RUST’s New Compound Bow Damage Testing

A Sneak Peak at the New Compound Bow

Our partner Skidd is back with a sneak peak preview of RUST’s new compound bow. Slated for the August 2nd 2018 update, along with the new swamp biome and Outlaw’s post, we get to preview Skidd using the bow on different armor sets.

The important thing to consider about the new compound bow is it’s intended use cases. The new compound bow really packs a powerful blow when used in stationary defense. While the regular bow and cross bow remain optimal for being on the move.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcription

Hi guys it’s Skidd.
The monthly update is approaching, and with it comes the new Compound Bow.
After it was added to staging me and my friend Yanni hopped on a server and tested it out.
We found that when “tapping” the bow it was pretty useless and weak, and that just a regular bow, would probably be the way to go.
But the “charged bow” really packed a punch, and so we tested it on some basic head and chest armor at full power.
These were our results.
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And without further – a – do, lets get into it.
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