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In Palworld, it’s an unspoken truth that doing all the work yourself is overrated. Unlike many other titles in the survival genre, Palworld encourages players to delegate work to their goofy cartoon friends. However, when crafting takes as long as it does in this game, not just any pal will do. Moreover, pals are specialized creatures that can only perform the work they are suitable for. Understanding Work Suitability is vital to managing a base and building a successful empire on Palapagos Island.

This guide will explain Work Suitabilities, list and describe each of the game’s available work suitabilities, and point out a few choice pals that excel at those work types.

Work Suitabilities

Checking a pals work suitabilities in their info

What are Work Suitabilities

Not every pal can perform every kind of task. You can’t expect a flaming horse with no hands to work on an assembly line. Work Suitabilities represent Pals’ unique work skills and determine what kinds of tasks they can perform and with what degree of efficiency. These suitabilites are determined by their elemental affinity and physiology. Work suitabilities cannot be altered and can only be improved using the Pal Essence Condenser.

You can determine a Pal’s work suitabilities by viewing its info page or by looking at its entry in the Paldeck. In the bottom right corner of the entry, you will see a section marked “Work Suitability.” This section includes all possible work suitabilities, but only those the chosen pal is capable of performing will be highlighted. Highlighted entries will also include an associated level, indicating how efficiently and broadly this particular skill can be used.

List of Work Suitabilities

Below is a list of each of the available work suitabilities and a brief summary of what kinds of jobs those skills are generally used for at different levels.

1. Kindling

A Flambelle cooking food

Kindling is a skill reserved for Fire pals, and is used to light and maintain fires. This allows pals to cook food at a Campfire or Cooking Pot, refine Ore into Ingots at a furnace, and light torches and fireplaces, which will eventually go out and need to be relit.

Higher levels mean faster production of high-quality food and materials. Bushi, Wixen, and Arsox are all solid mid-level pals with level 2 kindling and great stats overall.

2. Planting

Pettalia tossing seeds onto a plantation

Planting is typically a feature of Grass type pals and allows the pal to plant crops by producing and spreading seeds. This can be used in farms such as the Berry Plantation and Wheat Plantation for the seeding phase of the growth cycle for growing food.

Higher levels of planting mean faster seeding. Pettalia and Lyleen are both excellent choices with high levels in planting, though Broncherry also boasts level 3 but minimal other skills. Verdash is slightly less effective at planting but boasts numerous other skills as well.

3. Handiwork

Crafting Pal Gear with Pengullets help

A particularly versatile skill, the handiwork suitability is reserved for pals with the manual dexterity to use tools, specifically those with some form of hands, nubs, or flippers. Handiwork is necessary for pals to build new structures and to craft any number of items, such as equipment, advanced materials, and pal spheres.

Higher levels equal faster production and shorter construction times. Though there are plenty of pals with solid handiwork skills, Lunaris, Wixen, and Verdash are some of the best at mid-level, boasting level 3 handiwork among their other skills. Early on, Ribunny can also be especially useful for producing ammunition and weapons. Nothing, however, beats the level 4 handiwork skill of Anubis.

4. Lumbering

A Tanzee working at a lumber yard

Lumbering is the ability to use an axe, horns, antlers, tail, or other appendage to chop trees, split logs, and generally do lumberjack stuff. This skill allows pals to cut down trees and bamboo for Wood and Fiber and work at Logging Sites.

Pals with higher levels can perform this task more quickly and destroy larger trees than those with lower levels. Warsect and Bushi make for excellent lumberjacks, both sporting level 3 lumbering skill and can be obtained at mid-level. At early levels, players can also make use of the much more common Eikthyrdeer.

5. Medicine Production

Helping a Katress mix medicine

Medicine production focuses on mixing chemicals, crushing herbs, and otherwise synthesizing the substances used in creating drugs. This skill is used solely in the mixing of products considered “medicine” at workbenches like the Medieval Medicine Workbench and is most common in Dark and Grass-type pals.

Higher levels mean faster production. Felbat and Vaelet are by far some of the best at using this skill, with a solid level 3 to show for it. Katress, Lovander, Bristla, and Pettalia are also solid low to mid-level choices. 

6. Transporting

A Cattiva bringing the player an egg

A necessary skill for any base, the transporting skill determines a pal’s ability to pick up and carry items between locations. Specifically, this is used to collect loose products, such as mined Stone or harvested crops, and carry them to a storage container from which they can be used.

Higher levels in this skill mean pals can carry more at a time and aren’t slowed as much by dragging an object with them. Flying pals (such as Helzephyr, Vanwyrm, and Beakon) or especially beefy pals (such as Grizzbolt, Gorirat, or Mossanda) typically have high levels in this skill. At lower levels, Tombat and Killimari also make for solid transporters.

7. Watering

A Pengullet watering crops

A skill generally only found in Water-type pals, the watering suitability allows a pal to produce and spray water in concentrated bursts. This allows a pal to water crops during the watering stage of growth and turn water wheels on mechanical production centers such as Mills and Crushers.

Higher levels mean faster production at water wheels and a shorter watering cycle for crops. Gobfin, Penking, and Surfent make solid early-to-mid-game watering pals, but it’s hard to compete with Azurobe and Jormuntide at higher watering levels.

8. Generating Electricity

A Univolt charging a Power Generator

A suitability exclusive to Electric-type pals, this skill allows pals to generate and expel electrical energy for machine consumption. This skill is solely used to charge up Power Generators for powering electronic facilities such as assembly lines and lights.

A higher level means more power is generated at a single facility. Practically any electric-type pal can power a generator, but Grizzbolt boasts a level 3 generation skill in addition to its other high-rank suitabilities, making it one of our top choices.

9. Gathering

Two Cattivas gathering berries

This suitability denotes a pal’s ability to carefully harvest plants without damaging them. Though many Grass and Ground-type pals sport this utility, it is probably one of the most common suitabilities overall. This skill is used to harvest fully grown crops from farms like the Berry Plantation and Wheat Plantation

A higher level means faster gathering and the ability to forage wild plants such as mushrooms and berries. At lower levels, Nitewing and Grintale make for solid gatherers. Given the choice, though, Verdash’s level 3 gathering and assortment of other skills make them our top pick.

10. Mining

A Fuddler digging at a stone pit

A somewhat common suitability found most frequently in Ground-type pals that allows the use of a pickaxe, horns, beak, or even their fists to smash minerals for collection. This means pals can mine resource nodes for minerals such as Stone, Ore, Coal, Sulphur, and Quartz or work at a Stone Pit.

Level 1 only allows pals to mine Stone, Paldium, and Sulphur. Level two allows pals the ability to mine Ore nodes as well. Pals with level 3 in this skill can mine all of the previous minerals in addition to Coal and Raw Quartz. Dumud and Tombat are solid early-game pals for mining ore, but later on, you’ll want someone more suitable to mining, like Anubis or especially Digitoise, who sports a powerful drilling attack that makes mining a breeze.

11. Cooling

A Chillet keeping food fresh

A skill set exclusive to Ice-type pals, this suitability allows a pal to lower the temperature of objects and the air around them. Specifically, this allows them to slow the decay rate of food inside a Cooler Box or Refrigerator or lower the temperature in an area using a Cooler.

The higher the level of this suitability, the slower chilled food will decay, and the higher the ambient temperature a cooler can overcome. Higher levels in this skill aren’t particularly important, especially since you’ll have automated coolers later on. That said, Chillet and Swee will do for the early game, while Foxcicle and Reindrix will handle mid-game cooling. Later on, you may choose to employ a specialist such as Sibelyx or Kingpaca Cryst.

12. Farming

Lots of items produced by farming

This suitability is unique in that its effects change based on the associated pal’s Partner Skill. This skill set allows a pal to be employed at a Ranch and produce an item of some sort in the process. Some might lay eggs, others will drop wool, while some might even dig up coins or ammunition for you. It all depends on what kind of pal has the skill, so read carefully.

Our recommendations for pals using this type of suitability depend heavily on what you need. For example, Lamball and Melpaca are great for generating Wool, Mozzarina is the only way to produce Milk, and Vixy and Mau are perfect for generating money and basic supplies.

For every nail, a hammer…or something like that

Working together to build a generator

Pocketpair has included an interesting variety of jobs in Palworld and expects players to be able to do them all. They do not, however, expect us to do it alone, and the name of the game is collecting and improving a cast of pals to fight and work for or alongside us. With a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each of your pals, you should be well-suited to building a functional and successful base alongside your quirky pal friends/indentured servants.

Looking for more tips to help you get going in Palworld? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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