Palworld: How to Get Wood

Learn how to obtain and use Wood in Palworld

As the premier first resource in every survival game, Wood is the most common and widely used resource in Palworld. Houses, weapons, crafting benches, Pal Spheres, arrows, tools, and so much more can all be yours if you learn to harness this versatile material (alongside various others.)

In this guide, we cover how to get Wood in Palworld, what it’s used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Felling trees with help from a Pal)

Article summary

  • Wood is vital for crafting at all game stages and is a staple resource for constructing many of the game’s base facilities.
  • Wood can be picked up from the ground as branches or collected by chopping trees and bamboo.
  • Employing pals with Lumbering Suitability allows players to passively generate Wood and greatly improve their acquisition of this resource.

How to Get Wood in Palworld

There are two primary methods to acquire this resource in Palworld:

1. Logging

Chopping trees with an axe for Wood

Players can collect Wood by chopping trees and bamboo. Trees are abundant and easy to find on Palapagos Island, and players will be hard-pressed to find a biome where they can’t see trees. Trees appear in greater quantities in temperate biomes.

Players can cut trees and bamboo themselves using an axe or employ Work Pals to harvest trees within the range of their base or produce Wood at a Logging Site, just make sure your pal has the Lumbering Work Suitability. This is the fastest method for acquiring this material by far.

2. Gathering

Finding branches on the ground

Small amounts of this resource can spawn on the ground in the form of branches. Branches can appear in any biome but are most common in temperate, forested areas. These sticks can be picked up by hand but will only award the player a few units of Wood at most. This method is best used early on when the player has no tools or to passively collect resources during exploration.

What is Wood used for in Palworld?

“What isn’t Wood used for?” would be the better question. This resource is used in so many structures and crafting recipes in Palworld that trying to recount them all here would be akin to reading off a phone book (if anyone remembers what that is.) Instead, here are some categories of different uses for this material so you have a general idea of utility:

1. Weapons

A player defending their base with a wooden bow

Everything from crude clubs to complex crossbows to razor-sharp swords and spears uses this material for structural components and handles. Any arrows or other ammunition for low-level ranged weapons will also require this resource.

2. Structures

A simple house made from wood

Walls and roofs to protect you from the elements and fortifications to defend you from raiders. Wooden structures are weak and flammable but also simple and inexpensive base-building units. Plus, floorboards give a nice rustic feel to your home instead of rusty metal or stark stone.

3. Equipment

A player carrying basic gear made from Wood

Pickaxes, gliders, torches, and other basic equipment can be crafted using this resource. Practically all early-game gear will require some amount of this material to craft and maintain.

4. Pal Spheres

Crafting Pal Spheres at a Workbench

Arguably the most important tool in the entire game. Pal Spheres are used to capture and contain pals (and sometimes people.) Early sphere varieties will all require increasing amounts of this resource to craft.

5. Workstations

A Lamball producing cloth at a workbench

Crafting benches, repair stations, campfires, mills, and much more are all constructed from simple logs and planks. These production facilities will be vital to your advancement and necessary to manufacture new items and maintain your gear.

6. Charcoal

A pal producing Charcoal at a Furnace

Charcoal is an intermediary product produced by burning Wood in a Furnace. Charcoal is necessary for producing other advanced resources such as Gunpowder and Carbon Fiber.

7. Fiber

Producing Fiber at a Crusher

Players with an excess of this resource can grind it up in a Crusher to produce Fiber, so long as they have a pal with the Watering work suitability to power it. In fact, this is generally the most efficient method of procuring Fiber.

8. Infrastructure

Several pals building a bed

Infrastructure facilities such as pal beds, hot springs, feed boxes, and more are made with this material. These structures are a necessary component of Managing Work Pals, allowing players to improve and automate their pals’ recovery of hunger and stamina.

9. Plantations and Resource Farms

Spreading berry seeds at a plantation

Whether you want to farm tomatoes, milk, eggs, wool, coins, or even Breed New Pals, you will need this resource to construct the plantations, ranches, and breeding farms necessary. Additionally, constructing resource farms such as the Stone Pit and Logging Site requires this material.

10. Storage and Furniture

A furnished room with lots of storage

At a glance, most of the chests, cabinets, and storage solutions available to players require Wood to craft. In fact, the majority of buildable decoration and furniture items in general are made from this material.

Tips and tricks for farming Wood

An Eikthyrdeer working at a Logging Site
  • The fastest way to collect Wood is to chop down trees with an axe or with the assistance of a logging-oriented pal.
  • Wild trees within the radius of the player’s base will be harvested by pals with the proper level of the Lumbering Suitability. These trees will grow back so long as they are not obstructed.
  • Including a Logging Site in your base allows for a steady and infinite supply of Wood, though this facility does produce materials more slowly than cutting down wild trees.
  • Certain pals, such as Gumoss, Eithyrdeer, and Mammorest have partner skills that can improve logging capabilities, increasing the player’s logging efficiency when in their party or dealing additional damage to trees when ridden.
  • Trees and similar plants that can be logged are available in practically every biome. However, the Bamboo Groves and the feet of the Frostbound Mountains at the center of the map boast the largest concentrations of trees.

Punch some trees

Teaching the wildlife a lesson with a big stick

Pocketpair’s creature-collector survival game is unique in a lot of ways. However, regarding the reliance on trees and their subsequent products, Palworld is pretty standard. It seems like no matter what fantastic locale we find ourselves naked and alone in; we always revert to beating the native trees into giving us what we need to survive.

Joking aside, Wood is a vital part of the Palworld early game. While you’ll need tons of this material to get off the ground at low levels, you’ll use it until you give up on crafting altogether or get eaten by a wild pal. Whichever comes first.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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