Palworld: How to Get Paldium Fragments

Learn the best places to find Paldium Fragments in Palworld

Paldium. A mysterious blue crystal found abundantly in the land and waters of Palapagos Island. This miraculous element contains resonant energy from the world tree at the core of the islands and is vital for crafting many of the most important items, materials, and structures in Palworld.

Players will be using A LOT of Paldium during their time in Palworld, so knowing where and how to get your hands on this mineral is key. In this guide, we show you how to get Paldium Fragments, what they’re used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming Paldium.

Looking at a Paldium Fragment on the ground

Article Summary

  • Paldium can be found on the ground, looted from certain pals, produced with a crusher, or mined from paldium veins.
  • Paldium is one of the most important and heavily utilized resources in Palworld, so learning to gather and harness this element is vital for advancement.
  • Paldium is necessary for crafting many of the game’s most important recipes, including Pal Spheres

How to get Paldium in Palworld

Paldium is present in small quantities in every part of the Palapagos Islands, but to collect large enough Paldium Fragments, you’ll need to go looking. There are 3 main methods of obtaining Paldium Fragments in Palworld:

1. Gathering

Finding Paldium Fragments lying on a riverbed

While exploring the wilds, you may have noticed shiny blue objects lying on the ground. It could be a discarded Pal Sphere, or it could be a handful of Paldium Fragments!

Small amounts of Paldium Fragments can be picked up off the ground from nearly anywhere on the island, though they spawn most frequently in temperate biomes and near water. These loose chunks typically contain 1-4 fragments each. Though this is an excellent way to casually collect paldium as you explore, it isn’t the quickest or most efficient method of acquisition.

2. Mining

Mining a Paldium Vein with a pickaxe

Mining paldium veins is generally the quickest and most direct method of collecting fragments. Small paldium veins will appear with relative frequency on the surface, most often near bodies of water and in temperate climates. Look for small, greyish boulders shot through with light blue streaks. However, these small veins will only ever yield 5 fragments each.

For those looking for a more sizable haul, we recommend heading into the Dungeons. Random dungeons found throughout the map can contain numerous deposits of valuable minerals, including Ore, Coal, Sulfur, and Paldium. Dungeons are one of the only places to find large paldium deposits, which can yield around 40 or more fragments when fully mined.

Players can also collect random, but scant, numbers of Paldium Fragments alongside Ore when mining Stone deposits on the surface. (Note that this does not apply to the Stone Pit.)

3. Crushing

Collecting processed paldium fragments from a crusher

Upon reaching level 8, players will have the option to unlock the Crusher inside the Technology Tree. This simple but effective invention uses mechanical force to grind resources into another form. Specifically, the crusher can be used to smash Wood into Fiber or grind Stone into Paldium Fragments.

This process is great for passively generating Paldium Fragments at your base. That said, you’ll need a pal with the Watering Work Suitability to turn the machine’s water wheel and a hefty supply of Stone to make enough paldium to fulfill all your needs.

What are Paldium Fragments used for?

The precursor civilization that inhabited the islands utilized paldium as the core element in their pal-based technology. Just about anything used to Capture Pals, store them, upgrade them, or otherwise interact with them will be made from some amount of Paldium.

There are TONS of recipes involving this material, so instead of trying to cover each one, here is a brief list of some items that can be created using paldium:

1. Pal Spheres

Capturing multiple pals with Pal Spheres

Arguably the most important tool in the entire game. Pal Spheres are used to capture and contain pals (and sometimes people.) Each variety of sphere incorporates some amount of paldium, and more powerful spheres will need more fragments to manufacture.

2. Grappling Guns

Scaling a cliff with a grappling gun

Grappling guns are high-tech maneuvering tools allowing players to zip between locations. Grapple guns fire a hook and wire that attaches to a target and yanks the player towards it, making getting around in rough terrain much simpler.

3. Egg Incubator

Hatching a Dragon Egg with  an Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator is used to incubate and hatch pal eggs. This is a necessary step in the breeding process and allows players to hatch new pals from eggs they find in the wilds.

4. Pal Essence Condenser

Ranking-Up a Pal with the Pal Essence Condenser

The Pal Essence Condenser is a massive tube-like machine where players can upgrade their pals. This device condenses several pals of the same species and infuses one remaining pal with their essence, improving their overall stats and upgrading their Partner Skill.

5. Workstations

Constructing a simple workstation

Some workstations, such as the Sphere Workbench, Medieval Medicine Workbench, and Pal Gear Workbench require small quantities of Paldium for construction. These workstations are necessary parts of a functional base and allow the player to automate and facilitate the production of new items.

6. Pal Sphere Launchers

Showing off a Pal Sphere Launcher

Pal Sphere Launchers are big, powerful tools used for catching pals. These rocket-launcher-type weapons lob a sphere at a higher speed and from a greater distance than the player can throw. Some sphere launchers may also add additional effects, such as firing a cluster of spheres or causing the sphere to home in on its target.

7. Shields

Examining a shield in the tech tree

Shields are a unique kind of gear that projects a barrier of energy around the player that absorbs damage for them, up to a limit. These shields recharge when the player isn’t taking damage, making them reliable for preventing fatal injuries during combat.

8. Infrastructure

Katress relaxing in a hot spring

Several infrastructure items like Hot Springs, Alarm Bells, and the Statue of Power are constructed using Paldium Fragments. These buildings help you manage your work pals and apply upgrades to both yourself and your partners.

9. Pal Gear

Crafting a pal-mounted missile launcher

Pal gear comprises any item necessary to utilize a pal’s partner skill, and includes saddles, gloves, harnesses, specialized firearms, and even pal-mounted missile launchers. This equipment can be crafted at a Pal Gear Workbench and is almost always made with Paldium Fragments.

10. Pal Metal

Refining Pal Metal Ingots at a Smelter

The strongest and most valuable metal in the game, Pal Metal Ingots are refined in an Electric Smelter from Ore and Paldium Fragments and are used for crafting the sturdiest armor, best pal spheres, and most powerful weapons in Palworld.

Tips and tricks for farming Paldium Fragments

Locating a large paldium deposit deep in a dungeon
  • Constructing one or more Stone Pits at your base can allow for a steady supply of Stone for crushing into Paldium Fragments.
  • Paldium veins on the surface most commonly spawn near bodies of water in temperate climates. Check river beds, lakeshores, and the island’s many beaches to find them.
  • Large Paldium deposits most commonly appear in water-oriented dungeons such as Isolated Island Caverns.
  • Work Pals can mine fragments from veins or Stone deposits inside the radius of your base. Just make sure you have a pal with the Mining suitability employed.
  • Certain pals may drop them when defeated, though this is rare and generally a poor method for farming paldium.


Riding towards the world tree on the horizon

The world of pals is varied and strange, and we have to give credit to Pocketpair for putting together such an interesting alternate reality. The central importance of paldium when it comes to taming and controlling pals is obvious enough, but the properties that make it so special are still largely a mystery.

Is it just the otherworldly energy contained within that allows it to bend reality as it does? Is it the resonance with the trace amounts of paldium in everything on the island that can turn pals into light? The truth might be even more complex than we imagined, but what we know for certain is that pal tamers are going to need Paldium, and LOTS of it.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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