Palworld: How to Get Pure Quartz

Learn the best places to get Pure Quartz and its uses in Palworld

Pure Quartz: A semi-transparent crystal with both conductive and catalytic properties. The practical real-world applications of this substance are many and varied, but in Palworld quartz is solely used for fabricating electronics.

In this guide we cover how to get Pure Quartz, what it is used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Examining a large quartz deposit

Article Summary

  • Pure Quartz is essential for producing Circuit Boards, a necessary component in numerous advanced workstations and structures.
  • Quartz deposits are found on the surface and in dungeons, specifically in snowy biomes and cold climates.
  • Utilizing pals with mining suitabilities improves Pure Quartz acquisition, allowing easier construction and crafting of late-game buildings and equipment.

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld

Mining a Pure Quartz Deposit in the Astral Mountains

Pure Quartz deposits appear in Palworld as large boulders composed of dark-colored rock and protrusions of pale crystal similar in appearance to ice. Mining these deposits is the only way to obtain this resource. Players can mine this material themselves or have work pals mine deposits within the proximity of their base. However, mining pals will need a suitability of level 3 or higher to mine this mineral.

Quartz is the rarest resource node in the game, making it particularly difficult to nail down a steady supply. Players looking to collect this material will need to venture high into the mountains or far to the island’s northern regions. Specifically, players should search snowy biomes and cold regions such as the peak of the Frostbound Mountains or the much more dangerous Astral Mountains.

Though dungeons often contain large deposits of valuable resources such as Sulfur, Coal, Paldium, and Ore, most will not contain any amount of quartz. The only kind of dungeon where players can find deposits of this crystal are Sacred Mountain Caverns.

What is Pure Quartz used for?

Crafting Circuit Boards from Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz boasts excellent conductive properties, making it ideal for manufacturing high-quality electronic components. In Palworld, it can be combined with Polymer at a production assembly line to manufacture Circuit Boards.

These complex components are vital for constructing advanced machines and infrastructure such as:

  • Electric Kitchens
  • Advanced Assembly Lines
  • Electric Heaters and Coolers
  • Refrigerators
  • Electric Smelters
  • Electric Medicine Workbenches

Tips and tricks for farming Pure Quartz

Locating a Quartz  Deposit Deep in a Dungeon
  • The fastest way to collect Pure Quartz is to mine it yourself with a refined metal pickaxe or suitable mining pal. Leaving it to work pals can create a passive supply but generally takes longer to produce the same amount.
  • When searching for this mineral, be sure you have the proper level of Cold Resist. Utilize cold resistant armor, accessories, or fire pals to survive the frigid environs this crystal spawns in.
  • Pure Quartz veins only appear in cold and snowy biomes. Search the snowfields and cliff sides of the Frostbound Mountains or Astral Mountains to find them.
  • Large deposits of this mineral will appear inside dungeons, but only Sacred Mountain Caverns.
  • Work Pals can mine Pure Quartz from deposits inside the radius of your base. Make sure you have a pal employed with a Mining Work Suitability of level 3 or higher.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your workers to mine quartz for you, consider removing other mining opportunities such as Stone Pits to narrow their focus.

Catalytic crystals

Admiring a set of Advanced Production Facilities

Though not as expensive as gemstones, Pure Quartz is worth more than its weight in gold when it comes to advancing your technology and improving your base. Electric facilities are the fastest and most efficient in the game, and late-game players would be foolish not to take advantage of the advanced tech at their fingertips.

Pocketpair has implemented a progression system into Palworld that centers around the level of both your pals and your technology. You expect the best from your pals, why not give them and yourself the best tools available to work with and let the machines do the legwork?

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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