RUST Spraycandecal

Spray Can Decal

The RUST Spray Can Decal is a placeholder item not spawnable from the F1 console, introduced with the Combat Update in June of 2022. These …

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RUST Spray Can

Spray Can

The RUST Spray Can is a hand-held re-skin implement, spawnable via the F1 console by administrators and available to be crafted as a default blueprint. Facepunch added …

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RUST Skull


The Skull is a simple reskin of the Rock item, a default blueprint known to all players and the starting weapon of all nakeds spawning …

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RUST Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle

The Fishing Tackle is a quest item used in the Tackle the Day quest, given by the NPC Fisherman located in the Fishing Village monument. …

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RUST Water Bucket

Water Bucket

The RUST Water Bucket is a container-type item, primarily used as a tool for transporting water around, for farming purposes. Players can find them in …

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RUST Torch


The Torch is a player-craftable light source tool in RUST, similar in function to the Flashlight but of a different hue and much more multidirectional. They produce …

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RUST Survey Charge

Survey Charge

The Survey Charge is a singular-purpose tool used in conjunction with the Pump Jack and Mining Quarry to allow for player-placed monument-exclusive entities to exist …

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RUST Supply Signal

Supply Signal

The Supply Signal is a type of grenade in RUST that emits a purple smoke effect for a short period, used to summon an airdrop plane to the thrown …

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RUST Stone Pickaxe

Stone Pickaxe

The Stone Pickaxe is a default blueprint available to every player from the moment of spawning and is used to gather ore and stone in RUST. It requires …

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