Palworld: How to Get Coal

Learn the best places to find Coal in Palworld

Coal is a pretty common sight in survival games. This high-carbon mineral is typically used as fuel for furnaces and engines in games with survival elements, but its role is just a bit different in Palworld. Though its usefulness is somewhat limited in the overall scheme of things, it is a necessary part of mid-level advancement and vital for producing high-quality materials.

In this guide, we cover the best ways to get Coal in Palworld, what it is used for, and provide tips and tricks for farming it.

Inspecting a large coal deposit in Palworld

Article Summary

  • Coal is essential for producing Refined Ingots and Carbon Fiber, crucial for crafting advanced weapons, tools, and facilities in Palworld.
  • Coal deposits are found on the surface and in dungeons, specifically in desert biomes and high altitudes.
  • Utilizing pals with mining capabilities enhances Coal acquisition, supporting construction and base management for mid-level game progression.

How to get Coal in Palworld

Mining a Coal vein inside a dungeon

Coal deposits appear as a large black boulder with a bumpy texture. These deposits can be mined by the player with a pickaxe or by a pal with level 2 or higher mining Work Suitability. It isn’t an especially common material on Palapagos Island, and finding proper quantities of this material can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Lone deposits can occasionally be found in any biome, though their rarity in these situations makes them a less reliable source. Coal will sometimes appear in large clusters at high altitudes but can be found most commonly in desert biomes.

Additionally, Dungeons are a surprisingly reliable source of uncommon resources. Dungeons often contain large deposits of valuable resources such as Coal, Sulfur, Paldium, and Ore.

What is Coal used for?

Though it is typically used as a fuel source in survival games, the ability to employ pals that can produce their own fire makes such an idea irrelevant. Additionally, you may be surprised to learn that it cannot be used to manufacture Gunpowder in Palworld.

So, what is Coal good for? In Palworld, it is used to manufacture two extremely important materials:

1. Refined Ingots

Forging Refined Ingots at a Smelter

After a long stretch of building structures and equipment out of Ingots, players can upgrade their metal production by assembling an Improved Furnace. This high-quality workstation can be unlocked with Technology Points at level 34, allowing players to produce Refined Ingots from a combination of Ore and Coal. The higher-level Electric Furnace can produce this material as well.

Refined Ingots are stronger, heavier metal ingots used in crafting recipes for high-grade firearms, efficient tools, powerful ammunition, sturdy armor, and vital production facilities at mid-to-high levels.

2. Carbon Fiber

Producing Carbon Fiber at an Assembly Line

Carbon Fiber is an extremely important late-game material produced from either Charcoal or Coal. This modern marvel is a lightweight and highly versatile resource that can be produced at production assembly lines after being unlocked inside the tech tree.

Carbon Fiber is necessary for crafting high-level weapons, armor, Pal Spheres, tools, and production facilities.

Tips and tricks for farming Coal

Flying over a field of Coal in a desert
  • Coal veins on the surface most commonly spawn at high altitudes and in desert biomes. Check mountaintops, cliffsides, and sheer rock faces inside desert regions for the best chances of locating them.
  • Large Coal deposits can be found inside any dungeon but appear most abundantly inside Mountain Caverns, Volcanic Caverns, and Desert Caverns.
  • Work Pals can mine Coal from deposits inside the radius of your base. However, you will need a pal employed with at least level 2 mining suitability.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your workers to mine Coal for you, consider removing other mining opportunities, such as Stone Pits, to narrow their focus.

Black gold?

Watching a Digitoise drill a Coal deposit

At first, this resource may appear completely useless to low-level players. Once you start creating advanced structures and equipment, however, it quickly becomes clear how important it is to have a steady supply of Coal.

Like many other survival game devs, Pocketpair has made Coal a key component in the construction and management of a successful base. Whether you prefer to dig it up yourself or let your drillers set to work, securing a supply line of it should be a priority for mid-level players.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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