RUST Instant Camera

Instant Camera

The Instant Camera is a RUST item used to create Photographs in-game. It is only craftable by those players who have purchased the SUNBurn DLC. …

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RUST Hatchet


General Information The Hatchet is a gathering tool in Rust used by players to harvest wood from trees or logs. Players may unlock the blueprint at a workbench level …

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RUST Handmade Fishing Rod

Handmade Fishing Rod

The RUST Handmade Fishing Rod is a player-crafted fishing/gather implement in RUST. This tool utilizes an assortment of bait types to catch fish or other …

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image of the rust upgrade hammer


The Hammer is a player-craftable construction tool in RUST that is available as a default blueprint. Every upgraded structure created by a player has had a hammer used in …

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RUST Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter

The Geiger Counter is an admin-only item that can only be spawned via the F1 console.  It currently serves no purpose in RUST, yet can …

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RUST flashlight


The Flashlight is a player-craftable illumination tool in RUST similar in function to the torch but of a different hue and much more unidirectional.  They produce the same result …

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RUST Flare


The Flare is a player-craftable illumination tool similar to a hybrid mix of a slightly brighter Torch and an F1 Grenade. Flares are fairly straightforward …

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RUST Chainsaw


The Chainsaw is the final tier of Wood gathering tools in RUST. With the chainsaw equipped, players can press the R key to refill the …

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RUST Camera


The Camera is a RUST admin-only item that server administrators can only create with access to the creation panel. Using the mouse Left-Click button will …

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