RUST Prototype 17 Pistol

Prototype 17

The Prototype 17 (P17) is a pistol gun found in RUST. It is a low-ranged weapon that utilizes pistol ammunition such as HV Pistol Ammo, Incendiary Pistol Bullets, and Pistol Bullets. …

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RUST Baseball Bat Item

Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is an early-game harvesting tool that remains relevant until replaced by more efficient tools in RUST. Introduced during the Halloween Event in …

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RUST Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail

The RUST Molotov Cocktail, introduced in the Trainyard Unloading Update on August 4th, 2022, is a crude but highly effective incendiary ranged weapon in RUST. …

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RUST Flashbang


The RUST Flashbang is a disorienting combat tool and minor explosive weapon in RUST. It was introduced during the Trainyard Unloading Update on August 4th, …

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RUST Extended Magazine

Extended Magazine

The RUST Extended Magazine is a weapon attachment that allows players to modify certain guns with a removable additional ammunition feature. It provides an additional …

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The HMLMG is a high-damage, moderately accurate low-to-mid-range rifle craftable for combat in RUST. The HMLMG was introduced with the RUST Combat Update in June …

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RUST Assault Rifle ICE

Assault Rifle – ICE

The Assault Rifle – ICE is a promotional Assault Rifle skin (but individually spawnable via F1 console) usable by players who purchase the Arctic Pack on Facepunch’s line of …

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RUST Speargun


The RUST Speargun is an exclusively underwater weapon, used in conjunction with Speargun Spears, to hunt sharks and combat players while diving. It was introduced to RUST with the August …

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RUST Wooden Spear

Wooden Spear

The Wooden Spear is an early-game primitive weapon in RUST that remains relevant as an economic raiding tool, even late into the game. It is a favorite …

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RUST Laser Sight

Weapon Lasersight

The Weapon Lasersight is a weapon attachment in RUST that considerably reduces weapon sway while ADSing (aiming down sights).  Because of the functionality of this item, the weapon lasersight …

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