Palworld: How to Get and Use the Statue of Power

Offerings for power

The Statue of Power in Palworld is an invaluable structure that allows players to boost their own stats and those of their pals. Like all good things, though, these upgrades aren’t free.

This guide will walk you through how to build the Statue of Power and how to use it.

Locating a Statue of Power in a crumbling church

Article summary

  • Open up the build menu after unlocking the statue of power and place it inside your base for construction or locate one inside a church.
  • Interact with the statue to open the player upgrade menu and offer Lifmunk Effigies to improve capture power.
  • Use the alternate interaction on the statue to open the pal upgrade menu, where players can offer Pal Souls to upgrade pal stats.
  • Bonuses to pals can be reset and spent souls refunded by spending gold.

How to build the Statue of Power in Palworld

Viewing the Statue of Power in the Tech Tree

To upgrade yourself or your pals with this structure, you’ll first need to locate a statue or build one inside your base. Statues of Power can be found inside one of the many ruined churches scattered around the islands. 

To unlock the blueprint to build your own Statue of Power, players will need to reach level 7 and spend 2 Technology Points to unlock it from the tech tree. Once unlocked, the statue can be constructed inside the radius of a base with 20 Stone and 10 Paldium Fragments.

How to use the Statue of Power in Palworld

The Statue of Power has two main functions in Palworld: Upgrading the player and upgrading pals.

1. Player upgrades

Enhancing Capture Power at the Statue of Power

By interacting with a statue, players can offer Lifmunk Effigies in exchange for a permanent boost to their capture power. This gives players higher chances for successfully capturing stronger pals. This process is the only way to increase the player’s capture power (beyond switching to a better pal sphere).

The first upgrade will only cost one effigy, which will be consumed in the process. However, each subsequent boost will cost more effigies. Lifmunk Effigies can be found all over the map in hard-to-reach places and are most visible at night due to their bright green glow.

2. Pal upgrades

Enhancing a Pal at the Statue of Power

At a Statue of Power, players can offer Pal Souls in exchange for a permanent buff to the stats of one of their pals. These boosts target one of their 4 base stats: Health, Attack, Defense, or Work Speed. Players can upgrade each stat independently to specialize a pal or can upgrade all of them for overall improvement.

Each upgrade to a stat will add a 3% bonus to that stat (up to a maximum of 30%) and will cost souls of an increasing number and size. The progression system for any stat is as follows:

  1. 3% Boost= Costs 1 Small Pal Soul
  2. 6% Boost= Costs 2 Small Pal Souls
  3. 9% Boost= Costs 3 Small Pal Souls
  4. 12% Boost= Costs 4 Small Pal Souls
  5. 15% Boost= Costs 1 Medium Pal Soul
  6. 18% Boost= Costs 2 Medium Pal Souls
  7. 21% Boost= Costs 3 Medium Pal Souls
  8. 24% Boost= Costs 1 Large Pal Soul
  9. 27% Boost= Costs 2 Large Pal Souls
  10. 30% Boost= Costs 3 Large Pal Souls

Note that these upgrades must be performed sequentially and in order. That means players can’t just spend 3 large souls to hit that 30% boost right off the bat. Completing a full 30% upgrade for one stat will ultimately cost 10 Small, 6 Medium, and 6 Large Pal Souls.

To perform an enhancement, make sure the pal you want to boost is in your party, then interact with the statue. Select the pal you want to enhance, then the stat you wish to upgrade before pressing the “Enhance” button at the bottom of the interface. The souls used in the process do not have to be in your inventory but must be stored somewhere in the base where the statue resides.

3. Resetting pal upgrades

Resetting Pal Upgrades

If you decide you accidentally upgrade a stat or find a pal you’d rather spend souls on, it is possible to reset the upgrades to a pal. This process will refund all the souls spent on a pal to the player’s inventory and revert their bonuses to zero.

To do this, interact with the Statue of Power as if to enhance a pal, then tab over to the section labeled “Reset.” Select the pal you want to reset and then click the reset button. Keep in mind that this process will consume a quantity of gold equivalent to the amount of upgrades being refunded. That means the more a pal has been upgraded when reset, the more the reset will cost you.

Strength from beyond?

Stairing up at a statue

The world Pocketpair has presented us with is full of mysteries. Is this statue implying that pals or ancient inhabitants of the island used to worship Anubis as a god? Is the power we and our pals are receiving a gift from a divine entity or is it simply a medium for transfusion, like the Pal Essence Condenser?

Regardless of the moral and existential implications of receiving mysterious power by sacrificing souls to a statue, the benefits to ourselves and our pals are undeniable. Nobody will tell you what you are doing is wrong when they’re terrified the overpowered monster you’re riding on might eat them.

Looking for some more pointers to help you get going in Palworld? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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