Palworld: 10 Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Palworld is a game that has a lot going on. Survival elements, base building, colony management, RPG progression, a technology tree, random dungeons, Pal collecting, and even more that would make this sentence too long to read. Many of these game aspects are introduced to the player all at the same time since they all overlap, and it is a lot to keep track of. 

Surviving and thriving on Palapagos Island will require mastery of all these game elements, which can be pretty intimidating for new players and daunting once the game really starts throwing advanced mechanics at you. For that reason, we’ve gathered together our own 10 Tips for Getting Started in Palworld to help newer players acclimate to the world and advance confidently.

1. Pals are tougher than you

Wiped out by an especially tough pal

Palworld is different from most other monster collector games in that it allows the player the agency to fight on their own. Since you won’t start out with any captured pals, this will be a necessity at first. The first few pals you encounter are likely to be pushovers for the most part, and you won’t need much more than a stout stick to deal with them alone. Don’t be fooled by this, though, as soon you’ll be facing off against monstrous pals with dangerous abilities that will knock you off your high horse.

Of course, pals who are lower level than you will still be pretty easy to deal with, but those who are the same level or higher level especially will be particularly hard to deal with alone. The simplest solution is to rely on your own pals in combat, either by using their Partner Skills or having them fight alongside you. Improving your equipment and fighting more intelligently can also help you win out in one-sided battles.

2. Dress for the weather

Freezing to death is just the worst

Though there isn’t a dedicated weather system implemented in Palworld (yet), there is a temperature system that affects a number of different game aspects. For example, certain pal eggs of different types will incubate faster depending on the temperature they are in.

Additionally, standing in the snow in your underwear will lead to you rapidly freezing to death. The ambient temperature of the island will always drop at night, draping the tropical landscape in frigid darkness. Your character’s “feels like ” temperature is visible in the bottom left corner of your HUD, allowing you to monitor how prepared you are to face temperatures of one kind or another.

Several solutions are available to you based on your technological advancements and resources, but the simplest lifesaver for a cold night is to craft a basic campfire, which can be unlocked very early. As long as you are wearing some kind of outfit, you’ll generally be able to survive mild climates at night. However, it may be necessary to construct heaters or coolers or craft heat or cold-resistant clothing to deal with especially cold or hot biomes.

3. Restrain your pals

Finding an especially rare Lucky Pal in Palworld

Imagine this: you’re exploring a new biome, and you find a rare Lucky Pal! How awesome! You and your partner spend a few minutes weakening the rare find, but right before you get ready to throw your sphere for the capture, your partner unleashes their finishing move and destroys your target along with your hopes and dreams. This is a common and especially frustrating reality that comes with the inability to directly control your pals’ actions and can make capturing rare pals particularly frustrating.

There are ways to deal with this issue, but it will require diligence and restraint on the part of the tamer as well:

  • You can call your partner back into their sphere once your target is low health.
  • You can command your pals not to attack using the command wheel (which can be opened with the 4 key by default)
  • Another great strategy is to use a pal that can be ridden, allowing you direct control over their actions and preventing them from attacking out of turn.
  • Lastly, if you are trying to capture a pal that has wandered into your base, you can utilize an Alarm Bell to command the pals in your base to focus on work rather than attacking whatever it is you are attempting to capture.

4. Level your weight first

Carry weight is especially important early on

Each time the player levels up, they will get access to a number of technology points and a single stat point that they can allocate to one of five base attributes. With this stat point, players can choose to boost their maximum health, their maximum stamina, their base attack power, their work speed, and the amount of weight they can carry. It may be tempting to go ahead and make your character more survivable, but it’s particularly beneficial to focus on increasing your character’s carrying capacity before anything else.

The reasons for this center mostly around the fact that players will need to carry the most weight early on in the game when they are first starting to construct their base and lack storage space. Having to drop off your resources each time you chop down one tree is time-consuming and frustrating, so do yourself a favor and boost that weight stat early so you can haul the supplies you’ll need to get off the ground. Later on, this stat will also come in handy when your armor and weapons start to weigh more.

5. Choose a sensible base location

A base built in a flat open area in Palworld

We know. It’s fun and generally more interesting to pick out a cool base location on top of a mountain, between rivers, or among the vine-choked ruins of an old castle. Unfortunately, Palworld‘s building system isn’t particularly fond of such locations, and players who decide to build there will rapidly find themselves running out of space or trapped in an indefensible position.

The location you pick doesn’t have to be in an open field, but there are some things to consider when deciding where to build:

  • Most structures will require a broad space that is at least mostly flat.
  • Pals will often become stuck on uneven terrain, increasing the time they take to complete tasks.
  • The build system is very particular about building on water or slopes.
  • Pals generally struggle with navigating stairs and indoors.
  • Your base will be attacked at some point, so try to choose a location with firing lines and open spaces where you and your pals can defend your home without destroying what you’ve built in the process.

6. Pals are unique

Viewing a Pals unique skills

This tip has nothing to do with respecting your pals’ individuality and everything to do with using their unique traits for your own benefit. Every job at your base that pals can do requires a certain work suitability. For example, building and crafting requires the Handiwork suitability, watering crops and turning water wheels requires the Watering suitability, and cooking and refining ore requires the Kindling suitability.

Each pal will have access to a different set of skills and may be better at some jobs than other pals. The higher a pal’s level in a particular skill, the faster and more efficiently they will perform an associated job. Just keep in mind that bigger, better pals will generally also require more food and better infrastructure to accommodate them.

In addition to their work suitabilities, pals also have unique Passive Skills that change their performance at certain tasks. Some traits may make a pal work faster or reduce the speed at which they become stressed, allowing them to work more efficiently. Make sure to read these traits carefully, however, as it’s also possible for traits to negatively impact performance or boost one stat while decreasing another at the same time. These traits can affect everything from attack power, defense, work speed, movement speed, food requirements, stress levels, and elemental affinities, and even impact the player’s stats when employed as a partner.

7. Don’t slaughter your stock

Butchering Pals isnt always the best choice

Catching several of the same types of pals is important for finding one with good stats and beneficial traits. But what are you going to do when a bunch of the same type of pal starts cluttering your Palbox? Your first instinct will likely be to sell them or utilize the Meat Cleaver as soon as you unlock it to butcher extra pals and clear up space. If you need the money or resources, we aren’t going to stop you, but you may come to regret culling your extra stock later on when you unlock the ability to condense pals.

The Pal Essence Condenser is a massive tube-like machine that allows players to condense multiple pals of the same type to boost the stats of another. These bonuses are a great way to boost your pal’s power, but will require a hefty number of pals from the same species to do so. Saving all of those pals with detrimental traits and poor stats allows you to sacrifice them to improve the stats of your favorite pal, clearing out your box and putting their lives to good use at the same time.

8. Invest in your pals

Happy pals sleeping comfortably

Whether you aim to be a ruthless slave driver or a benevolent leader for your pals, it’s always beneficial to invest time and resources into their enrichment. Building better beds, providing better food, and setting up facilities like Hot Springs can keep your pals happy and healthy, which means they are less likely to become stressed or sick.

Stressed or sick pals will work slower or stop working altogether, so keeping them happy and healthy is rewarding in the long run. Additionally, advanced meals restore more hunger and can provide additional bonuses such as increased work speed or slower buildup of stress.

It’s also important to take into account your pals’ level, as this affects their overall stats. Improving your Pals through the use of condensation and Pal Souls can also be extremely beneficial, allowing players to improve their pals further. While increasing their rank with the condenser applies a general boost to the pal, souls allow players to target specific stats such as health, attack power, defense, or even work speed to improve a pal’s performance in combat or work. Be sure to research and craft any items necessary to utilize your pal’s partner skills too, as these abilities are especially useful.

9. Take advantage of weaknesses

The elemental advantage chart in Palworld

No matter how monstrous that giant pal looming ahead of you is, it has a weakness. Players facing off against creatures with abilities they couldn’t dream of should take advantage of any weakness their opponents have, including weak spots and elemental weaknesses.

Every pal has a weak point, and whether you are attacking with a ranged weapon, melee weapon, or pal skill, hitting this weak point will deal additional damage and can temporarily stun an opponent. This weak point is generally the pal’s head, though there are some exceptions. It should also be noted that hitting a pal with a palshpere from behind will apply a solid bonus to your chances of capture. 

When considering elemental weaknesses, players can refer to the type advantages chart in their survival guide. Fire is the most likely to have an advantage, as it affects both grass and ice-type pals. Neutral is the most common type of attack but is also the only element that cannot trigger a type advantage. Players should consider these type advantages when choosing which pals to bring into combat, as facing off against the wrong type of enemy could lead to dealing minimal damage and receiving substantially more in return.

10. Explore thoroughly

Searching mountain tops for rare eggs

There are secrets and treasures hidden all over Palapagos Island. Finding hidden Lifmunk Effigies is the key to improving your capture power; treasure chests can contain coins, items, and pal souls, and eggs can be hatched into rare and powerful pals. That isn’t even including the many special NPCs, black market vendors, dungeons, bosses, and references to other titles hidden throughout the world.

When looking for these secrets, players will have to venture off the beaten path and make their way into hard-to-reach places. Generally speaking, if a location is hard to reach, there’s probably something worthwhile there. Tall spires and mountains almost always have valuable items, such as effigies or eggs at the top, and flying between them is a great way to scout for more secrets. If you are looking for Lifmunk Effigies in particular, try venturing out at night, as their bright green glow is much more visible from a distance in the darkness.

Be the very best (Like no-one ever was)

Pocketpair has created an incredibly diverse and unique experience in Palworld. With so much to do and so many different ways to do it, there are hundreds of hours of exploration and adventure to be had. That said, it’s a harsh world, and you’ll need a good survival sense, a sturdy base, and a strong team of pals to make your way here.

With some early-game know-how under your belt, you can safely venture into the great unknown on your own journey to master the pals and conquer Palapagos Island. By that, we mean we take no responsibility for anyone brutally maimed, dismembered, or eaten in an attempt to catch ’em all.

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