Green Hell: Where to Find a Modern Axe

What is the Modern Axe, and what is it used for?

We can’t count the times we’ve gathered wood in Green Hell and wished we had a big, heavy, proper axe to knock down trees with. The Modern Axe is the answer to that wish. As the strongest two-handed weapon and one of the best woodcutting tools in the game, it is a real shame this weapon probably won’t last long.

This guide will walk you through how to find a Modern Axe and offer some tips on how it can best be used.

Where to find a Modern Axe in Green Hell

Modern Axes cannot be crafted and must be found at a specific location on the map. The Modern Axe will only spawn at the Airport, though several may spawn simultaneously. For this reason, Modern Axes are not renewable and are extremely scarce overall.

When searching for a Modern Axe, remember that they appear very similar to a Rusty Axe but with a long handle and a larger head. This axe most commonly appears near the sheltered lumber pile, leaning against the water tank, or next to the door inside the electronics shed.

How to equip the Modern Axe

Equipping the Modern Axe from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping the Modern Axe from the Inventory Screen

The Modern Axe can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Modern Axe

The Modern Axe is designed for use as a woodcutting tool, making it effective at cutting down trees, slashing bamboo, splitting logs, and demolishing structures. In addition to its inherent survival utility, this axe can be used as a powerful melee weapon. As a member of the two-handed category, this tool relies on the wielder’s Two-Handed Weapons skill rather than their Axes skill.

It isn’t exactly equal footing to compare this tool to the game’s other axes, but suffice it to say this tool does more damage than any of them. However, swinging this heavy implement is slower and requires significantly more stamina than a one-handed axe.

Though a Modern Axe may knock down most trees in 1-2 hits, players may have to wait for their stamina to return between strikes. From the viewpoint of stamina economy, it is questionable whether this tool is more useful for cutting trees. However, a player with sufficient two-handed weapons skill can utilize this weapon without immediately exhausting themselves.

Compared to other weapons in the same class, the Modern Axe easily comes out on top. Though the Heavy Stone Axe and Tribal Axe are much more renewable than the modern variant, this weapon deals more damage and is more durable overall than other two-handed weapons.

This weapon is devastating in close combat. 1-2 strikes from a competent wielder will kill most enemies and predators in the game. Its enhanced reach also gives it a clear advantage against one-handed weapons. However, we recommend caution when using this weapon in combat. Though its power can end fights quickly, its severe stamina cost can leave its wielder exhausted and vulnerable if they’re not careful.

The Modern Axe can be thrown but doesn’t travel very far or fast.

One of the greatest benefits this tool offers is its high durability. Modern Axes always spawn with 100% durability, making them far more resilient than early player-made weapons.

Final thoughts on the Modern Axe

Though chipped, pitted, and rusty, this tool is still one of our favorites. It is immensely satisfying to smash trees to splinters with this axe, and it offers some variety for players who prefer two-handed axes. We can only hope that Creepy Jar will make this tool a little more accessible in the future.

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