RUST Bone Knife

Bone Knife

The Bone Knife is an early game harvesting tool that remains relevant in end-game RUST. This persistence is due to its effectiveness and meager production …

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RUST Bone Club

Bone Club

The Bone Club is a blunt weapon, apparently made from a femur. In the very early game of RUST, it can also double as a …

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RUST Bolt Action Rifle

Bolt Action Rifle

The Bolt Action Rifle is a high-damage, highly accurate long-range rifle that is the standard of sniper weapons until players can acquire the L96 Rifle. …

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RUST Beancan Grenade

Beancan Grenade

The Beancan Grenade is an early game raiding tool and explosive weapon in RUST. The beancan grenade is incredibly unreliable due to its random detonation …

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RUST Assault Rifle (AK47)

Assault Rifle

Widely considered by many to be the most desirable weapon in RUST, the Assault Rifle (AK47) is both the weapon of choice for large groups …

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8x Zoom Scope

The 8x Zoom Scope is a weapon attachment that allows players to right-click to zoom in when applied to a gun’s scope slot. This added …

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16x Zoom Scope

The 16x Zoom Scope is a weapon attachment that enables players to right-click and zoom in on their targets. You can only find the 16x …

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