How to Use Trophies in Valheim

how to use trophies in Valheim

How Valheim’s trophies work

Trophies are a unique way to showcase your wins over tough enemies in Valheim. Once you’ve acquired the head of a major foe, or perhaps just a majorly annoying one, you may want to set it up as a trophy. Luckily for you, it is easy to setup and use trophies.

What use do trophies have?

Specific trophies find uses in the game, such as antlers to summon Eikthyr or to craft the Staghammer. The boss trophies find a special place at the sacrificial stones where you begin your adventure.

However, most of them are inventory filler that it can be frustrating to dispose of at the best of times. We dug a pit outside of our main base for all these unwanted heads. 

Boss trophies in Valheim

When you defeat a boss in Valheim, you will receive at least one trophy amongst its loot pile. Not all the trophies are heads. You try and find Bonemass‘s head and get back to us.

Once you have the trophy, take it back to the sacrificial stones in your game world. With the trophy on your hotbar, look at the hook on the appropriate stone and press the trophy hotkey number.

This action will place the trophy on the stones and give you the ability to press ‘E’ to acquire that boss’s power.

Hanging trophies in Valheim

Alternatively, you can craft an item called an Item Stand. Both the horizontal and vertical versions will cost you the same amount.

How to craft an Item Stand

To craft an item stand, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 x Fine Wood
  • 1 x Bronze Nails


You will need a forge to craft the bronze nails. Fine wood is gathered from Birch trees, which require a bronze axe to fell and process. 

To create the item stand

  1. Equip the hammer
  2. Right click to bring up the construction screen
  3. Locate your desired item stand under the Furniture tab.
  4. Place the item stand where you want the trophy displayed
  5. Put the trophy on your hotbar and select the trophy while mousing over the item stand.
  6. Press ‘E’ to place the trophy on the stand

Letting Odin know what’s up

Once you’ve hung a head on the wall, you’re letting teammates know how far you’ve come in the game. Some heads are more impressive than others. For example, the bosses’ heads will sometimes complain about their new lot in life once up on hooks.

Hanging the bosses’ heads at the sacrificial stones will also progress the game world, presenting new challenges and hurdles. Hanging these trophies will be necessary to unlock the next stage of game progression. So get out there, get chopping and, get decorating.

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