RUST Arctic Suit

Arctic Suit

The Arctic Suit is a unique full-body covering available for purchase as part of the Arctic Pack on Facepunch’s line of General Permanent Store items …

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RUST Tiger Mask

Tiger Mask

The Tiger Mask is a promotional item launched during the Lunar New Year event in January of 2022 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Alongside …

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RUST Snowman Helmet

Snowman Helmet

The Snowman Helmet is a craftable full-head covering available for players to purchase from the in-game RUST store during the Season’s Beatings! event in December …

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RUST Nomad Suit

Nomad Suit

The Nomad Suit is a skin available for the Hazmat Suit released as part of Facepunch’s introductory line of general permanent store items as part …

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