Palworld: How to Get Ore

Learn how to obtain and use Ore in Palworld

Forging and utilizing metal has always been a turning point for developing civilizations. Though you probably aren’t building up a new society in Palworld, the ability to utilize metal is a major advancement in tech and the first real step towards the mid-game. In order to make metal, though, you’ll need to learn to harvest and smelt Ore.

In this guide we cover how to get Ore, what it’s used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Examining a large ore deposit

Article Summary

  • Ore is essential for producing Ingots, Refined Ingots, and Pal Metal Ingots, which serve as staple crafting materials.
  • Ore deposits are found quite frequently on the surface and inside dungeons, and can spawn in any biome.
  • Utilizing pals with mining suitabilities can speed up Ore production, allowing for a steady supply of crafting materials at all game stages.

How to get Ore in Palworld

There are three main methods of acquiring Ore in Palworld:

1. Mining

Mining an Ore Deposit with a Pickaxe

Ore deposits appear in Palworld as large boulders composed of a shiny reddish-brown mineral. Though they look like iron, the game labels these veins as copper when assigning a pal to them. These deposits can spawn on the surface in any biome or can be found inside one of the island’s many random dungeons. Players can mine this material themselves or have work pals mine deposits within the proximity of their base. However, mining pals will need a suitability of level 2 or higher to mine this mineral. It is also possible to collect small amounts of this resource when mining Stone deposits.

2. Gathering

A loose chunk of ore sticking out of the ground

In certain biomes, it is possible to find and pick up small amounts of Ore from the ground. These pickups only appear in relatively dangerous and high-level locations such as Mount Obsidian and the Astral Mountains. Finding and collecting it this way is generally the slowest method of acquisition.

3. Hunting

Preparing to fight an Alpha Digitoise

Though not an especially reliable method of collection, it is possible to get a few chunks of Ore from defeating or capturing certain pals. These pals appear in mid-to-high level areas and include species like Digitoise and Reptyro. We wouldn’t recommend relying on this method for farming minerals.

What is Ore used for?

In its base state, it cannot be used for construction or crafting. However, by utilizing a furnace and a pal with the Kindling Work Suitability, players can melt down this mineral into usable ingots of various levels of refinement and alloy. There are three kinds of ingots that can be produced from ore:

1. Ingots

Crafting Ingots at a Furnace

Standard ingots are the weakest but most commonly used form of metal. These basic metal bars can be created with just a Primitive Smelter and are used in simple bullets, metal structures, nails, furniture, armor, and tons of early-to-mid game equipment, pal spheres, and workstations.

2. Refined Ingots

Crafting Refined Ingots at a Furnace

Refined Ingots are stronger metal bars useful during the mid-to-late game. This more advanced metal will require the addition of Coal and at least an Improved Smelter to manufacture. These ingots are used in creating advanced machines, powerful tools, sturdy armor, and lots of high-level weapons, pal spheres, and ammunition.

3. Pal Metal Ingots

Crafting Pal Metal Ingots at a Furnace

A high-level metal alloy boasting extreme strength and durability. Pal Metal is forged from a combination of Ore and Paldium, and can only be manufactured at an Electric Smelter. Pal Metal is used to craft the strongest armor, equipment, and pal spheres in the game.

Tips and tricks for farming Ore

  • The most efficient way to collect Ore is to mine it yourself or set up a mining base where work pals can collect it for you.
  • Fuddler has a unique partner skill which allows them to scan and mark nearby mineral deposits on your compass, making it easy to locate materials for mining.
  • Ore is extremely heavy, so be sure you have a high weight limit or pals with carry weight partner skills in your party so you aren’t encumbered.
  • Veins of this mineral can be found in any biome, but sometimes appear in clusters of 5-8. These clusters are ideal locations for building a mining outpost.
  • Deposit clusters can be found most commonly in flat areas on top of cliffs or in grassless fields.
  • Work Pals can mine Ore from deposits inside the radius of your base. Make sure you have a pal employed with a Mining Work Suitability of level 2 or higher.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your workers to mine this material for you, consider removing other mining opportunities such as Stone Pits to narrow their focus.

Step out of the stone age

Dumud wont let me mine his favorite Ore chunk

Whether developer Pocketpair calls it copper or iron isn’t really important. What matters is that mining and using Ore is going to be a central part of building and managing a base in Palworld. Unless, of course, you’re comfortable living in a thatch hut and using stone tools.

Whether it’s metal tools, ammunition, armor, structures, guns, machines, pal spheres, or pretty much anything else not held together by spit and twine, manufacturing your own metal is key to making the equipment necessary for conquering Palapagos Island.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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