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Malonik’s 250 Sub Celebration Giveaway

Today we have a special post worth digging into! Our partner Malonik recently hit 250 subs on his Youtube Channel and is returning the favor to the RUST community. For a chance to take part in his give away, watch this short video and follow the directions for a crack at the $100.00 Steam Gift Card Giveaway! We’re happy to support Malonik, as the RUST videos he’s cranking out are of great quality and highly useful to new comers to the world of RUST. Good luck!

Video Transcription

Hey guys, mal here!


I can not believe i’m about to say this but….


250 subs!… 250!!!!


I honestly never thought i would hit 100 let alone 250! Each and every one of you are awesome and i am so thankful for the support you have all given me!


250 subs was a crazy far off goal to me and to have already hit it is amazing. My recent rust 101 series has received some serious praise from a lot of you and i am so glad that you are all enjoying my content.


Now that we have hit 250 subs i have to set a new goal which is going to be 500 and then looking further on from there 1000. As always with hitting a new goal i will be doing a competition and giving away a prize to one of you lucky subs.


Before we get to that i want to once again thank corrosion hour for their ongoing support. I know for a fact that they are the reason that some of you found out about my channel and i am really lucky to have their support.


If you haven’t heard of them or been on their website make sure you check it out because it is full of awesome rust info and they have a great server! Link is in the description.


Now let’s get to the competition! For this milestone i am going to give a lucky sub a $100 steam gift card. Much like last time if you want to enter for a chance to win make sure you’re subscribed to my channel, make sure you have clicked the little bell and comment on this video. This time around though in your comment i want to know what you’ll use the gift card for. Are you going to get a new game? Maybe you’re going to binge on rust skins, whatever it is let me know.


Additionally this time around i am going to try out a service called gleam. Basically gleam allows me to offer more ways for you to enter the competition and each different way you enter will get you an extra entry and thus a better chance of winning!


You can find the gleam url in the description if you’re interested.


The competition will run for two weeks and then i will announce the winner on my discord channel. If you aren’t a part of it you can get involved via the link the in the description!

Also i finally got around to setting up a basic page for malonik.com. It has all my social links as well as my brand new email address which you can email me at.


Lastly i just want to thank everyone again. Everything that i have achieved would not be possible without your support and it means the world to me so thank you!


Good luck in the giveaway and i’ll see you guys in the next video!



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