Palworld: How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts

Learn how to obtain and use Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

The fantastic Palapagos Island. Pocketpair’s huge and glorious map was built for Palworld and is home to the titular Pals. Though this land is now sparsely populated by hardy survivors and ruthless factions, it was once home to a thriving and marvelous civilization that left behind sprawling ruins and the technology necessary for taming pals. Though retrofitting their technology is a staple for pal taming, some parts simply can’t be replicated with available knowledge. For those bits and bobs that we can’t make ourselves, we use Ancient Civilization Parts.

Ancient Civilization Parts are necessary for crafting advanced gear and many pal-related devices inside the base. In this guide, we’ll explain what Ancient Civilization Parts are used for, then show you how to acquire them.

What are Ancient Civilization Parts used for?

Ancient Civilization Parts are a rare and valuable resource used in the creation of high-quality gear and technologically advanced devices for breeding and improving pals. Here are some examples of valuable equipment that requires Ancient Civilization Parts to craft:

1. Egg Incubator

Examining a pal Egg Incubator

The Egg Incubator is used to incubate and hatch pal eggs. This is a necessary step in the breeding process and allows players to hatch new pals from eggs they find in the wilds.

2. Grappling Guns

Using a Grappling Gun to climb a building

Grappling guns are high-tech maneuvering tools that allow players to zip between locations. Grapple guns fire a hook and wire that attaches to a target and yanks the player towards it, making getting around in rough terrain much simpler.

3. Pal Essence Condenser

Standing in front of the Pal Essence Condenser

The Pal Essence Condenser is a massive tube-like machine where players can upgrade their pals. This device condenses several pals of the same species and infuses one remaining pal with their essence, improving their overall stats and upgrading their Partner Skill.

4. Hip Lantern

Using a hip lantern to light up a room

Though perhaps not as exciting as a grappling hook, this handy device replaces the player’s need to carry around a Torch for light. As the name suggests, the Hip Lantern sits on the player’s hip and automatically lights up whenever night falls or the player enters a dark space, such as a cave or mineshaft.

5. Pal Sphere Launchers

Showing off a Pal Sphere Launcher

Pal Sphere Launchers are big, powerful tools used for catching pals. These rocket-launcher type weapons lob a sphere at a higher speed and from a greater distance than the player can throw. Some sphere launchers may also add additional effects, such as firing a cluster of spheres or causing the sphere to home in on its target.

6. Shields

Viewing a powerful Shield in the Tech Tree

Shields are a unique kind of gear that projects a barrier of energy around the player that absorbs damage for them up to a limit. These shields recharge when the player isn’t taking damage, making them reliable for preventing fatal injuries during combat.

7. Gear Schematics

Viewing a collection of gear schematics

While exploring Dungeons and looting chests, players may come across gear schematics of various rarities. These schematics allow players to create stronger versions of standard equipment and let them do so without unlocking the base technology for it. To create and repair these more powerful variants, however, you’ll need Ancient Civilization Parts.

How to get Ancient Civilization Parts

Approaching a Boss Tower ready for combat

Now that you know how valuable these bits of old tech can be, you’re probably raring to go and dig through the ruins to find some. However, collecting Ancient Civilization Parts isn’t as simple as taking a pickaxe to the ancient structures around the island.

There is only one way to get your hands on Ancient Civilization Parts, and that is to take down a boss. Any boss will do, and whether you capture or kill them doesn’t matter.

Across the island are several ancient towers, all guarded by a Tower Boss which can earn you a number of ancient civ parts if you take them down. There are also numerous pal bosses scattered across the map and indicated by their own icons, each of which can be found in the wild or inside their own dungeon instance. Speaking of Dungeons, defeating a boss at the end of a random dungeon will also earn you some of these parts.

Remember that higher-level bosses will reward you with more Ancient Civilization Parts when defeated. Additionally, you can receive Ancient Civilization Parts from a boss no matter how many times you defeat it, so looping around the map and wiping out bosses each time they respawn is a perfectly valid method for farming this resource.

Ancient Power, Modern Technology

Exploring the Ruins of an Ancient City

Whatever sort of ancient civilization originally ruled Palapagos Island, they seemed to know a lot more about the pals than we do. It makes perfect sense to mimic their technological advancements, especially since the idea for pal spheres and other pal tech was all passed down from them.

But without a whole research department dedicated to their study, we’ll have to make do with the scraps we can salvage and reverse-engineer ourselves. For everything else, we’ll have to content ourselves with ripping out the insides of their stuff and hoping we’re disassembling a high-tech toaster and not some secret weapon of mass destruction.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Palworld, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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