RUST Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace

The Electrical Furnace is an electrically-fueled deployable item in RUST used for smelting resources. It is spawnable via the F1 console under electrical components. Basic functionality of the …

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RUST Chair Icethrone

Ice Throne

The Ice Throne is a promotional Chair skin (but individually spawnable via F1 console) made available to players through the purchase of the Ice King …

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RUST Trophy

Twitch Rivals Trophy

The Twitch Rivals Trophy is a comfort-granting item made available to players that watched the Twitch Rivals Event II in August of 2022 and are …

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RUST Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar, introduced to RUST in December 2021, is a seasonal item available for players to craft during the Season’s Beatings! Event. Craftable by players, …

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RUST Sofa - Pattern

Sofa – Pattern

The RUST Sofa – Pattern is a deployable item that can only be acquired by purchasing the in-game Steam item from the permanent portion of the RUST …

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