How to Get Resources in 7 Days to Die

An in-depth guide on how to find and collect resources in 7 Days to Die

In 7 Days to Die, your progression and survival capabilities are directly tied to what resources you have at your disposal. There are many different materials, components, and natural resources to take advantage of, but learning how to acquire all of them on your own can be daunting. That’s why we’ve gathered all of our knowledge on how to find and use each resource so you can get ahead of the approaching horde.

This guide will walk you through the process behind gathering all standard resources in 7 Days to Die, explain how they can be used, and offer advice on the best places to find them.

Plant Materials

How to Get Wood

A player holding a chainsaw in 7 Days to Die with the Wood item description

One of the most obvious and abundant resources in the game, Wood is used for everything from construction to defenses, tools, fuel, and much more. Wood can be obtained by scavenging trash piles or by chopping trees, bushes, and wooden objects with an axe. Some trees can even be replanted for a renewable supply of wood.

How to Get Plant Fibers

7 Days to Die player walking through a grassy yard

Likely the first thing you’ll pick up when you begin your time in Navezgane, Plant Fibers are simple, low-quality strands of grass or vines. These fibers can be burned or used for primitive equipment crafting and can be collected from grass and shrubbery covering the ground.

How to Get Cloth Fragments

7 Days to Die player walking through a Cotton Farm

They don’t exactly grow on trees, but Cloth Fragments are naturally derived textiles used mainly in clothing, furniture, modifications, Duct Tape, and flammable items such as torches and Moltovs. Cloth fragments can be crafted from cotton plants, reclaimed from clothing and upholstered furniture, or scavenged from household containers.

Animal Materials

How to Get Animal Fat

7 Days to Die player holding a knife over an animal corpse

Animal Fat is a flavorful and highly flammable resource used in cooking and the production of incendiary equipment like torches and flaming arrows. Fat can be harvested from animal carcasses (both zombified and regular) with a blade. This includes rotting remains found on the side of the road or around farms.

How to Get Bones

7 Days to Die player collecting bones from animal corpses in a basement

Bones are a sturdier animal resource primarily used in the production of glue but also useful for crafting Bone Knives and Sham. Bones can be scavenged from pantries and cupboards or harvested from animal carcasses and rotting remains using a blade.

How to Get Leather

7 Days to Die player holding a knife over a bear corpse to harvest leather

Leather is a sturdy, renewable textile used for crafting leather armor, weapons, tools, forge and vehicle parts, and, of course, leather furniture. Leather can be harvested from zombified or regular animal carcasses using a blade or reclaimed from leather furniture and car seats.

Rock and Soil

How to Get Small Stones

7 Days to Die player wielding a pick axe to farm small stone

Small Stones are basic materials used for crafting primitive equipment, forging, and the manufacture of reinforced construction materials. These rocks can also be used to craft low-quality arrows and bolts and can be thrown to distract wandering enemies. Small stones can be collected in two main ways:

  1. Gathering: Small stones frequently spawn on the ground and can be collected by hand in this form. This resource can occasionally be found in trash piles as well.
  2. Mining: Mining stone, rocky terrain, or any ore will yield small stones along with other materials.

How to Get Clay Soil

7 Days to Die player wielding a shovel while digging in the ground

Clay Soil is a common resource usable in farming, crafting terrain blocks, producing cobblestones, and much more. This material is also used in every step of forging, from building the forge and its upgrades to smelting clay for use as molds. Clay Soil can be gathered by digging in the ground of most biomes or by harvesting tarp-covered pallets with a shovel. It can also be found amidst trash quite frequently.

How to Get Crushed Sand

7 Days to Die player walking through an arid desert

Crushed Sand is a common resource used to craft terrain blocks and concrete and can be smelted at a Forge to create glass. Crushed sand can be scooped up from sandy terrain, most common in the Desert Biome, or can be created by grinding small stones at a Cement Mixer.

How to Get Cobblestone Rocks

7 Days to Die player wielding a sledge hammer

Cobblestone Rocks are low to mid-tier construction materials used for upgrading blocks and for crafting a Forge. They can be harvested from some tarp-covered pallets or crafted from small stones and clay soil.

How to Get Cement

7 Days to Die played standing above bags of cement on a pallet

Cement is an intermediary resource used specifically for producing Concrete Mix at a Cement Mixer. Cement can be harvested from cement bags with a shovel or crafted at a Forge from smelted stone.

How to Get Concrete Mix

7 Days to Die player standing over a concrete mixer and zombie corpse

Concrete Mix is a mid to high-level construction material used for crafting and repairing concrete blocks or upgrading cobblestone blocks to concrete. Concrete Mix can only be crafted with a Cement Mixer.

Ore and Metals

How to Get Iron

7 Days to Die player wielding a pixk axe to farm iron ore

Iron is an extremely useful and highly versatile metal used in probably half of every recipe in the game in some form or another. Iron can be used as-is to create low-quality scrap metal items or can be refined into parts such as Pipes and Springs or stronger metals like Forged Iron and Forged Steel. There are three main methods for collecting Iron:

  1. Scavenging: Scrap metal is a common sight in trash piles and parts containers inside and around most points of interest.
  2. Salvaging: Metal structures can be broken down, and metal items such as weapons, mods, and metal components like pipes and nails can be scrapped or melted down in a Forge to reclaim iron from them.
  3. Mining: Iron can be mined from iron ore boulders on the surface or ore terrain found underground. This is the fastest and most efficient method of gathering iron.

How to Get Coal

7 Days to Die player wielding a pick axe to farm coal

Coal is a highly flammable mineral sought after as a fuel source for fires and forges or as a component in the production of precious Gun Powder. There are three main methods of acquiring coal:

  1. Charred Trees and Debris – The Burnt Forest Biome and Wasteland Biome are full of burnt trees and charred wooden wreckage that can be harvested with an axe to yield coal and wood.
  2. Coal Piles – Some houses, especially those in the Snow Biome, will have piles of coal in their basements or backyards that can be harvested with a shovel.
  3. Mining – Coal can be mined from ore boulders on the surface or its associated terrain beneath the ground. This is the most efficient way to collect coal.

How to Get Lead

7 Days to Die player wielding a pick axe to farm lead

Lead is a soft, heavy metal almost exclusively used for crafting bullets and lead car batteries. Lead can be collected through two main routes:

  1. Salvaging – Cars, certain machines, and household appliances will yield small amounts of lead when dismantled with a salvage tool. Vehicles also have the potential to drop lead car batteries, which can be scrapped or melted down for lead.
  2. Mining – Lead ore boulders and lead ore terrain can be mined with a pickaxe or other mining tool. This is much more efficient than salvaging.

How to Get Oil Shale

7 Days to Die player wielding a pick axe to harvest oil shale

Oil Shale is a valuable natural resource used to produce Gas Cans and Oil at a Chemistry Station. Oil Shale can be collected in two ways:

  1. Scavenging – Gas stations and certain scientific or medical facilities contain chemical barrels and fuel containers that may contain small quantities of oil shale.
  2. Mining – Oil shale can be reliably mined from deposits and ore boulders found only in the Desert Biome.

How to Get Nitrate Powder

7 Days to Die wielding a pick axe to harvest nitrate powder

Nitrate Powder is a volatile mineral used for crafting antibiotic medicines, farm plots, and the all-important Gun Powder. There are two main methods for procuring Nitrate Powder:

  1. Butchering – Harvesting rotting carcasses (not fresh ones) can yield Nitrate Powder and other materials.
  2. Mining -Nitrate Powder also appears in the form of crystal ore boulders and terrain. Mining these sources is the most efficient way to collect Nitrate.

How to Get Brass

7 Days to Die player wielding a pipe rench to dismantle a chandelier for brass

Brass is a soft metal used solely in the manufacture of bullet casings. Players can collect brass by salvaging brass fixtures like lamps or by scrapping or melting down brass objects like casino tokens.

How to Get Forged Iron

7 Days to Die player wielding a pick axe over a forge

Forged Iron is a sturdy but versatile metal used for crafting most mid-tier equipment, including armor, weapons, tools, vehicles, metal components, traps, and much much more. There are two main methods for obtaining forged iron:

  1. Forging – Naturally, the most efficient way to procure Forged Iron is to produce from clay and iron at a Forge.
  2. Salvaging – With a proper salvage tool, players can collect Forged iron by dismantling cars and destroying workbenches and other machines.

How to Get Forged Steel

7 Days to Die player standing in front of a crucible to collect forged steel

Forged Steel is the strongest and most durable material in the game and can be used to produce weapons, tools, armor, vehicles, and defenses of the highest quality and create extremely resistant steel blocks and doors. Forged Steel can be procured in two main ways:

  1. Forging – The most effective method for collecting steel is to craft your own at a Forge. Note that you will need a Crucible to do this.
  2. Salvaging – Forged Steel can be collected from a few advanced machines worldwide, such as safes, street lamps, and vending machines, using a salvage tool.

Synthetics and Chemicals

How to Get Bottles of Acid

7 Days to Die player searching rusty barrels for acid bottles

Acid is a rare, valuable chemical used to craft the Chemistry Station, vehicle parts, military fiber, and certain drugs. Acid can only be acquired in one of two ways:

  1. Scavenging – Acid can rarely be found inside chemical barrels, chemistry sets, and medical containers.
  2. Salvaging – With enough luck, acid can be salvaged from rusted vehicles or lab equipment.

How to Get Scrap Polymers

7 Days to Die wielding a wrench and searching a utility cart for scrap polymers

Scrap Polymers are plastic components used to craft weapons, vehicle parts, ammunition, electronics, and the vital Dew Collector. There are two ways to collect this resource:

  1. Scavenging – Scrap Polymers can sometimes be found amidst other trash in piles or looted from containers like utility carts.
  2. Salvaging – Salvaging or breaking down plastic objects like coolers, trash piles, and janitorial carts is a great way to collect polymers quickly.

How to Get Paper

7 Days to Die player walking through a store to collect paper

Paper is a relatively common crafting material required to make shotgun ammo, dynamite, and cigars. There are three main methods for collecting paper:

  1. Scavenging – Paper can be found inside certain household containers, bookshelves, trash piles, and filing cabinets with relative frequency.
  2. Salvaging – Harvesting paper decorations or scrapping objects made from paper, such as books and old cash, can supply you with this resource.
  3. Crafting – Players can craft paper from wood and glue using a Chemistry Station, though this process is expensive and isn’t recommended.

How to Get Glue

7 Days to Die player wielding a knife heading into a trader's store

Glue is a useful bonding agent required to craft all sorts of mods, low-tier weapons, and even precious duct tape. Glue can be obtained through one of two ways:

  1. Scavenging – Glue can occasionally be found in trash piles or, more commonly, inside household containers, desks, chemical barrels, and chemistry sets.
  2. Crafting – With a Campfire or Chemistry Station and the right tools, players can create glue from bones and water.

How to Get Duct Tape

7 Days to Die player at a workbench with duct tape and tools

Duct Tape is one of the most useful resources in the game and is used for crafting practically any equipment or vehicles above tier 1, as well as explosives, electronics, traps, mods, and lots more. There are three methods to go about gathering Duct Tape:

  1. Scavenging – Duct Tape can rarely be found in parts crates and high-value containers alongside other loot.
  2. Crafting – Duct Tape can be produced by hand if the player has Cloth Fragments and Glue available.
  3. Quest Rewards – Packs of Duct Tape will regularly be offered as rewards for completing low to mid-tier quests.

How to Get Gun Powder

7 Days to Die player shooting a sniper rifle

Gun Powder is a vital chemical resource necessary for producing all manner of ammunition and explosives. There are two ways to get your hands on Gun Powder:

  1. Scavenging – Gun Powder can be scavenged from junk containers, ammunition piles, weapon crates, or chemical barrels and lab equipment.
  2. Crafting – Players can make Gun Powder from Coal and Nitrate Powder using a Chemistry Station equipped with a Beaker.

How to Get Military Fiber

7 Days to Die player approaching a camouflaged military tent

Military Fiber is a high-end ballistic fabric used to craft military clothing and armor. There are a few different ways to collect this resource:

  1. Scavenging – Military Fiber can most often be found alongside clothing and armor in associated containers but can sometimes be looted from military camps and chemical containers.
  2. Salvaging – Scrapping military clothing and certain ballistic armor can yield military fiber the player can reuse.
  3. Crafting – Players with the proper armor crafting skills can produce military fiber at a Chemistry Station from several rare and valuable materials.

Specialized Components

How to Get Mechanical Parts

7 Days to Die player wielding a wrench while searching for mechanical parts in a factory

Mechanical Parts are uncommon but widely used components necessary for crafting various advanced recipes, including weapons, vehicles, workstations, explosives, traps, and other mechanical devices. These parts can rarely be looted, but your best bet for collecting them is to salvage mechanical objects like conveyor belts and rusted cars with a salvage tool.

How to Get Electrical Parts

7 Days to Die player standing over a electrical unit

Electrical Parts are uncommon components used in crafting certain weapons, vehicle parts, traps, and (of course) electronics. It’s possible, though very unlikely, to loot these parts, but it’s much more fruitful to salvage them from electronic devices such as electrical boxes, appliances, and control panels.

How to Get Melee Weapon Parts

7 Days to Die player walking through an abandoned storefront

Advanced Melee Weapon Parts include:

These are specialized weapon parts only used for crafting their specific melee weapon. These components are rare and hard to come by but can be collected from high-value weapon containers or salvaged by scrapping a weapon made from those parts.

How to Get Gun Parts

7 Days to Die player standing over a bag of weapons

Gun Parts include:

These are valuable components used to craft ranged weapons of tier 2 or higher from their specific class. These parts are very hard to find but can be looted from high-value chests and gun safes or salvaged by scrapping a tier 2 or higher weapon from the class of weapon you are looking for.

How to Get Advanced Armor Parts

7 Days to Die steel chest armor item description, stats, and status effects

Advanced Armor Parts include:

  • Steel Armor Parts
  • Military Armor Parts

They are high-end components used in crafting late-game armor. These parts are rare but can occasionally be looted from clothing and armor containers or salvaged by scrapping pieces of Steel or Military Armor.

How to Get Advanced Tool Parts

7 Days to Die player wielding a chainsaw in the burning woods

Advanced Tool Parts include:

  • Steel Tool Parts
  • Motor Tool Parts

These are rare and valuable materials for crafting Steel Tools and Motor Tools, respectively. They aren’t easy to find but can sometimes be looted from tool crates or salvaged by scrapping a steel or motorized tool.

Improvising is the Essence of Survival

The Fun Pimps designed 7 Days to Die to require lots of improvisation and adaptation to survive. Crafting equipment, defenses, and other necessities from a combination of random junk and raw materials is vital to your continued existence in a world dominated by the restless undead. Learning how to get and use these various components puts you a step ahead and could give you the edge you need to keep breathing for just one more week.

Looking for more pointers to help you survive the horde? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our in-depth Beginner’s Guide.

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