Green Hell: How to Build and Use Stone Traps

What are Stone Traps, and what are they used for?

If you’re having trouble meeting your daily protein requirements in Green Hell and are desperate for any source of this necessary macro, then perhaps it is time to employ some Stone Traps. These simple snares consist of a big rock held aloft by a cluster of small sticks. When something tiny like an arachnid or mouse touches the sticks, the rock falls, trapping them.

This guide will walk you through how to build and utilize Stone Traps and offer some advice on the best places to set them.

How to build Stone Traps in Green Hell

Stone Trap Recipe in the Notebook
Stone Trap Recipe in the Notebook

Stone Traps are an extremely simple snare that the player is capable of constructing at the very start of the game. Before you start setting up your own traps, make sure you know where to find the following resources:

  • 3 Small Sticks
  • 1 Big Stone
  • 1 Rope

How to use Stone Traps in Green Hell

Before you start setting up your own traps, consider what you intend to capture with them. Stone traps can only capture very small creatures like spiders and mice, so finding locations with those creatures present will help increase your yield.

Here are some of the best locations we have found to set up Stone Traps:

1. Banana Groves

Brazillian Wandering Spiders commonly spawn near banana trees, and having several of them in close proximity to one another only increases the chances of a spider appearing. While it may be scary to approach these groves because of these creepy crawlies, it makes them an excellent place to set your snares. Several traps set in this way might even produce enough spiders for a decent meal, assuming you can stomach it.

2. Caves

There aren’t many caves on the map, and those that exist are dangerous and hard to find. However, it is what makes these caves so dangerous that it also makes them a great place for Stone Traps. Jungle caverns are crawling with scorpions, centipedes, and other deadly insects just waiting to get crushed by a rock and cooked over a fire.

3. Mountains and Marshes

While these locations won’t necessarily increase the likelihood that your trap will capture anything, it does allow them to catch one unique predator. The Goliath Birdeater spider is high in protein and can be powdered for medicinal purposes. That said, you can only catch them in swamps and mountain passes.

What Stone Traps can catch in Green Hell

Brazilian Wandering SpiderProtein SourceCommon
CentipedeProtein SourceCommon
ScorpionProtein SourceUncommon (location dependent)
Goliath Birdeater SpiderProtein Source, MedicineUncommon (location dependent)
Cane ToadProtein SourceRare
MouseProtein SourceRare
Caiman LizardProtein SourceRare

Pros and cons of Stone Traps


  • These traps aren’t likely to keep you fed, producing only small amounts of protein
  • Eating bugs will drain your sanity, and doing so regularly may become detrimental
  • These traps cannot catch larger prey such as capybaras or snakes
  • The few meat animals that can be caught do not produce bones when harvested


  • Stone Traps are simple and cheap to make
  • They require no skills or prototypes to construct
  • They can capture insects for use in medicine

Tips and tricks for using Stone Traps

A Triggered Stone Trap
Triggered Stone Trap with a Brazilian Wandering Spider
  • Insects captured by this trap can sometimes be used to bait traps for larger, more calorie-dense prey
  • Do not rely on insects as your main source of protein, or you may quickly begin to suffer from low sanity
  • Make sure to pick up the captured insect before opening the trap, as an angry spider can deliver a poisonous bite
  • Insects caught in a trap will still produce their characteristic sounds, making it possible to tell if a trap is full from a distance
  • Stone Traps can be baited with Larvae or Maggots to increase their effectiveness

Final thoughts on Stone Traps

It certainly isn’t fancy, sophisticated, or even clever, but it beats starving to death. As much as we hate to admit it, we feel Creepy Jar was right in their assumption that a starving person will eat whatever they can to stay alive, even if that means capturing and roasting spiders.

Looking for some more hints to help you stay alive in the jungle? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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