The Lone Wulf Trio Base Design (2020)

The Lone Wulf Trio Base Design

The Lone Wulf Trio RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This base design, The Lone Wulf, is designed for vanilla-based servers, with trio groups in mind. The base design itself was featured in Willjum’s first solo series which recently made its way into his YouTube channel.

The base design itself is comprised of many interlocking honeycombs that surround a roof bunker core, where primary loot is stored and accessed through spawning in via sleeping bags. Players can remove the roof bunker by simply destroying a twig half-wall, but will need to replace it when sealing the base back up.

On the upper floors of the base design you will find a full 360-degree shooting gallery with peak downs that provide wonderful angles around the base. There is also access to the roof, which provides a full 360-degree view, with a minicopter pad and hangar.

The base also utilizes a starter-to-main build design, which allows players to expand the base when they are ready to, allowing the base to remain self-sufficient in all of its various stages. Each stage added onto the base, of course, makes it stronger and brings it closer to its final form.

Base Features

  • Active Defense Measures
  • Anti-Grief Perimeter TC
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Roof Bunker Entrance
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Mini Copter Landing Pad & Hangar
  • Starter-to-Main Build
  • Defensive Peakdowns
  • 360-Degree Shooting Gallery
  • 360-Degree Roof Access

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: N/A
  • Metal Fragments: N/A
  • Stone: N/A
  • Wood: N/A

Base Upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 55
  • Metal Fragments: 5,282
  • Stone: 8,902
  • Wood: 121

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 27 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard. In order to access the rest of the loot, it’ll require significantly more, as loot is spread throughout the base.

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Willjum here.


With the recent end to my first Solo series, a huge amount of you who had been requesting a build video, the base that I used throughout the wipe. I’ve received a massive amount of support from all of you after my recent series, far more than I was expecting and it’s made me so happy that you guys seem to enjoy not just my builds, but my game play, too.


We’ve just smashed through the 4k-sub mark, so I’ve decided to set a bit of a goal. It’s a hell of a long shot, but it would be fantastic if we could get to 10k subscribers by 2021. A couple of you commented about whether I stream or not to which the answer is currently ‘no’. However, I have just setup a twitch account and the link will be in the description for anyone interested. I have no idea when my first stream will come, but you are very welcome to follow my account until that happens.


Finally, before we get into the tour, make sure to turn the notification bell on if you haven’t already. I know YouTube can be a little dodgy when it comes to dishing out my videos to subscribers.


I’m going to be going through every step as thoroughly as possible during this base build. But if you want a good idea of the sort of time I take to build this throughout the wipe, be sure to go check out my solo series.


To start off the tour, we have one of two external tool cupboards. The design I’ve gone with a simple window frame and garage door ensuring a minimum raid cost of 7 rockets to each external. Meaning, if someone wants to grief the base, they’d have to spend an extra 14 rockets on top of everything else in order to place anything inside your base.


For the entrance of the compound, I’ve gone Alone in Tokyo-style entrance rather than a wooden gate as it prevents people from going deep as easily on your compound. If you don’t already know Alone in Tokyo, be sure to check him out–his vids are awesome.


Coming up to our main entrance, we have a simple, single-door airlock. You don’t need any demonstration on how that works, along with two drop boxes above the door. Through this passage way we have a long line of garage doors leading to our main core. On the left, is lots of utility items, we can switch and change these around depending on what you need throughout the wipe. Maybe that’s more furnaces or more boxes. It’s completely up to you.


Coming into the main core on our second floor, we have a tier 3 and a few more large boxes. The roof bunker currently blocks access to our main loot room downstairs, and for now we’re going to leave that shut and head upstairs.


Up here, we have two more loot rooms separated by plenty of garage doors. This should be enough storage for your whole wipe, and it was for me.


A couple of additions I’ve made after playing the whole wipe is adding those two lockers as I feel like it would be really helpful for some solos. On this floor we have a bed, along with a couple more boxes. Through this single door airlock, we have access to our shooting floor. I absolutely love the shooting floor on this base. There are lots of naughty angles that the external peak-downs provide and I think it’s awesome. There are also plenty of boxes up here in case you do run out of storage. However, only keep your worst loot up here as they can be easily raided.


Coming to your top floor, we have a very simple heli-garage. These are very important now that the ring-road system has been added as now mini-copters are even less frequent than they were already due to more people finding them more easily.


Up on our roof we have plenty more angles provided from the little peak-downs along with the concrete barricades which, if you watch my channel alot, you’ll note that I love concrete barricades. There’s also space for a scrap heli up here if you need it.


Now, there’s no exact build cost or upkeep as it completely depends on how far you upgrade the base. You could upgrade it right up to the end like I do and into a full compound, but you really do not have to. And build cost doesn’t really matter as much as the base is designed to be built very progressively, so you’re never going to need too much for any resource at any point in time because you can expand slowly throughout the wipe as you play.


Now back to the tour. In order to clear the bunker, we have to spawn in the sleeping bag inside your core and destroy the twig half-wall. This opens up the roof-seal bunker. In our main core, we have a few more large boxes protected by around 27 rockets direct and plenty more if the raiders choose to raid by the doors. Removing the window bars reveals the tool cupboard and the upkeep.


That is the fulll tour, and now stay with me for the full base build.


As promised, this base can be built from a really, really easy starter. Just three triangles and a wooden double door. Squeeze the tool cupboard in the corner, and then a furnace next to it. Make sure that it stays within the triangle so that you can then place a window frame in front.


When you’re ready to expand, extend the base by another two triangles. In this extension, you can now place your sleeping bag and a tier one workbench. When you’re ready to expand further, you can now build your chute. Place another triangle and stone walls two high. If you’ve cooked up enough metal, this front door can now be a sheet metal double door. In order to fill up your loot room, remove the two double doors and then place a half wall followed by two triangles on top of it. You can now remove the half wall and place boxes underneath and above the two triangles. Before you place the small boxes in front, place your garage door. Make sure that your bar above the garage door is facing towards the direction in which the raiders are most likely going to be coming from.


Now, with the garage doors placed, you can place your small boxes. Two more furnaces can be placed in the chute, and a campfire placed next to the tier one workbench. Wooden foundations can be used to access your main entrance. If you were having a bad day and you needed to log off now, that’s absolutely fine, you can still seal off the bunker. Place a half wall and then a roof and then upgrade it to stone. What this does is it forces raiders to have to pick-axe the stone walls. When you upgrade this to metal, this will make their job even harder. This bunker doesn’t really add to the rocket cost as it can be pick axed, but it really helps slow down raiders.


At some point in the wipe, you’re going to want to upgrade all of this to sheet metal. Of course, this doesn’t all have to happen at once, I’m just going to do it all now. Now, when we build, I’m going to be upgrading in the final material the base needs to be upgraded to. I’m doing this in order to save a lot of time as the video is already long enough as it is. Be sure to farm up that high-qual cuz you want to upgrade the triangle around the tool cupboard to high quality as fast as possible.


When you are ready to expand, simply surround the second floor with walls and wall frames. Make sure that you leave the ceiling where the chute will be placed empty so that you can access it.


Next to the chute, we’re going to use a garage door. and for the entrance we’re going to use double doors. For now, temporary boxes can be placed although your tier three will be placed there later.


Replace this inside double door with a garage door and then more boxes can be placed on the top of the chute.


When you’re ready ,you can replace the tier one with a tier two workbench. On top of the chute, place more walls and another garage door.


What we’re gonna do now is extend the entrance. remove the foundation with a hatchet or a sword and then place two more triangle foundations. Like I said earlier, I am going to be building in the final grade which is sheet metal, since this is honeycomb it’s most likely that you’ll upgrade to stone first.


The honeycomb of this base is so easy to do as it’s all triangles. If you’re ever confused, just think: add triangles. That’s literally all we’re going to be doing.


The base should be nice and symmetrical, if it’s not, you might have done something wrong. We’re going to extend the honeycomb another level higher.


It’s most likely that this will remain stone for most of wipe and it’s only towards the end when you start to build up a lot of metal that you finally upgrade it.


Now that the main honeycomb is sorted, we’re going to work on the next floor which is a main loot room. This floor is going to have two main loot areas and plenty of storage. It’s a good idea to keep some good stuff actually on this floor as it’s very likely that the raiders will miss it while raiding.


Fill the floor with frames. Eventually, you’re going to have all of these frames filled with garage doors. Of course, this is going to take some time as it’s going to take a lot of gears.


For the loot rooms themselves, place half walls and then two triangles above them. You can then remove the half walls. Place another triangle through the wall into the chute. What this does is create a jump-up. Repeat this same thing on the other side. Once again, another triangle can be placed through the wall through the chute. This creates an extra space for storage.


You can now go ahead and fill this area with boxes. I absolutely love this floor because of how much storage it can hold. I also decided to add lockers in after I played the wipe because I figured that they’d be a really nice addition.


Don’t forget the boxes that can be placed on top and below the chutes.


Next, we’re going to be working on our bedroom and our shooting floor. The next part of this base can be made out of stone as this is going to be quite a weak area and you’re not going to be holding much loot up here. These two single door frames are going to be used to create a nice little airlock to reach your shooting floor.


I like placing a window frame with some reinforced window bars. They give you a nice visual on your shooting floor in case anyone happens to be up there.


You can now place your bed along with some boxes up in this room. Your base should be looking a little something like this at this point.


When you’re ready to expand even further, remove the foundation steps once again and extend four more stone triangles. From this point on, all the honeycombs are going to be made of stone. Once again, it’s really really easy to extend this base’s honeycomb. What you do is extend it with triangles.


We can now place four walls on all of the foundations. Make sure to fill up all of the honeycomb with triangle floor tiles.


For your main entrance, place a raised triangle foundation and upgrade it to sheet metal. This prevents people from pick axing it once they blow through the first door. Foundation steps can now be placed and these will be your final ones. You’re not going to have to break them again. Place a single door frame, a half wall, and then a triangle floor on top.


Place another single door frame and then a window frame. You can now place two more half walls and then another triangle. Place your sheet metal doors and then you can place your wooden boxes just above the second door. You might have to pick up the door to place the second one.


Now you can go ahead and seal it off. Fill it in with frames and garage doors. These garage doors at the entrance make raiding this base through doors hell.


Your base should now be looking something like this. Now you’re ready to fill in the rest of the honeycomb. Extend it by another level higher. This can all be stone. Having an extra layer of honeycomb means even if a raider was able to blow directly to the tool cupboard and main loot, it would still cost them 27 rockets. And that’s if they blow directly, it’s more likely that they will spend even more getting to your loot.


Make sure that you follow the placement of the honeycomb very carefully. Once you’re done, the base should be looking pretty symmetrical. It’s pretty easy to tell if you’ve done it well.


On the front facing side of the base, extend the honeycomb by another layer.


We’re now ready to work on the shooting floor. On the front side of the base, place a square in the center followed by triangles on either side. Be sure to leave a gap between the triangle and the square. Place squares on the left side if you’re running around the base clockwise.


Once you’ve done that correctly, it should look a little something like this. Now, place your single door frames on the right of each gap. This is very important as the door will not open the correct way if you place the door on the wrong side. You can now surround the rest of the floor with window frames.


Once you’re ready, go ahead and fill up the ceiling with floor tiles. Window bars can now be placed on all of the windows. You can also add embrasures as well, but their quite expensive and not always necessary.


Single doors should now be placed and all of them opened and code locked. This ensures that people cannot jump into the shooting floor and it forces them to have to pick axe through the soft side of the stone walls in order to access your shooting floor.


You can now place some large boxes although don’t keep any good loot in them as they are very vulnerable to raids.


For your helicopter garage, place a few more walls and then a garage door. This has room for one minicopter.


If you’ve been a subscriber a while and you’ve watched a few of my base builds, you’ll know how I feel about concrete barricades. No arguments, they are the coolest thing in this game; put them on your base, it’s worth it.


AS you play, you should get a tier three and you should place that on the second floor. Throughout the wipe, you’ll be collecting high-qual. IT’s a good idea to keep upgrading the core to armored as fast as you can through out the wipe. The more of it you upgrade, the stronger your base is going to be. By the end of the wipe you can even have the whole core and the chute upgraded to armored, but this isn’t necessary.


When you need a research table, you can place it on the shooting floor and there are plenty of spaces through out the base where it can be placed. Your entrances can be filled with furnaces and boxes, whatever you need.


And that is the whole base done. What we’re going to do next is work on the externals and work on the compound.


We’re going to build our externals by placing a twig triangle and then six square foundations. On the seventh foundation, place a triangle and then another triangle connected to it. You can now go ahead and remove all of the square foundations plus the twig foundation at the base. Upgrade the second triangle to sheet metal and the front one to stone. The back triangle should all be upgraded to sheet metal, this is where you’ll place your tool cupboard. Place a garage door up front, then upgrade the rest of the base to stone.


A window frame up front ensures an extra four rockets to reach this tool cupboard.


You can now place foundations going back towards the base. Three foundations away from the external, place two square foundations. That is going to be your entrance to the compound.


Place two foundations leading back towards the base. The final one should be almost connected. Place frames on the front and then walls on the side and tiles on the top. This can all be upgraded to stone.


Place a garage door in the middle, two sheet metal double doors and then a metal shop front.


Inside, you can place a box or a locker, whatever you want, it’s up to you. This should now be repeated on the other side of the compound as well.


Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for the final part. And that’s the high walls. My only real tip for the high walls is to use alt to look around to make sure that you’re placing correctly. Apart from that, I’m utterly useless at making compounds and they always look awful.


And with that, that is the whole base complete. I really hope that you enjoyed the build, and if you haven’t seen my solo series already, I hope you check it out. Alot of people really enjoyed it and I hope you did as well.


And with that, that is everything done. Be sure to share the video to someone who might enjoy it. Willjum out.

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