How to Get High-Quality Metal in RUST

How to get High-Quality Metal in RUST

To craft end-game tools and weapons, you’ll need to gather and smelt high-quality metal, RUST’s premium resource.

Once you make it to the end-game, you’ll find that wood, stone, and metal fragments just won’t cut it anymore. The best guns, armor, and base components all require RUST’s most valuable resource: high-quality metal. Without a doubt, HQ metal is the most sparse resource on the island, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of procuring it in bulk.

There are three primary ways to gather high-quality metal in RUST.

  1. Looting refined metal from crates
  2. Special server events
  3. Recycling specific components
  4. Mining for high-quality metal ore

Without a steady flow of high-quality metal, you miss out on many of the end-game tools and weapons in RUST. 

With these tools and weapons in hand, you’ll be able to take part in the end-game raiding and PVP, and base building.

Discover locations to loot HQ metal from

You can find high-quality metal already smelted and ready for use in many places. Minecarts and mine-crates found at caves and mining sites have an 8% chance of containing single high-quality metal pieces.

Loot High-Quality Metal from Crates in RUST

Military crates that spawn at most points of interest have a 25% chance of spawning 15-24 pieces of high quality metal. If you manage to enter a more dangerous point of interest, such as the Launch Site or Military Tunnels, you can loot elite tier crates for a 30% chance of 15-70 High Quality Metal.

If you’re willing to go diving, sunken chests are the most common crate to find underwater, with a 25% chance of 15-24 pieces per chest. But you’ll need a diving kit, fins, and a boat to get through diving sites with efficiency.

Getting HQ metal from server events and special crates

The supply drop that falls from the supply plane that flies overhead has a 33% chance of containing 30-40 high-quality metal pieces. Once you track down the supply drop, be ready to defend the drop from other players until you get an opportunity to loot it safely.

If you don’t want the supply drop competition, you can try for the locked crates that appear at points of interest or the oil rig locked crates that occur at a large oil rig. Activating either crate starts a countdown until the lock opens. 

Special Server Events Crates can have HQ Metal

The locked crate at land-based points of interest only takes time until they open. However, the oil rig locked-crate will summon a helicopter packed with heavily armored scientists. Both of the locked crates have a 45% chance of containing 15-100 pieces of high-quality metal.

You can also harvest the patrol helicopter’s wreck or the APC Bradley’s for roughly 70 pieces of high-quality metal. Just remember that you have to wait for the fires around the wrecks to die down before you can loot or harvest them.

Recycle components that break down into HQ metal 

Any component that requires high-quality metal to craft will refund at least some of its production cost if you run it through the recyclers found at points of interest. However, recyclers can also break down items that aren’t available for crafting. 

Recycle Components in RUST for HQ Metal

Items purchased from the outpost or bandit camp provide good opportunities to exchange scrap for high-quality metal.

The best exchange rate comes from large solar panels at 75 Scrap for 13 high quality metal. However, if you want to spend less time at recyclers, you can spend a little more to buy the 16x  Zoom Scope purchased from the Bandit Camp monument.

Mining for high-quality ore in RUST

The more traditional method of gathering high-quality ore is also the slowest. However, you will be doing it incidentally while gathering Metal Ore for Metal Fragments. Every metal ore node you find will yield at least two high quality metal ore as long as you use a Pickaxe or Jackhammer tool.

Mining for HQ Metal is Most Efficient with a Jackhammer

Just remember that you must process ore in either a Furnace or Large Furnace. In both the large and small furnaces, a piece of high quality metal ore will take ten pieces of wood to smelt into a usable bar. It’s worth looking into specialized-based designs, like the Foundry Clan Base, that takes mass production into account.

A precious, horde worthy end-game resource

Whether you’re raiding, trying to PVP, or advanced base building, you’ll need high-quality metal by the time you make it to the end-game of a RUST wipe. Each of these methods has its place in a wipe and is suited to different styles of play. So get out there and try out each method to find out which one works best for you.

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