Miju Games Teases Planet Crafter 2023 Roadmap

What’s in store for The Planet Crafter in 2023

The Planet Crafter developer Miju Games teased their 2023 roadmap for the well-received early access title on Wednesday, 4th January 2023. In their Steam developer update, they thanked the community for the positive reception of The Planet Crafter in 2022 and assured fans that 2023 would see the same dedication.

Due to some internal work to improve workflow, Miju Games plans to release their next major content update sometime around the end of February. This major update will be The Planet Crafter‘s 4th major update since the game’s initial release back in March 2022. The team plans to release a couple more of these major content updates as they work up to the 1.0 release.

Planet Crafter 2023 development roadmap

In addition to the content releases in the roadmap, Miju Games has also stated that they plan to maintain the game after the 1.0 release by providing more free content updates and DLC options. As fans of The Planet Crafter, we’re excited to see that Miju Games is planning to keep adding to the game even after its release!

Previous content updates

To read up on The Planet Crafter‘s previous major releases, check out our update coverage below:

  1. Caves & Craters Update
  2. Insects & Waterfalls Update
  3. Lore & Automation Update

For more information on game play techniques and guides, check out our Planet Crafter content collection.

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