Palworld: How to Get Stone

Learn how to obtain and use Stone in Palworld

In Palworld, and every other survival game, the one basic resource that always appears alongside Wood is Stone. Also like other survival games, Palworld includes tons of crafting recipes and structures all made with and from Stone, so picking up rocks will become a common activity for players in the early game (Hooray!), and securing a steady supply of this resource will be vital for advancement throughout all game stages.

In this guide we cover how to get Stone in Palworld, what it’s used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Locating a stone outcrop in a forest

Article summary

  • Stone is vital for crafting at all stages of the game and is a staple resource for the construction of many of the game’s base facilities and equipment.
  • Stone can be picked up from the ground as rocks or collected by mining stone deposits.
  • Employing pals with the mining suitability allows players to passively generate stone and greatly improve their acquisition of this resource.

How to get Stone in Palworld

There are two primary methods to acquire this resource in Palworld:

1. Mining

Mining a stone deposit with a pickaxe

Players can collect this material by manually mining Stone deposits with a pickaxe. These outcroppings have numerous appearances and can sometimes be difficult to differentiate from typical boulders. If you approach an outcropping and it gains a white outline, that means it can be mined. Deposits can be found in any biome and at any altitude.

Players can quarry Stone themselves or employ Work Pals to harvest deposits within the range of their base or produce it at a Stone Pit, just make sure your pal has the Mining Work Suitability. This is the fastest method for acquiring this material.

2. Gathering

Finding Stones lying on the ground

Small amounts of this resource can spawn on the ground in the form of rocks. Rocks appear frequently in every biome and are relatively easy to locate, though they do seem to be most abundant on and around beaches.

These rocks can be picked up by hand but will only earn the player a few units of Stone each. This method is best used early on when the player has no tools or to passively collect resources during exploration.

What is Stone used for in Palworld?

The list of recipes that require this material in Palworld is long and varied. If we were to try and cover each item made with this material here, we may as well create a full crafting recipe list. Instead, here are some categories of items made from Stone to give you an idea of this resource’s uses and versatility:

1. Weapons

Wielding an awkwardly long sword

Baseball bats, bows, crossbows, arrows, spears, and even swords all use this material for weight, structure, and who knows what else. Point is, you’ll need this material to craft them.

2. Structures

A sturdy stone castle for pals

Walls and roofs to protect you from the elements and fortifications to defend you from raiders. Stone structures are sturdier than wood and won’t burst into flames when your Foxsparks sneezes. Plus, these reliable foundations give your home a castle-like feel.

3. Equipment

Using a torch to explore at night

Tools, shields, torches, and other basic equipment can be crafted using this resource. Plus, most early-game gear will require some amount of this material to craft and maintain.

4. Workstations

A Foxsparks making ingots at a furnace

Furnaces, repair stations, crushers, mills, and much more are all constructed from rock. These production facilities will be vital to your advancement and necessary to manufacture new items and maintain your gear.

5. Cement

Producing cement from stone and pal products

Cement is an intermediary product used in mid-to-high-level constructions and Pal Spheres. Players can manufacture this material at a production facility using Stone, Bone, and Pal Fluids.

6. Paldium Fragments

Grinding stone into paldium at a crusher

Players with an excess of this resource can grind it up in a Crusher to produce Paldium Fragments, so long as they have a pal with the Watering work suitability to power the machine.

7. Pal Spheres

Crafting Pal Spheres from stone and other materials

Arguably the most important tool in the entire game. Pal Spheres are used to capture and contain pals (and sometimes people.) Early sphere varieties will all require increasing amounts of this resource to craft.

8. Repair Kits

Repairing a damaged crate

When structures around your base take damage from raiders or careless use of flashy pal moves, there is only one way to repair them: Repair Kits. These simple bundles of supplies are made with Stone and Fiber and can be used by the player or their work pals to restore the hp of their defenses, structures, and facilities.

9. Grenades

Lobbing frag grenades into a crowd of enemies

At later levels, the player can gain the ability to produce all kinds of throwable explosives, from basic Frag Grenades to specialized Ice Grenades. All of these handheld weapons will require this resource to manufacture.

10. Plantations and Resource Farms

Watching work pals seed the plantations

Whether you want to farm tomatoes, milk, eggs, wool, coins, or even Breed New Pals, you will need this resource to construct the plantations, ranches, and breeding farms necessary. Additionally, constructing resource farms such as the Stone Pit and Logging Site requires this material.

Tips and tricks for farming Stone

Flying over a hillside covered in stone deposits
  • The fastest way to collect Stone is to mine outcroppings with a pickaxe or with the assistance of a mining-oriented pal.
  • Resource deposits within the radius of the player’s base will be quarried by pals with the proper level of Mining suitability. These deposits will respawn so long as they are not obstructed.
  • Including a Stone Pit in your base allows your Work Pals to produce a steady and infinite supply of materials, though this facility does produce more slowly than mining outcroppings.
  • Certain pals, such as Rushoar, Reptyro, and Mammorest have partner skills that can improve mining capabilities, increasing the player’s damage to boulders when ridden.
  • Digitoise boasts a unique drilling ability that makes it ideal for harvesting minerals.
  • Rock outcroppings can appear in any biome but seem to spawn most commonly near hillsides and in open fields of dirt.
  • Building a Pickaxe and Helmet inside your base can increase the mining efficiency of work pals employed there.

Go stack rocks

Punching a rock like a REAL survivor

Pocketpair’s take on the survival game genre is certainly a step away from the norm. That being said, the inspiration and culture that give the game its background are clear even in details as simple as the player’s need for rocks. And yes, you will need a lot of rocks.

Stone is an essential resource for surviving Palworld’s early game, and will remain a necessary component for higher-level equipment and materials throughout your adventure.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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