milestones in the terraformation process.

If you are looking to unlock all 23 of Planet Crafter’s achievements, your best and fastest route to success is simply to keep playing, exploring, and crafting. And, seeing as the Planet Crafter is only in Early Access at this time, we can likely expect to see more achievements added in as new content arrives.

The Planet Crafter achievement list

Below is the current list of known achievements for The Planet Crafter.

New Sky achievementNew SkyReach full blue sky
Clouds in the SkyClouds In The SkyReach clouds
Life from the Sky achievementLife From the SkyReach rain level
Liquid Water achievementLiquid WaterReach liquid water level
So Much Water achievementSo Much WaterReach full lakes level
Greenery achievementGreeneryReach moss level
It's Growing achievementIt’s GrowingReach herbs level
The Forests achievementThe ForestsReach trees level
Shelter achievementShelterConstruct your first living compartment
Are We Leaving? achievementAre We Leaving?Craft your first launch platform
Biomass achievementBiomassCraft your first biodome
Flowers on a Hostile Planet achievementFlowers On a Hostile PlanetCraft your first flower spreader
Jungle achievementJungleCraft your first tree spreader
Vegetables in Space achievementVegetables in SpaceCraft your first food grower
What Could Go Wrong achievementWhat Could Go Wrong?Craft your first nuclear reactor
Genetic Engineer achievementGenetic EngineerCraft your first DNA Manipulator
Rare Red Ore achievementThe Rare Red OreFind Iridium
The Rare Blue Ore achievementThe Rare Blue OreFind Osmium
The Rare White Ore achievementThe Rare White OreFind Zeolite
Planet Crafter The Pink Rare OreThe Pink Rare OreCraft or find a Pulsar Quartz
Planet Crafter Fusion Energy AchievementFusion EnergyCraft your first fusion cell
Planet Crafter Golden Flower AchievementGolden flowerFind your first golden seed
Planet Crafter A Door? AchievementA Door?Find a weird door in a cave

Enjoy your terraforming journey!

With this complete list of Planet Crafter achievements, you’re now armed with the knowledge to get out there and make some real progress. Did we miss any achievements? If you see anything missing or needs updating, don’t hesitate to contact us or hit us up on Discord.

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