RUST Military Flamethrower

Military Flame Thrower

The Military Flame Thrower is a world-drop raiding tool in RUST.  This weapon utilizes low-grade fuel as ammunition to emit a frontal cone of indiscriminate …

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RUST Minigun


The RUST Minigun is a high-damage, highly accurate mid-to-long-range belt-fed light machine gun that will reap chaos in any combat in RUST. Players can acquire a minigun …

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M4 Shotgun for Rust

M4 Shotgun

The M4 Shotgun (M4) is a mid-to-long-ranged weapon in RUST with a high rate of fire. This item was added during the 10 Years of Rust update in …

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Legacy Bow for Rust

Legacy Bow

The Legacy Bow is a short to medium-range weapon with a unique cosmetic appearance that players can purchase from the Rust Item Store as a paid …

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a small skinning knife in the game Rust

Skinning Knife

The Skinning Knife is a mid-game harvesting tool and weapon that is moderately effective for both farming and combat situations in RUST. The primary function …

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RUST Vampire Stake

Vampire Stake

The Vampire Stake is a powerful melee and ranged weapon with a unique mystical power enabling it to dispatch any undead creature upon contact, such …

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RUST Homing Missile Launcher

Homing Missile Launcher

The Homing Missile Launcher is a weapon in RUST capable of firing the Homing Missile. It is a first-of-its-kind shoulder-operated weapon system, relying on visual …

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RUST Diver Assault Rifle

Abyss Assault Rifle

The Abyss Assault Rifle is a promotional Assault Rifle RUST skin released as part of Facepunch’s General Permanent Store items with the Abyss Diving DLC …

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