Palworld: How to Get Sulfur

Learn the best places to find Sulfur in Palworld

Stinky yellow Sulfur. A common component of gunpowder and explosives. In a game like Palworld, where the methods of survival include highly questionable and morally gray methods, a material like this could certainly come in handy. No matter what kind of weapon you prefer, chances are you’re going to need sulfur if you plan to manufacture your own ammo.

In this guide we cover how to get Sulfur, what it’s used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Article Summary

  • Sulfur can be mined from sulfur deposits found on the surface or inside dungeons.
  • Used in Gunpowder recipes, Sulfur is a necessary and critical component for ammunition.

How to get Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur appears in Palworld as a chunky boulder with a mottled powder-yellow coloration. Mining these deposits is the only way to obtain this material. Players can mine this material themselves or have work pals mine deposits within the proximity of their base.

Lone Sulfur deposits can occasionally be found in any biome, though their rarity in these situations makes them a less reliable source. Sulfur can be found much more commonly in hot climates, and most frequently in volcanic biomes. Mount Obsidian in particular is an excellent place to source this material. Make sure you have particularly strong heat resistance and some high-level pals before you go exploring at this location, though.

Additionally, Dungeons are a surprisingly reliable source for uncommon resources. Dungeons often contain large deposits of valuable resources such as Sulfur, Coal, Paldium, and Ore.

What is Sulfur used for?

Crafting Gunpowder with Sulfur at an Assembly Line

Sulfur is an extremely flammable and reactive reagent, making it perfect for manufacturing another particularly flammable and reactive substance: Gunpowder. Sulfur can be combined with Charcoal at a production facility to create gunpowder.

Gunpowder is necessary for the production of any explosives or firearm ammunition, including:

  • Course Ammo
  • Handgun Ammo
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Rifle Ammo
  • Assault Rifle Ammo
  • Grenades
  • Rocket Ammo

Tips and tricks for farming Sulfur

Flying over a Sulfur field
  • Sulfur veins appear most frequently inside volcanic biomes. Checking near lava floes or anywhere around Mount Obsidian can increase your chances of finding them.
  • Large deposits can be found inside any dungeon, but appear most abundantly inside Volcanic Caverns.
  • Work Pals can mine sulfur from deposits inside the radius of your base. Make sure you have a pal employed with the Mining Work Suitability.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your workers to mine sulfur for you, consider removing other mining opportunities such as Stone Pits to narrow their focus.

Yellow is the new gold

Dominating enemies with superior firepower

It might not be as shiny as gold, but this chunky yellow stuff can certainly make getting gold easier. Blowing up your enemies and taking their gold is sort of like mining, right?

Pocketpair included numerous different weapons in Palworld that all have different strengths and weaknesses. If you’re like us, you’ll want to try them all, which means you’re going to need lots of ammo, which means, yep, lots of Sulfur. Because, let’s face it, shooting stuff is fun, so why restrict yourself to what ammo you can find. Make your own, with Sulfur!

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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