How to Find a RUST Server IP

How to Find a RUST Server IP

A Quick Guide to Finding a RUST Server IP 

So you found a RUST server you like, and you want to come back at some point. Whether you’re looking to be the first person to connect to a server after a fresh wipe, or might have settled into a newly founded base, or even if you’re a fan of the local population, you are likely going to need the RUST server IP at some point.

The RUST server browser can act up sometimes and doesn’t always keep track of your most recently played servers. There are many RUST servers, and they have a lot of similar names and server descriptions. You may have forgotten whether you logged onto fortnightly or the weekly server. Sometimes the easiest way to get back onto a server and get your friends onto the server quickly is to give them the IP to use the console to connect.

Advantages to knowing how to find a RUST server IP

  • Quickly find a server without having to wait for the server list to populate fully
  • Allow your friends to join you in a pinch
  • Connect even when your favorites list has lost track of what servers you were on

Once you have the RUST server IP available, open the game client, press the F1 key to open the console, and type in. “client.connect” followed by the server IP. This command will lead you directly into the server, bypassing the server list entirely.

Here are 4 easy ways to find a RUST server IP address

  1. On the Server Description
  2. Checking the Host’s Website
  3. Check Third-Party Websites
  4. At the Top of the In-Game Console

Find a RUST server IP in the server’s description

Before you log on to a server, find the server you would like to play using the server list. Once you have selected the server, you will see the server’s title and a small blurb written by whoever runs the server before you hit connect. Smart server owners will use some of the space in this text box to post the RUST server IP. 

Find a RUST Server IP in a Server's Description

If you didn’t read the text before hitting connect, you could hit ESC while you’re in-game to bring the connecting menu, which will have the same information on it again. If a server owner hasn’t included the server IP here, you’ll have to try one of the other methods.

Checking the host’s website for the RUST server IP address

If you know the RUST server hosts site’s name, they will often include that information in a public space like Corrosion Hour’s server information page. See  

Certain game servers and communities advertise this type of information on their website if they have one, or whatever their social space of choice is to make it easy to find and share.  You should also check for Facebook pages, Steam groups, subreddits, and Discord channels. The other benefit of these kinds of information sources in public places that server owners can post available combat logs, information regarding wipes, essential server updates, and news.

Find a RUST server IP through third-party websites.

Some third-party sites keep a list of server information, such as These sites aggregate server information, IP addresses, server rules, and in some cases, joining and disconnecting lists and sometimes even server combat logs.

Generally, there will be a search function that allows you to type a text string into a search bar to match results. More advanced sites will also provide filters, such as the game, geolocation, and other factors.

Using the in-game console to find a RUST server’s IP address

Find the RUST Server IP in the F1 Console

Using this method will require someone to be connected to the server already. Upon connecting to the server, there is a “Connecting” message displayed inside the console that will display the server’s IPV4 address, followed by a semicolon and port number. Press the F1 key and look for the following message shortly after connecting to the server; otherwise, it may have scrolled out of view:

Connecting: (attempt=0; timeout=10000)

You need the IP address and port numbers that appear after “Connecting.” This is the address that can be used in conjunction with the connect command inside of the console.

It’s a good idea to have a RUST server IP address at the ready

It’s essential to be mindful, as some of this information can be hard to find once you’ve logged off the server. Copy it to a document or note, bookmark the game server’s website to your favorite or browser so that you have it on hand. Using the “client.connect” command will help you get onto servers faster or get your friends in quicker, which is something that can save you if you’re logging on mid-raid.

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