How to Build a Universal Boat Garage in RUST

A guide to securing and housing your boats

There are a variety of boats available in RUST and many reasons to go along for wanting or needing to build a garage or boat house to access and store them safely. Whether you have a vessel ready to be stored or are planning to “borrow” one from a neighbor or two, this universal boat garage is straightforward, adaptable, and will work to accommodate your needs.

The base’s layout can be changed to fit your style if you’ve included the key components. This boat garage concept can be built with just a few tier 2 items and is intentionally designed to be simplified. Players can comfortably house:

A full list of resources and deployables is included below.

Resources and deployables list

Here is a complete list of the resources and deployables used to create the universal boat garage.

  • Resources:
    • 10155 Stone
    • 2050 Wood
  • Building Tools / Essentials:
    • 1 Tool Cupboard
    • 1 Building Plan
    • 1 Hammer
    • 1 Strengthened Glass Window
    • 3 Garage Doors
    • 2 Sheet Metal Doors
    • 6 Key or Code Locks
    • 1 High External Stone Gate
    • Assorted Customizable Deployables

Start with the correct placements

The trick to this design working well is contingent on gate placement water depth, base foundation water depth, and whether or not it’s done correctly to facilitate the placement of entities and the larger aquatic vehicles fitting. Keep the following things in mind when constructing this base.

Looking at a Stone Gate placed in shallow depth water
Step 1: Placing the Stone Gate

As shown above, you want the depth of the gate to have the peering hatch just above water level. Depending on the tide and weather, this can be hard to gauge. Look for an average height of what is shown.

Stone Gate with square foundations attached
Step 2: Placing and lining up the footprint

The first two foundations you place should be squares and butt right up against the gate, as shown below. When done correctly, they should be centered on the gate almost perfectly, and two triangles should be placed off them.

Before upgrading anything on the base, check for the following:

  • Ensure that the two initial triangles placed off the gate squares can have their outer walls constructed.
  • Ensure that a TC can be placed on any foundation, as foundations placed too low won’t allow entity placement.
  • Check for space between the gate and the shore for an estimated square footage to determine if your vehicles will fit.

Adhere to the building sequence shown in the images below for the next steps.

Set up a functional airlock

Next, it’s time to set up an airlock system so that you can safely enter and exit your garage.

A standard functional airlock entry
Functional Airlock Access

A side entrance that opens and closes faster than a garage door is a must, especially if you are building in a highly populated area with plenty of grubs looking to ‘go deep’ on you. If you are building a variation of this design as an extension of your waterfront base, this airlock area can lead directly into the building.

Designate a Tool Cupboard area

A locked Tool Cupboard enclosed behind metal bars
Enclosed Tool Cupboard

Every Tool Cupboard should have its designated area, and if you are building this structure separate from your main base in its own space, it will need this feature. Consider this placement early on, as you may be overlapped with your main base.

While a separate garage probably isn’t vital to the common player, you shouldn’t let just anyone walk in off the street and claim it. 

Protect that TC, people.

Inside view of the garage

The base’s interior is open to your decisions, but there’s ample room on both the left and right sides to create additional compartment storage, electrical, bed, and tooling areas.


A well-designed boat garage provides strategic advantages and differentiates players who can protect and maximize their investment and those who risk losing valuable assets. Building a universal boat garage for your watercraft will allow you to have them ready to intercept the Cargoship, counter the Small and Large Oil Rig events, or set out to explore at a moment’s notice.

While this base design covers the essentials, you can grow on the footprint and add many more quality-of-life features, considering the electrical and industrial systems available. Happy building!

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