GTA 5: Turned Survival Zombie Game

Turn GTA 5 into a survival/zombie experience before the GTA 6 release

In the Grand Theft Auto series, with gameplay & world-building, other video game companies struggle to replicate the open-world genre perfectly. It’s been nearly a decade since GTA 5 launched, and the game is mostly played out now. Fans anxiously await Grand Theft Auto 6—especially after the colossal September leaks that could delay the game. 

To kill time before GTA 6 is out, why not experience GTA 5 in a new light? As a survival game in post-apocalyptic Los Santos full of zombies, blackouts, and civil war.

GTA 5 survival zombie mods

Firstly, you need to download a list of mods to alter the GTA 5 experience completely. Sadly, there isn’t one all-encompassing mod that overhauls the entire game.

Find a complete list of the mods at the end of the article. Once you have them downloaded and installed, they should work together optimally and produce the following survival experience.

Survival elements

Hunger, Thirst, and Stamina are included with HUD meters to represent their percentages. You will need to loot stores for food and drink that replenish these stats. Also, dead bodies and vehicles can be looted, where you will find resources to craft items in your inventory.

Example items include:

  • Camp Fires
  • Bandages
  • Barriers
  • Cooked Meat
  • Sand Blocks
  • Gates
  • Tents
  • Walls
  • Work Benches
  • Flash Lights
  • Doors

With these items, you can set up camps and build bases. You can use some things to create barricades in any building you enter.

Zombies cover the dystopian world and are divided into two enemy types; slow, silent zombies and fast zombies that scream loud.

Survivors can provide a threat also as they group up into hostile clans. It’s advised to deploy stealth when tackling a group of human enemies.

World exploration

The roads of post-apocalyptic Los Santos are covered with abandoned vehicles. All vehicles will have different levels of damage dealt to them, including the amount of fuel in their tanks. Make sure to keep a repair kit and gas canister with you to fuel up vehicles, so you don’t have to keep searching for cars with low damage and high fuel.

Gas stations are a prime location to find fuel and food. Every building in the game designed with interiors is made open in this mod to explore and loot. At these locations, you will mostly find weapons. 

You will have a range of survival clothing items to choose from. Items such as weapons and gas canisters will appear holstered onto your character as commonly seen in other survival games

Many immersive animations are included, such as looting bodies and adding fuel to a vehicle. There are various zombie models to add to the immersion, along with added gore details when damaging zombies.


There is a day and night cycle in the game that impacts the way you play. Many parts of Las Santos have no electricity, so certain streets and highways will be pitch black with nothing but zombies surrounding you—make sure you’re in a fully fuelled vehicle with the headlamps on in these blackout zones.

You have the option to fully blackout the city of Las Santos, creating an eerily cool atmosphere in the city where all forms of electricity, including street lights and electric billboards, are switched off.

Base building

Firstly, you will want to establish a camp in the area you will build your base. So lay down a tent, firepit, and workbench for a basic campsite.

Use the workbench to craft more materials for your base building and other items, such as weapons. 


The base building portion of the mod is limited, where you can only build basic designs for walls, doors, etc. Also, you can only build 15 walls; the same applies to most other building items.

The best way to use the base building feature is to fortify a pre-set building to transform it into your base, allowing you to establish a safehouse location anywhere on the map.

For now, you can only play the mods in a single-player mode, so the GTA survival game is purely PVE.

List of GTA 5 survival mods

Full credit goes to just Gesha on YouTube, who provided the list of GTA 5 mods and more in their YouTube video description found in the video below. Be sure to show them some support, as this is an incredible amount of work put into this project for your benefit.

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