Legacy Shelter for Rust

Legacy Wood Shelter

The Legacy Wood Shelter (LWS) is a deployable shelter in RUST. This 1×1 square wooden base comes equipped with a door and key lock, making …

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wooden frontier bar doors

Wooden Frontier Bar Doors

The Wooden Frontier Bar Doors is a construction item available in RUST that functions like a Wood Double Door, occupying a double door frame to prevent unauthorized players from entering …

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RUST Factory Door

Factory Door

The Factory Door is a skin available for the Sheet Metal Door in RUST released as part of Facepunch’s introductory line of General Permanent Store items as part of …

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RUST Wood Window Bars

Wooden Window Bars

The RUST Wooden Window Bars is a deployable wooden prison-style bar system that affixes over a window frame opening. It allows players to see or …

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RUST Wooden Ladder

Wooden Ladder

The RUST Wooden Ladder is a deployable item that can be adhered to any wall, regardless of a player’s privilege status. They are available to …

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RUST Wooden Door

Wooden Door

The Wooden Door is one of RUST‘s most common doorway components and is player crafted by default blueprint. With 200 hit points, the door will take 1 Satchel …

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RUST Wooden Barricade Cover

Wooden Barricade Cover

The Wooden Barricade Cover is a wooden post crossbar barricade held together with rope that provides minimal defensive protection for players placing it in PVP …

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RUST Wooden Barricade

Wooden Barricade

The Wooden Barricade is a deployable wooden post crossbar barricade held together with a cloth that damages and slows players who touch it. They are …

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RUST Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

The Wood Shutters are a window covering in RUST that affixes over a window frame opening to allow players to see or shoot in and …

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