Green Hell: How to Build and Use Spike Traps

What are Spike Traps, and what are they used for?

Depending on where you are building your base on Green Hell’s map, you may regularly have to defend yourself from hostile warriors, especially near Waruha territory. To help prevent enemies from breaking all of your painstakingly assembled structures, you need a trap that can damage enemies and alert you to their presence. Spike Traps can do just that; constructed from a bunch of sharpened sticks hidden beneath a pile of leaves, this trap punishes pesky intruders.

This guide will walk you through how to build and utilize Spike Traps and offer some advice on the best places to set them.

How to build Spike Traps in Green Hell

Open Notebook with the Spike Trap Recipe in Green Hell
Spike Trap Recipe in the Notebook

Spike Traps are very simple structures that don’t require the player to locate a prototype. However, the player will first need to craft a Weak Spear from a long stick or long bamboo stick before these traps can be constructed.

Once you’ve crafted the spear and added it to your inventory, you can construct your own Spike Traps using the following:

  • 12 Sticks
  • 1 Small Leaf Pile

How to use Spike Traps in Green Hell

Spike Traps are well hidden and dangerous, but just because the enemy can’t see them doesn’t mean they’ll walk into them. Consider where enemies are most likely to approach from and how many traps you may need before committing resources to them.

An Enemy Walking into the Spike Trap in Green Hell
Using the Spike Trap in a Narrow Passage

Here are some tips we found useful when utilizing Spike Traps:

1. Narrow Passages

The damaging area of each spike cluster is rather small, and enemies will not be affected unless they step directly on them. To help ensure that happens, set Spike Traps in confined corridors like cave tunnels, doorways, and log bridges. This prevents the enemy from avoiding the trap and forces them to walk over it to make use of the corridor.

2. Defensive Walls

Placing numerous Spike Traps in a defensive formation around the outside of your camp will not only alert you to approaching enemies but will also severely weaken any attackers that make it through your defenses. This strategy can also be used to protect outer walls from enemy attack.

3. Animal Trails

While designed for defense, the Spike Trap can also be used to kill animals. Medium and large creatures such as Peccaries, Jaguars, and Black Caimans can all trigger and be killed by Spike Traps. Spikes can be used in this way to protect a player’s camp from predators as well.

Pros and cons of Spike Traps

Looking at a Spike Trap
Arming a Spike Trap in a Passage Way


  • These traps must be reloaded with fresh leaves before being re-armed
  • Stepping on your own Spike Traps will wound you
  • Spike Traps have a very small trigger area
  • It may take more than one to kill a single enemy warrior


  • This trap is useful for base defense
  • Natives struck by this trap will often cry out in pain, alerting you to their presence
  • Enemies cannot destroy them
  • These traps require very few materials, making them quick and easy to construct

Tips and tricks for using Spike Traps

Placing a Spike Trap in Green Hell
Placing a Spike Trap in an Ideal Location
  • Setting lots of these traps in areas you wish to defend can help increase their impact and ensure intruders are killed by the traps
  • Enemy AI cannot see this trap, so leading warriors or predators into them is easy
  • Small choke points between trees, logs, and other obstacles can be utilized, as enemies rarely climb over them
  • Triggered traps can be walked over safely until they are re-armed

Final thoughts on Spike Traps

Ah, the old sharpened stick trap, a trick as old as time. Creepy Jar knew they would need to include this ancient defense method if they wanted to encourage players to fortify their camp. Besides, what better way to be alerted to enemy presence than by the sound of them screaming?

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