Green Hell: How to Build and Use Snare Traps

What are Snare Traps, and what are they used for?

If you want an effective way to catch medium-sized game or want to use an animal pen in Green Hell, you’ll find that you cannot do without the Snare Trap. This crafty device uses a slipknot tied into a rope to catch and suspend an animal by its leg. This not only makes them easy to harvest but also captures them alive for Animal Husbandry.

This guide will walk you through building and utilizing Snare Traps and offer advice on the best places to set them.

How to build Snare Traps in Green Hell

Green Hell's Snare Trap Recipe in the Notebook
Snare Trap Recipe in the Notebook

Before you can make use of this unique trap, you’ll need to locate its prototype. The prototype snare can be found at coordinates 40W and 19S, just outside the elevator cave.

After you’ve located the trap and added its blueprint to your notebook, you can construct your own with the following materials:

  • 2 Logs
  • 1 Long Stick
  • 6 Rope
  • 2 Sticks
  • 8 Small Sticks

How to use Snare Traps in Green Hell

Placing a Snare Trap in an Ideal Location in Green Hell
Placing a Snare Trap in an Ideal Location

While the Snare Trap can passively spawn animals to catch, this is a much less reliable and effective use of the device. Choosing a good location is paramount to ensuring a regular yield and assisting you in catching what you are looking for. Here are some tips we found helpful when deciding where to set your snares:

1. Animal Paths

If you want your snare to catch animals regularly or are looking for a specific animal, it’s important to know where animals will be walking. Setting a snare in a regularly traveled path means animals are likelier to wander into it. Not only that but studying the route of a specific animal can help you narrow down your search for what you are trying to breed and increase your chances of catching them.

2. Near Your Pen

Building a snare too close to your encampment may not be a good idea, but hear us out. Animals are heavy, and carrying them alive means your hands will be full, and your energy will be slowly draining as you move. Setting your snares near your animal pen can reduce the distance you have to lug around your new livestock and help prevent you from getting ambushed by predators along the way.

3. Narrow Passes

The trigger area for snares is quite small compared to other traps. To help make sure an animal walks into the noose at the center, consider building the snare in front of a narrow pathway such as a river crossing, log bridge, or cave entrance. This guarantees an animal passing through that area must cross over your trap to proceed, greatly increasing your chances of catching something.

What can the trap catch?

CapybaraProtein Source, Fat Source, Bones, LivestockCommon
TapirProtein Source, Fat Source, Bones, LivestockUncommon
PeccaryProtein Source, Fat Source, Bones, LivestockCommon

Pros and cons of Snare Traps

An Erected Trap in Green Hell
Snare Traps Enable You to Catch Live Animals for Farming Purposes


  • Snare Traps are bulky and take up a lot of vertical space
  • They must be constructed on clear, flat ground to function
  • These traps can be triggered by large creatures without catching them and can be found empty
  • Captured prey animals may attract predators if left unattended


  • This is the only trap capable of capturing medium animals alive
  • Captured animals can be carried to a pen for farming purposes
  • This trap can be baited with food to increase its capture rate
  • Captured prey animals may be used to lure large predators into other traps

Tips and tricks for using Snare Traps

A Capybara Caught in the Trap
The Type of Bait Does Not Affect the Capture Rate of the Snare Trap
  • The type of bait does not affect the capture rate, meaning snares can be baited with anything remotely edible, even charcoal!
  • Make sure to keep a blade with you to cut the animal loose if you want to transport them
  • If you’ve found a specific animal you want to capture, you can push them into the trap by throwing rocks and otherwise scaring them into running toward it
  • Attacking an animal caught in the snare will kill it and allow you to harvest it
  • This trap is one of the only two methods of capturing an animal alive, the other being the Bamboo Blowpipe

Final thoughts on Snare Traps

With Creepy Jar’s addition of animal husbandry into the game, this trap gained an entirely new use. Not only can this trap allow players to secure a steady supply of meat and bones, but live capture means you can keep the animal as livestock, a pet, or even release them if you are more of a pacifist.

Looking for some other pointers to help you stay alive in Green Hell? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our walkthrough of How to Survive Your First Day.

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