How to Automate Gun Powder Crafting in RUST

Automated gun powder crafting using the RUST Industrial System

Acting as a sequel of sorts to our automated Industrial System examples, today we look to expound on this topic further and show how several concepts can come together to form a more complete automated system. In this example, we will go from raw materials through the smelting and crafting process all the way to our finished product. This concept can, of course, be modified to create other items, and players are encouraged to branch out and explore the system thoroughly.

The items required for this exercise, not including boxes, are as follows:

We start by assuming there is a pre-existing electrical system in place and that the constructor of the system is within the confines of a base in which they have building privilege.

Step 1

To begin, we must first position (place) all of our assorted components that are going to go into the making of this automated system. Above is a picture of this exact system, with the components properly interlinked. As all bases are unique and space different, players are free to deviate so long as the end connections are identical. For the purposes of this exercise, neatness won’t necessarily count your first time.

Place your box, workbench, and furnaces on the ground in any orientation you wish. Add 1 each Storage Adaptor to the top of the furnaces and box, and place the Industrial Crafter on top of the workbench in either slot available.

Step 2

Place the Industrial Splitter on a nearby wall. Place your first Industrial Conveyor (1) on the wall beside it. Using your Pipe Tool, create a connection from your storage box adaptor Industrial Out to the Industrial In port located on the Industrial Conveyor. Continuing this sequence, make a connection from the Industrial Conveyor (1) to the Industrial In port of the Industrial Splitter.

Step 3 

In no particular order, create 3 new connections from the Industrial Splitter Out ports (1, 2, and 3), each to an Industrial In port of each of your Furnaces. The sequence does not matter.

Step 4

Place the Industrial Combiner on a nearby wall. Place your second Industrial Conveyor (2) on the wall beside it. In no particular order, create 3 new connections from the Industrial Out ports of your small Furnaces to the Industrial In ports (1, 2 and 3) on your Industrial Combiner. The sequence does not matter. Continuing this sequence, connect the Industrial Out port from the Industrial Combiner to the Industrial In port on Industrial Conveyor (2).

Step 5

If not already done, ensure the Industrial Crafter is placed on top of your selected workbench. Make a connection from the Industrial Out port of Industrial Conveyor (2) to the Industrial In port of your Industrial Crafter.

Step 6

Place your third and last Industrial Conveyor (3) on the wall between the Industrial Crafter and your original storage box. Make a connection between the Industrial Crafter Out port and the Industrial In port of the Industrial Conveyor (3). Finish the system loop, making a connection between Industrial Conveyor (3)’s Out port and the Industrial In port of your original storage container’s Storage Adaptor. This concludes all piping required.

Step 7

Ensure all components that require electricity are properly wired – Included in this list are each Industrial Conveyor, and the Industrial Crafter. Each component requires 1 unit of power to function.

Step 8

We must now program each individual Industrial Conveyor.  

  • Industrial Conveyor 1 – Add filters for Wood and Sulfur Ore. No variables necessary
  • Industrial Conveyor 2 – Add filters for Charcoal and Sulfur. No variables necessary
  • Industrial Conveyor 3 – Add filter for Gun Powder. No variables necessary

Step 9

Input the Gun Powder blueprint into the Industrial Crafter blueprint slot. Turn on each Industrial Conveyor and the Industrial Crafter. Insert Wood and Sulfur Ore into the storage box designated for this system. You will need to light each furnace the first time manually.

Step 10

The system should now be operating appropriately and will create Gun Powder as resources allow. Below is an image of the finished operational system.

Completed Automated Gun Powerder Crafting Station

Final thoughts

No system is ever truly complete, perfect, or impregnable, as the imaginations of the community are always coming up with new and unique methods of reinventing the wheel, so to speak. Never stop trying to improve the performance of your base, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

As always, make sure to join us on Discord and share the exciting creations that you are able to piece together in mad scientist style. We’d love to hear about them, see them, and try some out ourselves.

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