Palworld: How to Get Fiber

Learn how to obtain and use Fiber in Palworld

From simple twine to sturdy rope, Fiber has always been a staple component for primitive construction and toolmaking in survival games and the real world. In Palworld, this resource is used for much more than just tying together wooden frames and is one of the most important early-game resources.

In this guide, we cover how to get Fiber in Palworld, what it’s used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Chopping Bamboo for Fiber

Article summary

  • Fiber is a necessary component for most early-game equipment and remains a staple resource for crafting consumables throughout the game.
  • Fiber can be collected by chopping trees, using a crusher, or hunting certain pals.
  • Employing pals with the lumbering suitability allows players to passively generate Fiber and keep a stable supply for use in repairs and crafting.

How to Get Fiber in Palworld

There are three main methods of acquiring fiber in Palworld:

1. Logging

Chopping trees for Fiber

In addition to the expected quantities of Wood, players can acquire Fiber by chopping trees and bamboo. Of these two, bamboo seems to produce slightly higher amounts of it, though the difference is very minor.

Players can cut trees and bamboo themselves using an axe or employ Work Pals to harvest trees within the range of their base; just make sure your pal has the Lumbering Work Suitability. This isn’t the fastest method of acquiring Fiber, but it is reliable and best used in the early game when the crusher is unavailable.

2. Crushing

Producing Fiber at a Crusher

Upon reaching level 8, players will have the option to unlock the Crusher inside the Technology Tree. This simple but effective invention uses mechanical force to grind resources into another form. Specifically, the crusher can smash Wood into Fiber or grind Stone into Paldium Fragments.

After constructing this machine inside the base, players can employ a pal with the Watering Work Suitability to turn the crusher’s water wheel and generate resources. This is typically the fastest and most efficient method for producing Fiber.

3. Hunting

Lining up a shot on a Hangyu

Though it is neither convenient nor efficient, collecting Fiber from defeated or captured pals of certain species is possible. Pals like Hoocrates and Hangyu will drop small quantities of this resource when defeated or captured, though the amount is minimal, and you’d generally be better off chopping trees.

What is Fiber used for in Palworld?

Fiber isn’t an especially widely used material, but it is irreplaceable in the early game and a necessary component for making repairs around the base. Here are a few categories of items that can be crafted using this resource:

1. Bows

Examining bow recipes at a weapon workbench

The first class of ranged weapon available to the player is the bow. These simple projectile-throwers are great for combat early on but also remain helpful for carefully reducing pals’ health at later levels for capture.

2. Basic Equipment

Harvesting resources with simple tools

Low-level gear, such as stone tools and basic clothing, can be crafted using this material. This equipment certainly isn’t the strongest, sturdiest, or best, but it will get you off the ground and keep you alive in those first weeks on the island.

3. Pal Beds

Constructing a straw pal bed

Simple straw pal beds can be unlocked and crafted early on using Fiber. These beds aren’t especially comfortable, but they will keep pals at your base happy and healthy by giving them a place to sleep that isn’t the ground.

4. Farming Facilities

Constructing certain farming facilities requires fiber

Specialized farming structures such as the Breeding Farm and the Ranch are constructed using large quantities of Fiber. These structures can be used to Breed New Pals or to collect resources from farming pals.

5. Repair Kits

Repairing a damaged gate after a raid

When structures around your base take damage from raiders or careless use of flashy pal moves, there is only one way to repair them: Repair Kits. These simple bundles of supplies are made with Stone and Fiber and can be used by the player or their work pals to restore the hp of their defenses, structures, and facilities.

6. Grenades

Lobbing frag grenades into a crowd of enemies

At later levels, the player can gain the ability to produce all kinds of throwable explosives, from basic Frag Grenades to specialized Ice Grenades. All of these handheld weapons will require Fiber to manufacture.

7. Pal Gear

Crafting Pal Gear at a workbench

Pal gear comprises any item necessary to utilize a pal’s partner skill and includes saddles, gloves, harnesses, specialized firearms, and even pal-mounted missile launchers. This equipment can be crafted at a Pal Gear Workbench; many of these items are made with Fiber.

8. Grappling Guns

Zipping up a building with a grappling gun

Grappling guns are high-tech maneuvering tools that allow players to zip between locations. Grapple guns fire a hook and wire that attaches to a target and yanks the player towards it, making getting around in rough terrain much simpler.

9. Plants and Decorations

Placing a houseplant inside the base

Players looking to spruce up their living areas can do so using Fiber. Potted plants, wall ivy, and certain other furniture items can all be crafted using this material and can help make your base a home instead of just a factory.

Tips and tricks for farming Fiber

Gumoss has a helpful Logging Assistance Partner Skill
  • The most efficient way to collect Fiber is to use one or more crushers to manufacture it from Wood.
  • Including a Logging Site in your base allows for a steady supply of Wood that can be crushed into fiber. However, note that the Logging Site will only produce Wood, and players will still need a crusher to process it.
  • Certain pals, such as Gumoss, Eithyrdeer, and Mammorest, have partner skills that can improve logging capabilities, increasing the player’s logging efficiency when in their party or dealing additional damage to trees when ridden.
  • Trees and similar plants that can be logged are available in practically every biome. However, the Bamboo Groves boasts the greatest opportunity for logging and gathering Fiber.

Tie it all together

The careless pal is now a pinata

Pocketpair’s advancement system for Palworld is heavily dependent on the kinds of materials the player can gather and use. Early on, players will rely heavily on natural resources like Fiber and Wood, but will gradually transition to using more and more refined materials.

That being said, if you want to keep your base in peak condition and stock yourself with some of the best equipment, weapons, and facilities, then you’ll always need Fiber in at least some capacity.

If you’re looking for tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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