RUST Homing Missile

Homing Missile

The Homing Missile is a special type of ammunition in RUST and is only useable by the Homing Missile Launcher.  The launcher is a first-of-its-kind …

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MLRS Rocket

The MLRS Rocket (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is a unique rocket type introduced to RUST in the MLRS & Desert Base Update on the 4th …

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RUST Speargun Spear

Speargun Spear

Speargun Spears were introduced to RUST with the August 6th 2021 Underwater Update and are exclusively used with the Speargun to combat other players and …

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RUST Surface Torpedo

Surface torpedo

The Surface Torpedo was an exciting, albeit short-lived ammo type for the Submarine that was removed with the September 2021 RUST Update. Since this torpedo …

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RUST Torpedo


As of the September 2021 Update, the Direct Torpedo has been renamed to “Torpedo” to reflect the removal of the Surface Torpedo, which has been …

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RUST Wooden Arrow

Wooden Arrow

The Wooden Arrow is one of four arrow projectiles types compatible with the Hunting Bow, Compound Bow, and Crossbow in RUST. Wooden arrows are the most …

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RUST Smoke Rocket (WIP)

Smoke Rocket WIP!!!!

Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! (work in progress) are currently only available to be spawned by RUST server administrators through the console and are not craftable in-game. …

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RUST Sam Ammo

SAM Ammo

SAM Ammo is the only ammunition type for the SAM Site, an anti-air base defense turret.  RUST initially integrated this ammunition type to combat flying …

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RUST Rocket


The Rocket is one of three ammunition types compatible with the Rocket Launcher. This projectile explosive holds the distinction amongst the three as the most …

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RUST pistol bullet

Pistol Bullet

The Pistol Bullet is one of the three types of pistol ammo available in RUST. This ammo type is the primary type used with day-to-day …

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