Palworld: How to Get Technology Points

Learn How to Obtain Technology Points and Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Oh, Technology Points. It’s the one resource in Pocketpair’s new hit, Palworld, that you can never seem to get enough of. Whether you’re gunning for a specific advancement that will make your life easier, trying to learn how to make a saddle for a newly found pal, or just want to build whatever it is you need this time to level up your base, you’re going to need technology points.

Collecting enough of these precious points can be a frustrating experience, to say the least. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to skin a Cattiva. In this guide, we’ll briefly explain what Technology and Ancient Technology Points are, how to use them, and then show you how to get them.

What are Technology Points

Unlocking new blueprints in the tech tree

Technology Points are a resource used by Palworld players to unlock new technology for crafting and construction. Players can spend these points inside the Technology Tree on recipes for just about everything, including structures, tools, weapons, workstations, pal spheres, explosives, armor, pal gear, and much more.

Ancient Technology Points are used much in the same way but are much rarer and used solely for unlocking items in the Ancient Technology branch of the tech tree, highlighted in purple rather than blue. These include specialized equipment such as pal sphere launchers, grapple guns, and egg incubators.

How to get Technology Points

Some methods of collecting technology points will be more obvious than others, but it’s vital to understand all of your options for seeking them out so you don’t end up falling behind in advancements. There are 3 methods for acquiring technology points in Palworld:

Level Up

Earning technology points by leveling up

Each time the player levels up, they will receive exactly 6 technology points to spend. Leveling up is the most reliable method of obtaining tech points and awards the most at once. However, technology will steadily require more and more points to unlock, and leveling up will steadily take longer and longer.

Fast Travel Statues

Unlocking a fast travel point

Activating those fancy eagle statues found all over the map is beneficial for getting around, sure, but players also receive a single technology point for each statue that they activate. This is a limited method for earning these points, but it can offer some additional rewards for exploring the map.

High-Grade Technical Manuals

A high grade technical manual

A rare and coveted form of loot, High Grade Technical Manuals are valuable consumable items that award the player a technology point on use. These manuals aren’t easy to find, but gilded chests found in Dungeons and Wildlife Sanctuaries can contain these items. Additionally, some pals (such as Hoocrates) have a small chance to drop such items on being captured or defeated. Each manual can only be used once, so be sure to consume them as soon as you find one so you don’t lose it if you die.

How to Get Ancient Technology Points

Gaining Ancient Technology Points After Defeating A Boss

Ancient Technology Points are much more difficult to acquire but are also used much less frequently. There is really only one way for players to earn these necessary points: Defeat a Boss.

Scattered all over the map are icons for pal bosses both in the wild and in sealed instances. Defeating or Capturing one of these bosses for the first time will nab you a single ancient technology point along with other rewards. Dangerous Tower Bosses will also reward one of these points upon defeat. However, players should note that slaying bosses found inside random dungeons will NOT earn you an ancient tech point.

The Power of Science!

Picking off enemies with a high-powered rifle

There are TONS of awesome technological advancements to explore inside Palworld’s tech tree. If you want to become a powerful warlord, you can research landmines, shotguns, and pal-mounted missile launchers.

If you’re looking to construct a marvelous base, you can research decorations, sturdy structures, and comfy beds for you and your pals. Whatever you’re after, you can build it with the right amount of technology points (and mounds of resources).

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our guide on How to Catch Pals.

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