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Passive Skills: What are they, and how do you use them?

Whether you know it or not, Passive Skills can make or break your Pals. In Palworld, players must rely on their Pals for combat support, transportation, and numerous jobs around the base, such as production, power generation, and resource gathering.

While some Pals will be better at certain jobs than others based solely on their species and elemental abilities, there is also a set of passive skills working behind the scenes to hinder or boost your Pal’s performance. Adapting to and utilizing these passive skills is the key to getting the most out of your pals’ work and becoming an unstoppable force of nature in combat.

This guide will cover what Passive Skills are, outline how to transfer and combine them, and list all the available passives so you know exactly what you’re getting when you capture a new pal.

What are Passive Skills?

Viewing a Pals passive skills

Passive Skills are a set of traits separate from your pal’s work suitabilities, active skills, and partner skills that increase or decrease a pal’s effectiveness in certain areas. Some passives will make your pal move faster, boost their attack or defense, or increase the speed at which they perform work. Others might cause them to consume more food or decrease their work efficiency in favor of additional damage in combat.

Think of these passive skills like genetic traits. Not all members of the same pal species will be identical, and passive skills make up the individual physical and personality traits that set them apart from one another.

Each Pal can have up to 4 different Passive skills, but multiple skills with similar effects will stack, so a 10% and 20% boost to movement speed will both be counted towards overall speed. Likewise, a 10% increase and a 10% decrease to Defense will cancel each other out, so be sure to read carefully.

These Passive Skills can be viewed in the bottom left corner of each Pal’s information screen, and mousing over them will reveal their effects.

How to Transfer Passive Skills

Picking up new eggs from a breeding farm

In Palworld, you may find yourself in the fortunate position of having two Pals of the same species with excellent Passive Skills. If you can’t decide between your two favorite pets, don’t worry; you can have them combine their genetic superiority into one super pal through the use of selective Breeding!

Upon reaching level 19, players will have the ability to unlock and build a Breeding Farm. This special (and very large) facility allows players to toss one male and one female pal into an enclosed space with a delicious Cake until they make nice and lay an egg. This egg can be incubated and hatched into a new pal with a high chance of retaining passive skills from its parents, allowing players to mix and match passives to fit their needs. Genetics isn’t an exact science, though, so random variation and chance still have a hand in this miraculous process, and it may take several attempts to get the results you are after.

Palworld’s Passive Skills List

Below are listed all of Palworld’s current Passive Skills. Each skill is sorted by what general field it impacts and includes a simple description of that field. Note that skills that both increase and decrease a stat will be sorted into the category for the stat they boost rather than the one they hamper.


Palworld Passive Attack Skills

Attack determines how much damage a pal deals with its active skills. The higher the attack stat, the more damage they deal to enemies.


  • Brave – Attack +10%
  • Ferocious – Attack +20%
  • Aggressive – Attack +10%, Defense -10%
  • Sadist – Attack +15%, Defense -15%
  • Hooligan – Attack +15%, Work Speed -10%
  • Musclehead – Attack +30%, Work Speed -50%


  • Coward – Attack -10%
  • Pacifist – Attack -20%


Palworld Passive Defense Skills

Defense determines a pal’s resistance to damage. The higher their defense, the less damage they take overall.


  • Hard Skin – Defense +10%
  • Burly Body – Defense +20%
  • Masochist – Defense +15%, Attack -15%


  • Downtrodden – Defense -10%
  • Brittle – Defense -20%


Palworld Passive Movement Skills

Movement Speed determines how fast a pal can move. Higher movement speed means faster travel when a pal is ridden as a mount or transporting items.


  • Nimble – Movement Speed +10%
  • Runner – Movement Speed +20%
  • Swift – Movement Speed +30%


Palworld Passive Work Skills

Work Speed determines how efficiently a pal performs any task associated with its work suitability, such as logging, mining, or crafting.


  • Serious – Work Speed +20%
  • Artisan – Work Speed +50%
  • Conceited – Work Speed +10%, Defense -10%
  • Work Slave – Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%


  • Clumsy – Work Speed -10%
  • Slacker – Work Speed -30%


Cooking baked berries in Palworld

Hunger, also called Satiety, determines how hungry a pal is and how much food they need to stay healthy and happy. If a pal’s satiety drops to zero, they will begin to starve and lose health until fed.


  • Dainty Eater – Satiety Drops 10% Slower
  • Diet Lover – Satiety Drops 15% Slower


  • Glutton – Satiety Drops 10% Faster
  • Bottomless Stomach – Satiety Drops 15% Faster


A pal relaxing in the hottub

Sanity, or SAN, is a measure of a pal’s mental well-being and stress. SAN decreases as pals work, and low SAN will cause them to slack off, become ill, or cease to work altogether.


  • Positive Thinker – SAN Drops 10% Slower
  • Workaholic – SAN Drops 15% Slower


  • Unstable – SAN Drops 10% Faster
  • Destructive – SAN Drops 15% Faster

Player Effects

Attacking a Foxparks pal

Player Effects are a unique kind of passive skill that applies a bonus to the player when the pal is employed as a partner.


  • Vanguard – 10% Increase to Player Attack
  • Stronghold Strategist – 10% Increase to Player Defense
  • Motivational Leader – 25% Increase in Player Work Speed
  • Logging Foreman – 25% Increase to Player Logging Efficiency
  • Mine Foreman – 25% Increase to Player Mining Efficiency


Attacking a Hoocrates with fire

Elemental passive skills increase the damage a pal deals when using active skills of one elemental type or decreases the amount of damage they take from a certain element.


  • Abnormal – 10% Decrease to Incoming Neutral Damage
  • Zen Mind – 10% Increase to Neutral Attack Damage


  • Cheery – 10% Decrease to Incoming Dark Damage
  • Veil of Darkness – 10% Increase to Dark Attack Damage


  • Dragonkiller – 10% Decrease to Incoming Dragon Damage
  • Blood of the Dragon – 10% Increase to Dragon Attack Damage


  • Heated Body – 10% Decrease to Incoming Ice Damage
  • Coldblooded – 10% Increase to Ice Attack Damage


  • Suntan Lover– 10% Decrease to Incoming Fire Damage
  • Pyromaniac – 10% Increase to Fire Attack Damage


  • Botanical Barrier – 10% Decrease to Incoming Grass Damage
  • Fragrant Foliage – 10% Increase to Grass Attack Damage


  • Earthquake Resistant – 10% Decrease to Incoming Earth Damage
  • Power of Gaia – 10% Increase to Earth Attack Damage


  • Insulated Body – 10% Decrease to Incoming Lightning Damage
  • Capacitor – 10% Increase to Lightning Attack Damage


  • Waterproof – 10% Decrease to Incoming Water Damage
  • Hydromaniac – 10% Increase to Water Attack Damage


The Lucky passive is a unique skill only found on Lucky Pals but can be passed on to other pals through breeding.

  • Lucky – +15% Attack, +15% Work Speed

What Makes a Pal Great

Petting a goofy little pal

Passive Skills are easy to overlook, but the massive impact they have on a pal’s overall performance isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

Players who want high-end pals who are the best at what they do should put in the time and effort to seek out beneficial traits to specialize their companions for whatever job needs doing. If you want the best out of your pals, you’ll need the best pals, and passive skills are what separates the best from the rest.

Looking for more tips to help you get going in Palworld? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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