How do Sleeping Bags Work in RUST

Wait… How do Sleeping Bags work in RUST?

It’s an excellent question. When you begin a RUST wipe, you will wake up on one of the island’s many beaches. Have you washed ashore? Were you born there? Questions like this are not typically addressed in the lore of RUST, although some have tried.

We know we can place down Sleeping Bags once we move further into the island. Once you’ve put a bag down, you can choose to respawn there whenever you die to a player, animal, NPC, environmental effects, or even just your missteps.

After death, you will wake up in the bag of your choice or at a random location on the beach. Was it all a terrible dream? Where have your clothes gone? Perhaps you took the proverbial dirt nap too seriously and chose to get back up; who knows? The implications of having a magic bag in which you can return to life aside, here’s all you’ll need to know about how Sleeping Bags work in RUST.

What you can do with a Sleeping Bag in RUST

  • Set a position as you respawn point
  • Set multiple respawn points
  • Set a respawn point for a friend
  • Reskin them endlessly

Crafting and placing a Sleeping Bag in RUST

If you want to create a new spawn point instead of spawning on a random beach, you’ll first have to craft a Sleeping Bag. They don’t require a blueprint or a workbench, so all you’ll have to do is get your hands on 30 Cloth.

Finding cloth in RUST isn’t too tricky. Either run around and grab the hemp fiber plants near spawning beaches or by hunting low-tier animals. You’ll get the most out of an animal harvest using a Bone Knife, but for the time being, your rock will do.

Press Q to open your crafting menu, where you should see the Sleeping Bag as one of your first crafting options. If you can’t see it, start typing a Sleeping Bag into the crafting search bar, and it should come up very quickly. 

Once you’ve crafted a Sleeping Bag, you’ll find it in your inventory or hotbar. If the Sleeping Bag does not appear on your hotbar, press the TAB key to access your inventory and drag it onto any hotbar slot that will let you place it. Highlight it on the hotbar, and you should see the floating placement graphic in front of you.

Placing Sleeping Bags in RUST

The transparent bag in front of you tells you where the bag will appear when you click the Left-Mouse Button. If it is red, you can’t place the bag. There could be several reasons for this. Things that will get in the way are uneven terrain, other bags, furniture, small rocks, etc. Once the blue light is displayed, you can place the bag in that location.

If you and your friends live together, you can fit about 4 bags on a single foundation if you squeeze them together—three parallel with space for one more along the top.

Players Can Lay Up to 4 Sleeping Bags Per Foundation

Players can place down a maximum of 15 claimed Sleeping Bags, Beds, or any combination of the two, at any time. Players can view the number of active items in the hotbar; when a Sleeping Bag or Bed is selected, the number of actively placed Sleeping Bags or Beds will appear in the lower right corner. 

When players place Sleeping Bags or Beds down, a blue informational tool tip will briefly appear just above the hotbar, indicating the number of bags used. Players will see a message like the following:

“You are now at 1/15 Bags” 

In addition, players can also see their actively placed Sleeping Bags and Beds on the in-game map while alive. To view them, press the G key to open the RUST map. Sleeping Bags and Beds will appear on the map with their respective icons by default.

Sleeping Bags and Beds Appearing on the RUST Map

If two or more units are placed too close to one another, they will appear as a number marker. Players can interact with the number marker by clicking on it, which will expand and display each unit’s specific information.

For each Sleeping Bag or Bed rolled up, players can see the following information:

  • Label
  • Timer
  • Delete Button

Players must destroy or un-claim their existing Sleeping Bags or Beds to add additional units. To un-claim one of these units, open the in-game map and press and hold the Delete Button icon, which appears as a red trash can icon on the right side. Alternatively, you can also choose to give a bag to another player as a means of un-claiming it.

Once a Sleeping Bag or Bed has been “Deleted,” it’s technically un-claimed and is now available for other players to take it over, should they choose. This action does not physically remove the item from the game; to do that, players must manually destroy the unit or succumb to decay.

Using a Sleeping Bag as a respawn point

Selecting a Respawn Point on the Death Screen

Once you’ve placed Sleeping Bags or Beds, they become respawn points on the death screen map. To select your respawn point, look for Sleeping Bag and Bed icons and circled numbers on the map. These indicate your active respawn points, which you can choose to respawn at.

Additionally, a list of labeled bags appears on the bottom of the screen, which you can quickly click to respawn at that point unless there is an active timer preventing using that respawn point.

If your Sleeping Bag is not labeled, you can apply a label to it to help make its appearance on the death screen and the world map more useful.

To add a label or rename a Sleeping Bag:

  1. Stand over the Sleeping Bag you wish to label or rename
  2. Focus your cursor on the bag
  3. Hold down the E key until a radial menu appears
  4. Select “Rename Sleeping Bag”
  5. Type in your label and press the “Change Name” button

This allows you to provide a name or label for the individual bag so that you know what bag selection applies to certain areas. Let’s say a bag is placed in your base; call it a ‘Home Base,’ or an “Upstairs” if you have more than one. If you’re out scouting new areas, you could put a bag down and quickly name it to map coordinates’ g13′ so you know at a glance where that bag will put you. You can get creative and organized here.

Placing Sleeping Bags for Respawn Points

If you own the bag and have the hammer selected in your hotbar, the E key menu will include the capacity to pick the bag up. Picking up a Sleeping Bag is handy if you ever want to change where you spawn in the base or if the bag is simply in the way. Remember that picking up the bag will trigger its respawn timer and that you cannot pick up any bag you spawn at for at least 4 minutes.

Set multiple Sleeping Bags as respawn points

You are not limited to just one bag. You can place up to 15 total, again in combination with Beds. Put a couple around your base if it’s large enough to warrant it, especially if you have multiple floors or segmentations. And place them frequently while traveling in the wild so you aren’t limited to respawning back at base.

Note that while you can have multiple bags near one another, there is a limit to how often you can respawn at them. The respawn timer is limited to 5 minutes per respawn. Respawning at a bag will also trigger the respawn timer for all bags within a 50-meter radius. When you place a Sleeping Bag or Bed down, and it’s within the radius of another unit, the placement preview will appear orange.

It’s smart to have a Sleeping Bag nearby for emergency use if you find yourself on respawn cooldown. Once you’ve established your base, you can upgrade your Sleeping Bags to Beds with a considerably shorter respawn timer of 2 minutes.

Setting a Sleeping Bag as a respawn point for a friend

It’s not limited to friends. You can ‘bag’ your enemies if you like. Look down at any bag you own. Ownership is determined if you placed the bag yourself or if someone else has given it to you. Hold the E key again while looking at your bag to bring up the bag menu. You’ll see the option to provide the bag for anybody who has logged onto the server since the wipe.

Placing Sleeping Bags for Friends

Start typing their name, and the list should filter down quickly to the available players. You will have trouble if the person’s name includes unique or ASCII characters, so you’ll have to scroll through the list to find them. This, of course, assumes that they have enabled you to “Gift” them a bag.

Inside the settings screen, under options, is a specific setting called “Bag Gifting.” This feature was put into the game to help moderate other players from griefing your ability to place down Sleeping Bags and Beds.

Modify the Bag Gifting Setting to Your Liking

There are three options that players can set, which will impact who can and cannot gift their bags to you in the game. Those options are:

  1. Anyone (Default)
  2. Team (Includes Teammates and Friendlies in the Contact System)
  3. Disabled (No one may gift bags)

Lastly, it’s important to note that a bag’s respawn timer is set at its placement, not when gifted to another player. So if you’re anticipating your friends logging on, put a bag down for them, and give it to them once they’re online. Placing the bag before they log in will allow them to spawn straight into the base instead of going on a long run or waiting 5 minutes.

Skinning Sleeping Bags in RUST

Without a doubt, Sleeping Bags are one of the most popular items to be skinned in RUST. There are endless colors and decorations to choose from. Use them to customize your bag, or if you own a few, customize your teammates so you always know whose bed belongs to whom.

Getting rid of Sleeping Bags

You can pick up bags you own while actively holding a Hammer, pressing the E key, and selecting the option from the interface, but you can’t pick up the bags of friends or even teammates. Fortunately, bags have very low health and can be destroyed easily, even with a simple Wooden Sspear.

We highly recommend if you find bags in the wilds near your home that, you get rid of them. There’s no good reason to leave players with access to spawning in your vicinity. Just remember that your bags out in the wilds are just as vulnerable.

RUST game modes and Sleeping Bags

The rules around the number of Sleeping Bags you can have and who you can give them to can vary depending on the server’s game mode or custom server variables. When playing on servers running the official Hardcore Mode game mode, players may have up to five Sleeping Bags and/or Beds assigned to them. This limit applies to Sleeping Bags and/or Beds that are given to you as well, so careful placement and management of Sleeping Bags are crucial in this particular game mode.

Coordinated napping in RUST

Was it all a dream, a recovery time, or a short nap? We hopefully have given you a firm understanding of how to utilize Sleeping Bags in RUST. They are an essential component of a wipe, a way to move yourself and your friends about the map quickly, albeit without your gear. 

In time, the quick application of Sleeping Bags will become second nature to you in RUST. Before you know it, you’ll grab that hemp fiber while roaming and start crafting without thinking about it.

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