RUST: How to Disable the Chinook 47 Helicopter Event

Disabling or Stopping the Chinook 47 Helicopter Event

The Chinook 47 event can be disabled using server variables, however, it is triggered along a similar schedule to the Air/Supply Drop Drop and Attack / Patrol Helicopter events. The three events together are controlled by a single server variable that controls whether or not the events will run across the entirety of the server.

When the Chinook 47 event is enabled, that means all three events will also be enabled and automatically run on their own schedules. When the Chinook 47 event is disabled, from that point forward, all three events will stop queuing up and will no longer activate on the server, so long as the variable has been saved. This can be useful for servers with play modes that do not need or want these events, like build or creative servers.

Enter the following command to disable the Chinook 47 event while the server is running: 0

In order for this setting to be saved permanently, you will need to write it into your server.cfg file, along with all of the other server configurations. Otherwise, if the server is restarted, updated, or crashes for any reason, the variable will not have been set and it will only load in the last saved state of your server.cfg file.

Typically that entry will look like the following: 0

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