How to Repair Carts in Valheim

How to Repair Carts in Valheim

Let’s face it, carts do the heavy lifting.

The carts of Valheim are sworn to carry our burdens. Although at first, they might not seem like the most helpful tool in Valheim, if you’re here to get it repaired, then maybe you’ve seen the light. Valheim’s carts really do the heavy lifting and when paired together with a team, they become efficiency beasts.

When you’ve got a lot to carry and a long way to take it, you’re going to want a non-broken cart. When you’re over-burdened in Valheim, your character will do something we like to call being a “sad-man.” Slumped shoulders, head down, with sweat and presumably tears.

So to avoid Sad-man-ing too often, it’s better to keep your cart in working order, and in this quick guide, we’ll walk through that simple process and teach you how to repair carts in Valheim.

What you’ll need to repair your cart in Valheim

Fortunately, repairing the cart couldn’t be any easier! All you need is an active workbench (any grade will do) and a wooden repair hammer equipped.

If you don’t have a workbench nearby, you can craft one using a hammer and ten wood pieces. Unlike when you’re using a bench to craft or repair equipment, you won’t have to bother covering it with roofing and walls to repair the cart.

Once you are in the range of a workbench, use your mouse to left-click on the cart with your hammer equipped. Doing this will instantly bring the cart back to total health. You don’t even have to worry about having extra resources on hand, as repairing things in Valheim is free of repair costs. You will see the cart’s health bar quickly fill back up when complete.

Keeping your cart in order

It doesn’t take much to damage the cart, an encounter here, an encounter there. Enemies will hit it when they can, not to mention the bumps of rocks and trees and natural wear and tear carts undergo. Carts will also take a bit of damage for being out in the rain, so it’s a good idea to give it a touch-up any time you find yourself back at base. Make sure you also create a cubby or shed to store your cart in when you’re all done to protect it from weather and enemy attacks.

And there you have it, a few simple tips for repairing carts in Valheim.

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